Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

From my home to yours....

and wishing you a very Merry Christmas
filled with love, peace and joy!

Thank you for gifting me with your visits
and friendship this year.  I appreciate and love
each of you!

Love, Cheryl
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ten More Days!

Hello!  Anyone still there?  Or are you busy shopping, wrapping and baking?  Maybe you are finished with all of that and sipping on a mug of hot chocolate listening to nice music in front of a cozy fire.   

This Christmas is approaching faster than any other Christmas in recent memory and I still have much to do.  But that's okay.  Really.  Everything that is important always manages to get done and I am not going to stress about anything.  Never mind that the cards are still to be sent, gifts still need to be bought and wrapped.  But, the trees are up and the house is as decorated as it's going to be. 

I love Christmas!  It is a most special season as we celebrate our Savior's birth.       

Ever since my kids were young, they have gotten a box of chocolate-covered cherries for one of their Christmas gifts.  It is a tradition that I continue today.  My daughter loves them, my son probably not so much but it wouldn't be Christmas if they didn't get them!  😊

Our daughter is mostly moved into her new home.  She is so excited and while there are still a few things to tweak, the main things are moved in and done.  Drapes, curtains and such are still to be chosen.  She's already rearranged the living room furniture.  The drapes/curtains will be pondered while she decides on the right colors.   

I got out my sewing machine, which has been in storage for years, to make her a couple of panels for her bathroom window.  It is over the tub so she bought a fabric shower curtain that can be used for a liner, so I cut out the panels and stitched up the sides and made a pocket for the tension rod to go through.  

I found out that sewing is like riding a bicycle.  You never forget!  I got out the instruction book in case I'd forgotten how to thread the machine, but didn't need it. 

BG has been under the weather the past few days and now I feel like I'm catching what he has.  That might hinder my plans somewhat.  I want to go to the Amish country to get some Christmas candy and a couple of pies for Christmas.  It's a fun little side trip that I can make on my way to CoMo where I'll do my shopping.  

I've decided to change my menu this year.  Me, who never wavers from tradition!  Will the earth stop turning?  Lol!  Instead of another turkey dinner...wasn't it just a few days ago that we had one of those?...I am planning to get a brisket and fixing a potato dish with a garden salad and rolls.  Maybe another dish or two as well and that will be plenty.

What is on your menu this Christmas?  Are you much further along in your preparations than I am?  Wishing you the very best this beautiful season!  Take care, stay warm and stay well!

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Some Good News...

Are you ready for Christmas?  Tree up?  This year, I'm about as far behind as I've ever been in regard to the trees and decorating.  It's been quite a week or so and it will be busy for the rest of this week and through the weekend. 
Thanks to all for your well wishes concerning my vertigo flareup.  It lasted longer than I wanted, but it's now subsided for the most part.  I was still able to drive and do a few things at the other house.  I was even able to paint most of one bedroom the other day, except for around the ceiling which BG finished for me. 

Yesterday, I had my last appointment this year with the chiropractor.  It seems weird to say that.  Isn't it unreal that this year is about over?  Or is it just me?  Anyway, the visits have helped but he told me that I need to drink more water and that some of my problems are due to arthritis.  He really is an advocate for healthy eating and drinking mostly just water.  That is a hard one for me as my water intake is usually flavored with tea and I like my cola too much.  He thinks I may be getting dehydrated thus causing some of the pain.
Another thing on the agenda yesterday was meeting the delivery men at the other house.  They delivered the sofa that daughter Kim had decided on for her new home.  I love it and it goes really well with the paint color she chose for her walls.  She may want to move it under the larger window.  

Good News!!  I am super-excited to be able to announce that the work in the attic is now finished.  BG is even more excited as he's the one crawling around up there on the rafters trying to find the old wire and run the new.  There is still some wiring to do downstairs, but it will be run up to the breaker box and the walls have been torn out down there, so it should be a piece of cake compared to what he's had to do so far.

