Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September Days

"Fall has always been my favorite season.  The time
when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature
had been saving up all year for the grand finale."
~Lauren DeStefano

It still feels like summer here, temperature-wise.  The weatherman says we may see some showers later today and tonight and then we'll cool down into the 70's tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Can't wait.

I had to go to the clinic yesterday to get my blood drawn in advance of my visit to the doctor tomorrow.  Here's hoping my A1C number isn't off the charts.  I'm afraid I haven't been very good this month with watching what I eat.  Not to mention I've put away a fair amount of iced tea...with sugar, of course.  

I'll blame some of the events of September for my pigging out. 

BG celebrated his 69th birthday this month.  We celebrate with food.  ☺  My guy is planning to keep working until he's 70 (sigh), so that means one more year to go.  He did the mandatory pole top rescue recently.  For new readers, he's been a lineman for a rural electric co-op for 40 years.  I'm happy he loves his job, but I'm ready to have him home to run around with me before we get too old.

I we had talked all year about going out west again for vacation this month but when it came down to making a final decision, BG really wanted to just go to Branson and not have to drive so much.  So that is what we did.  I love Branson, as most of you know, and I wasn't a bit unhappy with his choice.   We were there 10 wonderful days.  The weather was great, too, and much cooler than it is now.

Above are a few of the things we saw in Branson.  The view of the lake is from the deck of our condo.  The man-made waterfall is at SDC.  We saw some beautiful sunrises from the deck each morning and the moon rising each night.  

Our son joined us for a couple of days before he had to fly to California for a meeting.  One evening we played miniature golf.  I actually played really well this time and was only one or two holes behind the men.  Brett won in spite of BG's trash talking.  It was fun and I laughed so hard when the Big Guy's ball went in the water after all that talk about how he was the champ and was going to win.  I tried to help out with "don't choke!" when he was getting ready to hit the ball.  lol!   

We ate a lot of good food in Branson and tried out a new to us restaurant.  Have you ever eaten flash fried spinach?  It's light and crispy, almost melts in your mouth.  I liked it, but BG said he wasn't sure he'd want it again. 

We went again to Salt Grass for a mid-afternoon meal one day.  It's at one end of the Landing.  Afterward, we walked to the other end to the Bass Pro shop.  Along the way, I stopped in at Kirklands to look around.  I was tempted to buy a couple of fall items, but I didn't want to have to carry them around.  Actually, I was tempted by a lot of things there, I love that store.  

A lot of napping was done while on vacation and I really enjoyed just sitting on the deck and watching the boats on the lake.  Our condo is on a point of Table Rock lake in a wooded setting.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  I'm already missing being there.

It's time to push the Publish button and go run a couple of errands and do some laundry.  Hope your week is off to a good start and you're enjoying some nice fall days!

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall!

 "Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."
~William Cullen Bryant

Hello Friends!  How are you?  I'm back from my blog break and have a lot of catching up to do. 

It's now officially Fall.  Do you love autumn as much as I do?  It's my favorite time of year.

I love the changing colors in the trees, but it's too early to tell if the color will be very vibrant this year.  

My flowers are still doing pretty well.  I've lost a few but overall they are still looking good.  We're having temps back in the low 90's again so it's too hot, I think, to set out pumpkins on the front porch.  

I haven't yet brought my tote of fall decor up from the basement.  Maybe I'll get BG to do that for me this weekend.  I'm ready to see a bit of fall in the house but I will be keeping it simple this year.

I'm still thinking about painting so I don't need extra stuff to move.  Now if my olden body could just have as much energy as my thinker.  :)  I'd like for it to cool down so I can open the windows if before I paint.  
"If you look at the world, you'll be distressed.  If you
look within, you'll be depressed.  If you look at God
you'll be at rest." 
~Corrie ten Boom 
So much has been happening in our country and around the world.  Much of it is heartbreaking and much is frightening.  But I've also read some heartwarming stories of rescues and neighbors and strangers reaching out to each other with help. 

And this is where I have to mention one reason why I love reading blogs.  Despite all the sorrows and tragedies in the world, there is a community where you can read that life does go on.  Homes are still being tended to, friends and families are loved, meals are being prepared, people are still kind, friendly and will pray for each other when there is a need.

I love crape myrtle trees.  We saw some beautiful ones in different colors on our vacation this month.  I'll tell you where we went next time.  This post is long enough and I want to start visiting, but first I have to finish the vacuuming.   See you soon.

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl