Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's this and that

                              Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.
                                         ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This photo doesn't have one thing to do with what I'm going to say next.  Just thought I'd show you what I was gazing at evening before last as I was pondering a few things.  Such as:

What do you do when you run out of blogging ideas?  Well, I've not exactly run out of ideas yet, there's still a few floating around in my cough-addled brain.  I'm just curious where you find new ideas.

Yes, I'm still battling the cold/virus from you-know-where.  So, okay, I should have asked this question way before now.  But better late than never they say.  What do you take for a bad cold?  Do you have a tried-and-true home remedy?  I am better, but the cough with a few headaches doesn't want to go away. 

In order to keep this post short...just one more thing.  I read recently where shorter posts are best.  Do you agree?
Maybe two things...I also want to say that I've had a few problems lately with publishing comments.  It's very frustrating to write a comment and then hit publish only to find see 'Error Has Occurred' and know your comment has disappeared!  That makes me give up.  Anyone else having this problem again?  

And, last but not least. even though it doesn't look too promising, 
Go Cardinals!!
Until next time... 


  1. Hi Cheryl.
    Sorry to hear about your illness. When I start feeling bad from the flu/cold I start taking extra vitamin C. When the cough appears, I'm from the old school, Vicks VapoRub. And, don't laugh at me....I put it on my feet, put a pair of old socks on, and get comfortable in bed for a good sleep. As far as the comments, I use Google chrome browser and I haven't found any problems with leaving posts. Feel better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I have no remedies for a cold. I just suffer along with it until it's gone. I go blank a lot also. I say just post your beautiful pictures! And I've been having a hard time lately with Blogger. He keeps signing me out and I have to keep signing in like every five minutes or so. Very frustrating. Enjoy your day. And that is a beautiful photo!

  3. Aww, poor baby. Few things make us as miserable. I am a huge believer in Echinecea taken early.I have prevented a bunch of colds with that lovely pill.
    Yes, Go Cardinals. Since my Marlins are home on the couch, I have adopted your team. That rain out will just give Carpenter one more day of rest.
    I haven't commented for a while so I have no imput there.

  4. Beautiful photo. I'm always amazed by this beautiful world that we've been blessed with!
    I think I have the same yucky cold/ virus that you have. I take vitamins, drink hot water with honey and lemon, etc.. etc.. I think, for me, it's just not clearing up as fast as I'd like it to, because I'm getting older.
    I agree with the other bloggers... I love seeing your gorgeous pictures, and I love hearing about your days. So, keep posting :)
    Hope you round the corner soon, and feel 100% better.

  5. feel better real soon. what a gorgeous view to ponder a thought or two. do you think any one would notice you or me sitting there all day. relax a little. amazing. awesome. just breathtaking. (:

  6. You are lucky to see that beauty in the evening.
    I am so sorry you are lingering with it. Maybe you have a sinus infection and need antibiotics and I am not one who takes a lot of them. Vitamin C - hot water - hot water with lemon - cough drops - deslym cough medicine - and the doctor gave me something really strong for when my cough gets real bad.
    Where do I get my ideas - I have to be honest here - God is good to me - I have more ideas then I will ever have time to blog.
    I do think short or medium are good and sometimes I make mine to long - I love it when you space it between paragraphs - I have seen some run on paragraphs that never end and I can't read them.
    My comments are still not being sent to me via email. ER.
    I hope you have a blessed day and let the ideas come to you!! They will.
    Go Cardinals!
    Love, sandie

  7. Cheryl, can't believe you are still struggling with that cough. Although, CH had that upper respiratory thing last winter and it just wouldn't go away. CH used a heating pad on his chest and eventually it just went away. Hope you improve soon!

    Blogging ideas! I struggle to blog in case you haven't noticed. Inconsistent would describe my blogging. Due to procrastination. And I find I really enjoy reading other people's posts and commenting than posting to my own blog.

    Since this comment is a novel :) I don't know what to say about the length of posts. If I am interested I am going to read or look.

    Beautiful sunset! Could that be Table Rock?

  8. no errors when leaving comments, but i have in the past and find they come and go, i had them for awhile and then it stopped. hope yours leaves soon.
    no clue what to do about a cold, i just suffer and take cough syrup and if i cough at night, i rub Vicks Salve on my throat and tie hubbies big red hanky around it like a cowboy does, and then i sleep.
    daddy taught me that.
    as for bloggin ideas, i find sometimes i just draw a blank. when i do that i just post a picture that i like and grab a quote or joke and put with it. sometimes blogs just fall in my head and sometimes i can't find one at all
    i like short post best, but find it hard to keep mine short.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous sunset... WoW! =)

    Yes, ma'am, I have that comment problem quite often... I've gotten into the habit of copying my comment before I publish it, then if it disappears, I've got it covered... we shouldn't have to do that tho!

    The world shown in the pics I take inspires me, but then again, I don't write long posts... mine are always short & sweet! LoL! =)))


  10. i lean more towards photo-laden posts than wordy ones. so in that respect, shorter posts for verbiage are definitely better to me. now, if you want to include 15-20 gorgeous photos all in one post, i don't mind. :)

    get better!

  11. Loved your picture. I like medium length posts, and pictures always makes them more interesting. Ideas for blogging are too numerous for me, it's hard to find the right one. For coughs/colds, I usually just get some thera-flu, don't know if it helps that much, but the idea I doing something helps. Get well, soon.

  12. Cheryl, first as to the cold, I think they just have to run their course. I would take aspirin to feel better...but then I haven't had a cold in years....

    Blogging can get out of control. I started mine because a friend suggested I do it because of gardening. Then I decided to just do it for me. I already do a written daily journal and I thought the blog would be a more permanent record and with pictures and I could do a search to find certain when my cow calved,was in heat, or when I planted something, etc.