And more good news!  Our daughter is planning to move into her new digs this weekend.  We have a few odds and ends to finish up there, but enough is done that she can move most of her stuff.  At least the essentials.  So, from this day forth, The Project will be called Kim's house.  It will soon cease to be an ongoing project, although is any house ever really done?  My house needs some work when we get around to it.  We still haven't redone our basement and eventually we'll get Kim's basement finished, too.

We've had many late nights working at Kim's house, as BG would work a few hours after he came home from his job and Kim would do likewise.  Often, I would meet them there after fixing a meal that could keep until they were ready to eat it.  Last night I put a roast with potatoes and carrots in the oven, and served a tossed salad and rolls with it.  My easy-to-fix roast is one that a friend gave me when I was first married and didn't know beans about cooking.  It's never failed me.  All I do is put a chuck or arm roast in the middle of a big sheet of aluminum foil which I place in a 9x13 pan.  Then I place peeled potatoes and carrots around it and salt and pepper all.  I add a wee bit of water, seal the aluminum foil and bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for around 3 hours.  Yum!
For now, a post once a week is all I'm going to try to do.  I do apologize for not being able to visit and comment as I'd like.  I have missed reading what everyone is up to and hope to be by to catch up soon! 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Odds and Ends...

Do you have your tree up and the house all decked out for Christmas?  I just took down all the fall decor, so I'm ready to get the trees and the totes out and begin making it look Christmasy around here.  

I've been dealing with vertigo issues since just before Thanksgiving, so I haven't been online much as reading and scrolling pages makes the dizziness worse.  Until this passes, I'm reusing an old Christmas header for my blog from a couple of years ago.  Looking for photos to make a new one just wasn't going very well.  I'm still able to do a lot of things, but I just have to be careful not to look up or turn my head a certain way.  The smell of paint and varnish at The Project hasn't helped, either.

Here's the big guy, aka BG, finishing up the ceiling.  He insulated the floor under the spare room that is on the end of the deck at the rental house.  I tried to help with holding one end of the plywood up, but not being able to look up very well, I wasn't much help.  He came up with the idea to nail up the board and then he could slide the plywood through.  

The insulation will make a huge difference in keeping this room warm.   It is the last room to finish before our daughter moves in.  Hopefully in the next week or two at the most. 

The other rooms have a few little odds and ends to finish and one needs painting which my daughter will do this weekend.  I will help her if my head feels better by then. 

I'm the general go-fer for supplies for the remodeling project and Menards is my main home improvement stop.  The Christmas section always catches my attention and I love to wonder through the many trees on display.  It's a little bit of a stretch, but I can pretend that I'm at SDC in Branson.  😊 

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Even though my table isn't nearly as crowded as it once was, we had a very nice day with our children.  I cut back on the dishes this year...what? no corn or green beans?...and had turkey, which was delicious, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, garden salad, rolls, and I just had to have my scalloped oysters, too.  Pecan and cherry pies for dessert plus a cherry delight that a friend sent over. 

The only thing bad about it all is that it's all gone!  Well, I do have the carcass and turkey scraps to make soup with in the freezer.  That will be good on a very cold day and it sounds like the entire USA is in for some very cold weather this winter.  

🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

Hubby is taking a vacation day tomorrow to hopefully finish up his work in the attic.  Below is a photo I took of one section of the attic.  I don't know how he can find anything in all that loose insulation.  By the way, the insulation doesn't have asbestos in it.  The only asbestos in this house are a few tiles in the basement that are stuck down tight and we have put a sealer over them and will cover them with carpet.

Remember the room I showed a few posts ago and the walls had been mostly removed so the wiring could be gotten to?   The walls have now been put back together and are awaiting paint.

