Monday, October 3, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

I hope your first weekend of October was as
gorgeous as ours was.  It has been sunny and 
pleasant for the past week and this weekend
was perfect.  The trees are changing color every day now.
Just a week ago, I was outside walking the path down 
by the woods.  I snapped a pic of the ash tree showing
off it's fall finery.  The trees to the right were just turning
slightly and I didn't see any hint of the red.  

Look at the change in the trees in just a week.
   Here's another look using the zoom.
  The color in this photo isn't quite right because of the sun.  
I've noticed a lot of this vine in the trees this year 
and I'm not real sure what this is, but the brilliant
red leaves are quite beautiful.

 The weather has been wonderful but we could use
some rain.  See how the lake has dropped.  Our
pond is down about 3 feet.  We don't dare burn
anything in our pasture.  

 While we were out and about Sunday, we saw what looked
like a grass fire a mile or two away.   As you can see by 
the pasture, it is very dry right now and fires are easily started.

This is the same scene without the closeup of the smoke you
can barely see in the upper right horizon. 
  I've had a ball playing with the zoom on my camera
  lately.  I remember the old 35 mm SLR camera I had and
  needed to switch lenses out when I wanted a closer shot.
   I got some nice pix but I'm glad I have this one.
  There is still much to be learned even though
I've been taking pix since I ordered my first Brownie 
camera from the back of a cereal box such a long time ago.
These beauties were all green a week ago.
How quickly the colors change!

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence
Until next time...


  1. Hi Cheryl!

    What beautiful pictures - I can tell you didn't take them with your Brownie camera . . . :0) I just love the reflections of the sky and trees in the pond on the second to the last picture - poster perfect!

    You really do live in such a beautiful part of the country - so many wonderful hardwood trees. I think they are so much more colorful than some others.

    Thanks for sharing!


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  3. Cheryl - I accidentally posted my comment twice so I had to delete one . . . oops!

  4. Leaves aren't changing here in Orlando...I'm so happy you're sharing these beautiful tree photos with us. Amazing what a week makes. I was a Brownie.:) I didn't get the camera...I missed out. LOL! Have a great week Cheryl!

  5. Beautiful pictures! It was rainy and cold this weekend here up in PA again! I'm hoping the coming weekend is much better. THe colors in your photos are so pretty. Enjoy your day!

  6. Loved seeing the first changes of the season, Cheryl. Beautiful photos. I sure enjoyed working with the windows open this weekend! Lovin' this cooler weather. Look forward to seeing more colors of fall from your walk! blessings ~ Tanna

  7. Beautiful photos. Our trees are JUST beginning to change...
    Fall photo ops are just around the corner!

  8. Wonderful shots and you have a really nice zoom to pick up that smoke so well.
    Careful of that red vine. I have poison ivy that gets a lovely shade of red in the fall.
    Our ditch weeds are really going to town now. The sumac is a beautiful shade of red right now.

  9. Beautiful scenery and foliage. I'm hoping something will happen in my corner besides brown. I'd love to send you some rain! So wish that I could.

  10. thanks for sharing your color! we won't get probably anything this year due to the severe drought. so i'll just enjoy yours!

  11. I love the scene of the pond, that is really really pretty. we have not gorgeous flaming red trees here, but the weather is wonderful. yesterday and today, we woke up to 60 and NO humidity. and the high mid 80's. breezes and so comfy in the swing in the back yard. two perfect days so far in Oct. i love this time of year.

  12. Yes fall is coming and going way too quick. KRCG TV-13 said last night the trees are turning quickly because they are very thirsty!
    We too could really use rain. We've been watering the fall garden for 2 weeks now.

  13. Hi Cheryl, Your colors are gorgeous now. Since we've had a cold spell this weekend, I hope our trees will turn more also here....

    Great pictures...

  14. Lovely shades of Autumn in the trees.. I wish we had some of that here in the deep south.

  15. Hi Cheryl, so nice to meet you! Your blog is wonderful, I love nature photography. This is the kind of thing I do on my blog, plus family outings and things. You are such a good photographer!!! The fish you caught (you are a very good, fisherwoman), the butterfly, the sky and yummy looking recipe. And that big spider, gads!! I'm scared to death of spiders, that would have sent me running for the hills. I was also very interested in your goldenrod! I have pictures of something similar, and a friend told me it is wild mustard. So I am going to take a closer look at your goldenrod and compare, maybe that's really what mine is!! I'm glad I haven't posted it yet till I find out. They must look very similar. We are birdwatchers, too!

  16. I've missed a few posts recently and just went back several to catch up...always a pleasure to see your photos and read your commentary...and what a fisher-wo-man you are! Nice

  17. Okay - going back to the first couple of pictures - that is the first time I have seen that beautiful wine colored leaf - so different and beautiful. sandie

  18. what a gorgeous view....i love fall, it's my favorite time of year!!

  19. It looks like you are going to have a lot of fall color. I am so sure here. We were so dry most of the summer.

    I think your vine is either Virginia Creeper or poison...

  20. Beautiful fall color! We are planning a little trip to NE Arkansas in a couple of weeks and hope to see some trees turning. We probably won't see much here because of the drought. Thanks for sharing your beautiful place!

  21. Hi Cheryl,

    Beautiful pictures. We were marveling at how quickly our world is starting to look like Fall as we headed out Hwy. 179 over the weekend. Beautiful.

    No rain for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping next week... we really need it.

  22. Wow! You've got some very beautiful trees where you live. I don't know that I've seen colors like that before. Just lovely.

  23. What beautiful foliage shots. Yep, I saw that smoke. I saw a simular sight drivin' home today. I was hopin' that there was no house involved...'looked like it might be close.

    God bless ya sweetie!!!

  24. I always enjoy your posts, I guess because I am a country girl too and have always love the outdoors. Beautiful pictures here today! :D

  25. The pictures are really beautiful. I just told my husband that I wanted to ride up into one of the canyon's to see the fall leaves. How awesome that you have it as your scenery.
    We will pray for you to get some rain; we are having rain here and the tempetures are going to drop in the next couple of days. I so hope that autumn isn't over yet.
    Blessing to you and keep on enjoying using that camera; I loved the pictures.

  26. Great Shots! I especially like the scene with the pond in it :-)

    Have a Great Week! :-)

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my "Don't Mess With Old People!" post. ~Ron

  27. Beautiful shots and yes i was wondering about this too the other day. We went on the same trip the other day (the same as last week) and we could defiantly see the different in colors. it is amazing!

    big hugs