    Inevitably, you begin to think of others reading it and what they are interested in and that makes it more difficult. Some of my days are mind-boggling boring! I think I will continue to do them, but maybe just a weekly summary on the more uneventful weeks like Ilene does on her Rock Whisperer blog.

    I really don't belong in the normal group of bloggers. They should have a group called Journaling.
    I have problems commenting often too and usually just give up. I still read them though.

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL photo!! Aren't you blessed to live in such a pretty area!? I just came off a four-month slump, so I really can't advise on your blog fodder problem. Just keep on writing. Vee told me that the longer one stays away, the easier it is to stay away. True!

  14. Sorry to hear you are still feeling "punky" as my Mother would say. I really have not found anything other than time that helps. Time and sleep.

    I've been blogging less than a year. I still have much to learn. I like pictures too. Yours is gorgeous, btw.

    Take care and take a nap.

  15. Oh that cold is hanging in there...Ugh. Yes, I do have two tried and true remedies: 1. Echinacea 2. Thieves

    Short posts? I think a variety is best. I love to read a long, well-written, fully-developed post.

    The publishing comments thing hit me hard a few weeks ago and has subsided. Rolling Blogger troubles perhaps?

    I can root for the Cardinals, not having a team of my own in the game.;D

    Beautiful picture! I never see sunsets like that unless they're on someone else's blog.

  16. zero cold advice...i can't take anything so i always just suffer through. i hope you feel better real soon.

    as to blogging. i really love a mixed bag. as you know, i LOVE pictures....lot's of pictures!! but i also enjoy hearing about the subject or the adventure. i can't post without a photo, i have tried and i just can't do it!

    i have been having major issues with blogger AND my computer. my computer is now in the hands of the "smart ones"....getting healthy!!

    gorgeous picture today, no two are ever the same!!

  17. Hi Cheryl, sorry you are still not feeling well. I love your even view.. sigh'

    I haven't had a cold in many years but if your still coughing you should see a doc. Don't take a chance with your health.

    I never know what to blog about either. I post a photo and hope the words will come.
    I too had a comment issue that is now gone.

    God bless and make you well,

  18. Hi Cheryl!

    Your sunsets are so gorgeous! They are one of my favorite photo shoots!

    I'm so sorry that you still have the "crud"! Like others who have commented, I'm a firm believer in Vicks! I use it on my chest and even put it on my feet at night - with socks, it seems to help the cough some. I also love essential oils - eucalyptus is my favorites for a cold, I use it with a carrier oil and rub it on my throat and chest. I even put 8-10 drops in a tub of nice hot water - it does wonders!

    As you know, I have trouble with ideas for blogging! Sometimes, "I got nothin'!" It comes and goes for me, depending on how busy I am.

    I don't have problems with posting a comment - but I do get booted out every now and then . . . very frustrating!

    Get well soon! Also, thank you for your prayers for our family - so appreciate it... :0)

    Warm Hugs,

  19. When I type a comment, I highlight and copy it. Then if there is a publishing error, I go back, it usually works the second time. But I just paste in my comment and don't have to re-type. I do think shorter blogs are much better, unless it is about something extremely unusual or interesting. Because most of us have dozens to get through each day and don't have a lot of time to read one that is extremely long. I get ideas just from things that happen in my everyday life, like my blog title says. gosh, I'm so sorry you are still sick!!! Here's what my family has always used or coughs. Mix together honey and lemon and drink it.

  20. At the first sign of any problems I take Advantage. It's a liquid I buy at the Health Food Sore. Ya put drops in a liquid and drink it. I ever do this when I know I've been exposed to something, which I am with eight grands.

    I was made a believer once when Hubs had a terrible virus that tuned into pneumonia. I got up one mornin' and had the same sore throat Hubs did and went to the Health Food Store and asked what I could do. I drank the stuff right on the spot. Within two days I had no symptoms. Hubs had been sick for two weeks.


    I pray ya get to feelin' better sweetie!

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  21. The picture was awesome. I have had writers block a lot lately. Sometimes, it is so frustrating that I wonder if it is worth the time and energy. However, I love reading other blogs like yours and I always feel uplifted. Today I had lunch with a wonderful woman who I met on our blogs. We met for lunch and talked non stop. You would think we were life long friends and now we will be.
    I had a comment problem and what solved it it was the following.
    If you are doing google account when you sign in make sure you haven't checked the box that says stay signed in.
    I too know that short posts are probably best; but I have a hard time doing this because I can get very wordy. i need to keep working on that one.
    Blessings to you and keep on writing about your moments.

  22. Cheryl
    I sure hope you get over your cold soon-it can be miserable. About the comments-the only problem I've ever had was when I had my sign in checked for 'keep me signed in'. If you remove this, you can usually leave comments easily. Hope that helps.
    Yes, I'm watching the Cards right now. They had better get their act together tonight!!

  23. I'm so sorry to hear you're still feeling under the weather. I always take vitamin C through out the day whenever I have a cold. And I believe in hot tea with honey.
    I believe you should talk about anything going on in your life or your interest in life on your blog.
    I love things from the heart. :)

  24. I really hate that coughing/headache thing. Makes you feel miserable. I used Mucinex for the cough and aspirin for the headache. I'm like you I'm pretty good at running out of things to say or do on my blog.
    Just say HI and post a picture. That's all that's needed I think at times. Especially when you are sick and can't think straight anyway.
    Hope you feel better soon. Go to the Doctor if it doesn't go away pretty soon.

    Take care,


  25. Hello Cheryl, Came along by chance to your beautiful blog. Love this shot and many more I've feasted my eyes on. I love connecting with photographers who live in another area of our beautiful earth! and sharing my favorite Gems! here in my Muskoka District...and slightly beyond ....very Nice to Meet You!