The kitchen is mostly finished except for moving in the electric range and putting in the new sink and faucet once we're through cleaning paint brushes, etc., there.  And a thorough cleaning inside the cabinetry needs to be done.  Also a few outlet covers need to be put on.   Please ignore the clutter you can see out the door on the upper deck, the stuff just seems to keep multiplying!

We're hoping that our daughter will get to move in the next week or two.  She is so excited!  Some things can wait until after she's in, such as the basement and any outside work.  We never did get the exterior repainted.  We may be slow, but it will be a nice little house once it's all finished.  

And I'll be happy to have something else to talk about.  It seems like most of our thoughts are taken up by this huge project.  What will I blog about?  lol!  

I'll be by to see you when I can.  You probably have guessed that the work was going full speed ahead at the other house.  With the holidays so close together, I'm sure everyone is super busy these days, too!  

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl       

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

"But now, on Thanksgiving, we still have the November
sun, and the clear deep blue of the sky, and the white glory
of the stars, and the loving-kindness of friends, just as our
forefathers had.  If only we can preserve the real things--
the love of man and woman, the peace of an evening by the 
fire, the sweetness of music, and the gay sound of children's
voices--we shall not have to hear the sound of the world
disintegrating into chaos."
~Gladys Taber, The Book of Stillmeadow

This Thanksgiving finds me thankful for so many things....I would have a very lengthy blog post if I tried to list them all.  As always, I am thankful for all my blogging friends.  I am wishing each one of you a very happy Thanksgiving Day and weekend!  And to those who live outside of the USA, I wish you a happy day and weekend ahead.



 🎶 The autumn leaves drift by my window...🎶

After the howling winds of yesterday, most of our colorful leaves
are on the ground awaiting a leaf rake or a leaf blower and 
a pair of willing and able arms to gather them into large piles.  

The wind made for a tighter grip on the steering wheel while
driving to the Big Town yesterday.  And a lot of hairspray didn't
really help my hair stay in place, either.  Not to worry, I saw a
lot of hairdos standing on end so I didn't feel quite so bad.
My first stop was a visit to the chiropractor.  My knee and sciatic
nerve pain finally got the best of me and Something had to be done.
It was a very warm day, as well as ultra windy, so I was wearing my
flipflops.  Which led me to mentioning--in case he noted my sorry
looking nails--that next on my agenda was getting a pedicure mainly
because of a recurring ingrown nail.  Doctor then gave me a tip that
he says really works.  I will be trying it out if I can ever figure out how to reach my toes again.  If anyone wants to know his method
for curing ingrown nails, just email me and I'll be happy to share it.
On to other things.  I didn't really intend to talk toes today.  👣

After the pedicure, I found my 💅 tootsies heading down to the
bookstore.  I found a book I've been wanting to read when I find
some time, as it's not exactly light reading.   I'll save the subject of this book, which has interested me for many years, for a future 
blog post all of its own.   

I then headed over to my favorite section...magazines.
Look in the lower left corner of the above photo.  See the arm?
Someone was looking at a magazine and snapping photos with
their iPhone.  Have you ever done this?  I suppose it was in
the interest of saving money since magazines have gotten so costly.

I intended to show both before and after photos in this post, 
but I only have a few before to share today in the interest of
time.  BG is off work again today and Monday to work at
The Project and I will be heading there soon to do some painting.

The photo above and the following are what some of the walls
looked like after BG tore into them to find the wire he was trying
to get into the outlet holes.  Whoever did the old wiring job 
sometimes drilled a hole through a stud in the wall, so the wire
didn't always go in a straight shot to the outlet.  I need to get a photo
of the attic where he has been working before he's through. 

This is a little alcove in one of the bedrooms.  The sheetrock has
been put back, mudded and sanded and is awaiting primer and 
paint.  Also, the above chocolate room as we call it and the living
room walls are put back together and awaiting paint touch ups.

