Friday, October 14, 2011

A village on the Missouri River

Arrow Rock Tavern and Huston Store
(water color editing used on this photo)

Not long ago, I was headed down I-70 and decided to take a detour down Hwy 71 to Arrow Rock, MO.  Arrow Rock is a picturesque village of less than 100 residents situated on a bluff along the Missouri River.  

This little village has been designated a National Historic Landmark recognizing the association with Westward Expansion, the Santa Fe Trail, and artist George Caleb Bingham.  The town has a few restaurants, the Arrow Rock Tavern in the first photo serves country-style meals and has a ballroom upstairs.  There are several bed and breakfasts in the village, and shops showcasing antiques, gifts, and old time crafts.  But no gas station!  I couldn't help but wonder how many people come into Arrow Rock hoping to be able to fill their gas tanks before leaving. 

 I'm not sure if this is a real bank or not!  I played with this photo and used a water color effect.  You probably have noticed that the sidewalk along the store fronts is really a boardwalk.

 A one-man jail.

Arrow Rock is also home to the Lyceum Theatre,
Missouri's oldest regional professional theater.  

Another look at the Lyceum Theatre.  I wish I could say I've been to a play there, but that's on my bucket list.  

This beautiful old house is seen just down the street from the boardwalk shops.  I used the water color effect on this photo.  Below is another shot of the house. 

I'd love to see the inside of this beauty.  

Arrow Rock has several things going on throughout the year to draw tourists, one of them being the 43rd Annual Heritage Craft Festival which was held this past weekend.  This festival features old time crafts by artisans dressed in period costume.  It is a fun event that we've been to several times in past years.  

I had several other photos, but many of them have a spot that I discovered after taking several.  You may have noticed one in the first photo.  Turns out it was a smudge on my lens that was easily fixed, but time was running short and I didn't retake photos.  Not that the town was that busy.  I think there may have been 4 or 5 other cars seen.  This small village has 45 full time and 33 part-time residents.  There are also many interesting old homes to see in Arrow Rock and I enjoyed my little visit.

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  1. I enjoy the tour of this wonderful old town, Cheryl. Historical old small town are so quaint.


  2. Beautiful little town. I would think a gas station would do well there! Wonder how far those few residents have to travel to fill up??
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  3. What a lovely little town. I can see why you wanted to go for a ride there, and take pictures.
    Love the water-color look of the pictures too.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh that town is so charming that I would adore a visit there (with a full tank and a full wallet, of course). Thank you for introducing it to me!

  5. I enjoyed your little visit, too!! That watercolor effect is fun!! Loved seeing your photos and this looks like a place I would enjoy visiting. Thank you. Blessings ~ tanna

  6. i loved the boardwalk shot! so cool! i hope that little place continues for generations to come!

  7. this is my kind of town, beautiful, historic, small, no people, nothing better. i have not played with water color yet, these are beautiful, might have to try it. thanks for my visit to this amazing little village. i would like to see inside all of the buildings

  8. I'd never heard of Arrow Rock, til now... Looks like a place my aunts & I will be checking out... thanks! =)

    Love that boardwalk... reminds me of 'The Wild West' heheheee

  9. Now that is a really neat little town. Love the one man jail. Must have a pretty low crime rate:))
    Thanks for the trip.

  10. What a quaint little town. The watercolor is pretty. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the tour. :)
    Have a great weekend Cheryl!

  11. Sweet little town - thanks for taking me along on the tour - would be hot and lonely in that jail though - wouldn't it? sandie

  12. I loved the tour! That one house is lovely, all the detail in it, I have never seen one like it. The tiny jail, gads!!! With that door closed there would be no windows! It would be like living in an outhouse. And how would they get air to breathe? I did notice the spot on the first picture, but I don't care, we can still see the details fine. So I vote to see the festival pics, spot and all!!!

  13. That was a nice tour! I love the one-man jail! Interesting! I wonder how far they have to drive to get gas for their cars! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  14. What a neat little village! I love those old boardwalks and the neat and tidy buildings!

  15. I love the architecture, especially the bank. I'll have to pay this town a visit. Nice photos!

  16. Cheryl we love Arrow Rock! We enjoy just walking around there and we enjoy the drive to get there. You have some great pictures that let the personality of the town shine through. I think the water color effect is very nice and I especially like it on the old home. You know what is coming next :) What editing program did you use? I went there with my Book Club too! Didn't you just do a little happy dance when you found out that white ghosty thing was just a smudge on your lens and not something that needed to be fixed on the camera?!!!! Great post :) I enjoyed it.

  17. Great Photos! I love the one man jail. :-)

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  18. Hi Cheryl!

    What a wonderful old town - and so close to you - so beautiful! I would love to go to a play at the old theater, and stay at the bed and breakfast for a few nights! I love the fun effects that you can do with a camera, yours are especially nice! Thanks for the tour!


  19. I love, love, love Arrow Rock and the Lyceum Theatre. We stayed at one of the B&B's there last year. The name escapes me right now.
    We were there two weekends ago, but only made it to the camp site where our kids were camping.

    Beautiful photos!


  20. Nice photos of a lovely little town. Thanks for sharing!

  21. We both love Arrowrock! Went to a short play there during one of their Heritage Festivals. It was great! Was sad to miss the festival this year -- maybe next year. Love your watercolor edits - very fancy, young lady! Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful weekend. :) -Tammy

  22. I've been wanting to visit that town for awhile now.. will try to this fall. Thanks for the post and pictures of it! :)

  23. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for dropping by, and so nice to meet you here in blogland.
    You have a lovely blog as well. Enjoyed all the beautiful scenery,
    and this lil Mo. town is so quaint.
    Thanks too for your Congrats to my daughter.........we heard from her
    Friday evening, the wedding was actually earlier than they thought,
    the photographer requested that since it gets dark by 6p.m., she said everything was beautiful and they had a nice romantic dinner on the beach in a cabana. How cool is that! Want hear anything again until next thurs. when they go to their next destination, unless they just decide to call, but it is quite expensive so we didn't get to talk but just a few minutes, but she sounded very happy.

    Hope you had a delightful weekend.
    Blessings, Nellie

  24. We ride our motorcycle to Arrow Rock a couple of times each year.

  25. I've heard of it, but never been there. I'd love to visit their craft festival some time. Maybe I'll get there next year! And I'm always up for an antique store!