Other than running a new wire to the kitchen for the electric stove, 
the above room is the last to be rewired.  Well, the basement still needs to be rewired, but it will be much easier since he doesn't have to get into the attic.  This room is what we call the spare room and was added on at the end of the upper deck.  Believe me, that pink will be painted over!  There are shelves on the other side of that
closet door and the right side wall has a door that leads to the
deck.  My daughter is planning making this room an office.

We haven't quite figured out how we are going to heat/cool this
room as it didn't have heat or cooling running to it.  Any ideas?


I'm slow getting started today, but it's time to go see if BG needs some help.  I'll probably start painting primer on those patched holes 
and then daughter and I can paint this weekend.
I probably sound like a broken record, but we'll be so happy
to get all of this work done.  Well, enough done that our daughter
can get moved in.  I don't know if we'll want to dance or sleep.  
And, I'll be happy to have more time for some fun activities
such as reading blogs, books and watching some shows on Netflix.

 Have a great weekend!
xo Cheryl

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon....

It was foggy in spots this morning as I went out the front door to try to get a shot of the moon before it set.  The cattle across the highway were there to greet me.  See the fog in the background?  The lake where I often snap shots of the sun setting is just over the hill and beyond 80 acres or so.  The sun was just coming up and cast a pretty, rosy glow on the trees.

There is just something about this face that makes me smile.

The moon this morning.  I've gotten clearer shots of the moon before, so it's either me or my camera.  I might have to ask Santa for a newer camera.  Oh wait, I need a new laptop more.  It has taken me hours to get my photos uploaded today.

This photo of the moon was taken last night by my daughter using my little Elph camera.  We were in CoMo shopping for light fixtures, blinds, shades and whatnot for her house.  And another trip to Menards was made for more wire and outside lights.  My 4th trip there in a week or so, but progress is being made!  There is one more room to wire and then the finishing work to do.  I'll show some before photos next post and maybe an after or two.  

My daughter and I were hungry after an exhausting night of shopping, we stopped in at Panera Bread for soup and a sandwich.  The place looked full, but we were so hungry that we said we'd eat at the outside patio in the dark if the tables were all full.  We put in our order.  Kim wanted a bread bowl.  Strike one...they were out.  I ordered a bowl of broccoli cheese soup.  Strike two...they were out.  Okay, how about the baked potato soup?  Got it.  Then we both asked for a ham and swiss cheese sandwich to go with our soup.  And medium drinks.  When our order was ready, we noticed that they had forgotten the cheese.  Strike three.  The glasses for the medium drinks were so small that Kim said it's a good thing we didn't order small drinks because they most likely would have been as small as a shot glass.  That set me off to giggling and we both started in and couldn't stop, and soon the girls across the aisle were joining in!  We actually ended up getting our meal for free plus a free pastry for the mixup.  Score!!

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

The phone rang early this morning and it was our son calling my favorite veteran, BG, to thank him for his service.  Many in our family served our country including BG's father who was an army veteran and fought in World War II, his uncle was a prisoner of war for 3 long years during the Korean War, my uncle was in the Navy during World War II, my older brother was a member of the National Guard, BG's brother is an Army veteran, and so many others that I won't list here.  

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to each and everyone who served our country.  Let us never forget that our freedom isn't free.

Happy Veterans Day,

P.S.  I'd like to say to those rioting and protesting the election, please remember those who fought for your freedom regardless of who the president was at the time.  When they were called to serve, they did so without complaint and served bravely with many giving their lives for ALL of us.       

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Today is the day we vote for a new president of the United States of America.  I will be going to the polls with my hubby when he gets out off work in a couple of hours.  I hope that everyone will exercise their right to go vote today and may the best man for the job win!  :)

Our son was home for the weekend.  He helped his dad who is spending all his spare time working on the other house aka The Project.  They did take a little time off late one afternoon to walk around the Back 6 and take a drive to the lake.  The above photos were taken on those jaunts by Brett on his iPhone.  

We are making progress at the other house.  Only a little more to go on one bedroom, a wee bit of wiring to do in the kitchen, and wire the spare room which may be the most difficult (I hope it goes smoother than BG thinks it will) and then all the wiring for the upstairs will be done.  
Then our carpenter will come in and repair all the walls that BG had to put holes into in order to get the wiring where he wanted it to go.  He also will put down some trim boards, fix a closet door which doesn't open good, and a few other jobs such putting back together the closet in the bathroom, hanging doors, etc.  Then we will finish up the painting, get carpet down in the spare room, and clean the hardwood floors that have already been refinished in the rest of the rooms.  

Our daughter fixed chicken fajitas and queso dip one night for supper.  Yum, good!  We were hungry after a day's work and didn't take time to bother with place mats or putting everything in a bowl.  ha!  I did grab some napkins after I snapped a photo.    
So, that's my weekend wrap-up.  Today really seems like Monday to me as our daughter and BG both took a vacation day yesterday to work on the house.  BG was also home Friday, he's taking long weekends to get this job finally done.  Well, at least enough done that someone can move in!  The basement still needs to be wired, but that won't take nearly as long as the upstairs because the drywall was all taken out.  I may be repeating myself here, but there may be new readers.  I have a couple of new followers signed on.  Please let me know where you are so I can follow back!  

Happy Tuesday!
xo Cheryl 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits


Hello November!  
My older brother, Bill, would have been 74 on this day.
I still miss him.  It's still hard to not be able to pick up the
 phone and talk to him.  Likewise my younger brother
whose birthday was also on a first.  January 1st.  They will
always be in our hearts and on our minds.

When I was young, I used to envy both of them for
having birthdays on the first of the month.  It just seemed to
me back then to be much cooler than having a birthday on
the 14th of the month.  ha!  The things kids think!  

Did you have some cute Trick or Treater's last night?
My daughter borrowed a Stetson that had belonged to my
dad, which I had kept, to wear for Halloween.  
She dressed up as a cowgirl for the party at the center.

My son sent me photos of his girlfriend's 2 children.  They
were so cute, wish I could show them.  Little Cooper wanted to 
be a slice of pizza and he was! 

I'm off next to make a run down the road to CoMo to Menards 
to get some things for BG.  He had taken yesterday and today
off to work at the other house.  I have a list of things to
get that we've run out of such as electrical boxes, wire,
and I need to get more paint.  

First, I just had to do this post to get the last one down the
page.  Those bloody spots were beginning to make me queasy.  lol!  
I wanted to do that post to see if someone could help me figure 
out what might have happened, but now it's time to get past it!

Happy November to you!
xo Cheryl  

Monday, October 31, 2016

New Unsolved Mysteries...

This is it...the last day of October...sniff, sniff...also the last full week of electioneering...hip, hip, hooray!  How was your weekend?  We worked at the other house aka The Project.  Okay, BG worked and I mostly stood around until he needed me to pull a wire through an opening as he fed said wire from up in the attic down to me.  Sounds like a fun time, eh?  Not really, but at least progress is being made, so that is good news.

~ BG's truck isn't part of the mystery...see the flower pot?  Stay tuned~

Will you have Trick or Treaters at your house?  We don't usually have them in our neighborhood.  I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but I've been known to tell stories of strange happenings around our house this time of year.  The following are true stories that I call our Unsolved Mysteries...for this year.  I'll share them here and I hope you'll be able to figure them out, because we sure can't!

~the flowers aren't so pretty now, but I took this photo of them for the story~
First, the flowers.  I snapped the first 3 photos yesterday while we were at The Project.  The pot of flowers above is a closeup of the flowers in the photo above this one.  The flower pot used to belong to a friend of my daughter.  I say "used to" because sadly her friend committed suicide 2 years ago.  Kim was given the pot along with a few others by the husband of this friend.  

In late April, Kim planted this pot with purple verbenas.  About 2 weeks later, Kim and her boyfriend broke up.  The boyfriend was the brother of the friend who died.  After the breakup, which was a difficult time for her, Kim didn't care too much about the flowers and stopped watering them.  That was nearly 6 months without water except for a little rain now and then and the flowers are still living.  How did they survive that long during the hot summer we had?  It's a mystery.

Now, the bigger mystery involves bloody the same room as another unsolved mystery took place a few years ago.  Some of you may remember it, you can read about it here.

BG and I were in Branson in early September and our daughter was at home.  She had fallen asleep in the recliner and woke up around 3 am and after a visit to the bathroom she went to bed.  The next time she woke up, it was around 7 am and she was sitting on the potty in the bathroom with her kitty meowing at her feet.  

Our daughter sleepwalks occasionally and she always ends up in the bathroom.  This hasn't happened in quite a long time.  I need to mention for the sake of the story that she also has periodic nosebleeds.  I'll also mention I asked her if it was okay that I tell all this about her!

When she got up and stepped around the half wall to wash her hands, she saw blood drops on the vanity, on the floor, on the half wall,  on the mirror, and up both closet doors as well as the door coming into the bathroom.  Also a large spot of blood on the carpet just outside the bathroom.  

The floor in front of the potty or that area wasn't bothered nor did she have any blood on herself or her clothes.  She examined all the cats and they didn't have blood on their paws or anywhere that she noticed.

After taking photos with her phone, she started cleaning it up and noticed that some of the spots were dry and some looked like fresh drops.

Looking at the vanity, it looks like perhaps a kitty stepped into the drops, but she found no sign of blood on their paws or that they had tracked blood on the floor when they would have jumped down.

The spots on the floor were mostly perfect round spots.  She did find a few sprinkles of blood next to her pillow and a spot on the quilt.

All of this was very disturbing and she called us in Branson to tell us about it and told several friends.  None of us has a clue what this was.  The hubby of a friend has lots of nose bleeds and told her that she would have gotten it on her clothes if that is what happened.  

When we got back home several days later, I happened to notice that one of the cats had a sore on the lower side of it's mouth.  I'm thinking that maybe a fight had taken place with another kitty and a claw ended up tearing a place and it bled.   Maybe the cat shook it's head and that's how some of the blood ended up on the mirror and doors. 

Whatever happened, it was a good amount of blood drops.  

Someone suggested maybe a cat had killed a mouse.  Well, we don't have mice ever get in the house, so it wasn't that.  

We don't have a clue what it was, but after the other happening I wrote about I'm beginning to wonder what is going on here!  What do you think might have happened? 

Have a fun Halloween!  As for me, I'm going to keep the bathroom door shut to keep the goblins out.
xo Cheryl

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall beauty, kitties and a prayer request...

"There should be new words every October for the 
colors gold and scarlet and bronze and russet.
There they are, living fire, and a re-establishment
of God's good will to earth."
~Gladys Taber

This October has been too warm for the trees to put on a lot of color this year in my area.  Last year it was much the same, well as I remember.  The photo above is one I found in my archives from a few years ago.  There are some beautiful trees around, but they are mostly in the residential areas. 

It's hard to believe that soon we will turn the calendar page and October will just be a memory.  I've loved every minute of October and watching the changes each day brings.  

October 29th is National Cat Day.  I personally think every day is Cat Day at our house.  lol!  Stormy certainly thinks so.  She is one smart kitty and understands a lot of what we say.  She has her ways of telling me what she wants.  Part of it is just the way she looks at you.  Can you tell I love her?  I love all of our pets, but I have to say that there is just something special about my Stormy girl.  I often think of the kitties that are at the Humane Society hoping to find a forever home and say a prayer that they may find someone to love them as much as we love our kitties.  Someone might pray for animals, too?  Why, yes, I do. 

A table full of a few of my favorite things caught my eye...dishes and roosters and sunflowers.   Aren't the colors wonderful?  

I was very tempted to buy a couple of the mugs, but BG reminded me that we had plenty of coffee cups and didn't need any more.  Spoil sport.  Never mind he's right and I don't have any room for another thing in my cabinets, but I really, really wanted these.  I do have a cute pair of fall mugs that we're using right now that I bought 2 years ago and put away because of that lack of room and then...I hate to tell this part...I couldn't find them last year.  But this year when I cleaned out a junk storage closet...voila!  There they I washed them and made room for them to use this fall season.  Oh, to have a dish pantry!

The beautiful bouquet of flowers was given to my daughter for Boss's Day which was Oct. 16.  See the beautiful rose at the top?  I wish I'd gotten a closer shot of it, it was so gorgeous with apricot edges fading to a soft yellow in the center.  Other smaller roses were also in the bouquet.  

My friend Ell's hubby raises the most beautiful roses.  I met Ell over 30 years ago at church and we've been friends ever since.  In the summer, they would almost always bring a big bouquet of the most beautiful roses of varying colors to place on the table in front of the pulpit. 

Ell called me this week and gave me some news that was hard to hear.  She has Stage 4 heart failure.  One side of her heart is pretty much dead and she has blockage on the other side.  The doctors tell her that there's nothing they can do except put her on a list for a heart transplant.  They gave her a batch of pills and pages of things to do and not to do.  She told me that she nixed the idea of a transplant saying that there were many younger folks who needed one worse than she does.  Ell is 75 and has a strong faith, but she has already dealt with many health issues and she is not very strong physically any longer.  I am asking for prayers for her health and also that she and an estranged daughter will be reconciled before it's too late.

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for being my blog friends.  I didn't know when I came back to blogging after being away so long if anyone would be by to visit.  And then I lost my blog list and I'm still trying to get it back up to speed.  It's a busy season for many of us and I've noticed blogging has slowed down for others too.

Enjoy this last weekend of October! 

xo Cheryl

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Musings

Did you have a nice weekend?  It was a busy one here, especially for BG.  He worked on the wiring at The Project (our rental house) and ran into more problems.

I've tried so hard to get him to hire the work done, but he is one stubborn man and refuses to pay for work that he can do himself.  Never mind it might take him a dozen years long time, he is bound and determined to do it All.By.Himself.  If you detect a bit of frustration from my end here, you might be right.  :)  I do appreciate his dedication and hard work even if it doesn't always sound like I do! 

Well, the good news, or bad depending on how you look at it, is that he is having to take out part of the walls and our carpenter/friend said take out all you need to because he could repair them and BG agreed to that!  

The wiring as I've said before is a big mess.  It would take too many paragraphs for me to explain so just take my word for it!   

Meanwhile, I just wanna say wake me up when it's all done!  Much like the election.  Can't wait until it is over.  I can't watch TV because the media drives me nuts with their blatant bias and lies that are told.  When presented with the truth, they won't report that, of course.  Okay, enough with the whiny stuff.    

It is a beautiful fall day and I'm leaving in a few minutes to get some groceries and just enjoy a drive down a few country roads.  I love to be out and about in autumn soaking up the warmth of the season and seeing the changes in the fall foliage.  Soon enough the leaves will be gone, but shhhh...we won't talk about that yet!  

I made some chili over the weekend and it was so good.  I found 2 cans of chili beans, 1 can of tomatoes and 1 can of tomato sauce and I had some hamburger in the freezer.  Just enough for one pot, but I'm going to stock up as we love chili when it turns a bit cooler.  We have had some warm days, but the nights are much cooler now.  Do you make chili often in the fall and winter?  With beans or without?  What is your favorite soup?

Halloween is a week away.  I have another "spooky" happening to share.  Maybe.  We're still puzzled about this one, so I'm trying to figure out how to write it up and then I'll see if I want to post it by Halloween.  Ha!  Don't you just hate when people do that?  Leave you hanging, I mean.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

xo Cheryl