Friday, October 30, 2015

Mysterious Happenings, One More Time

Five years ago, I did a post in October about some mysterious happenings that had occurred at my house.  I will share this post again for those of you who may not have seen it.  For those who remember it, you might want to skip on along! 

I'm not big into Halloween, but this is the sort of post that may go with the theme.  I am pleased to say that these happenings are not happening now!  Well, maybe they are...I am blaming it on the goblins.  I had a phone call from our renter next door at the office building and found out our furnace there was on the blink.  Last night, BG was at The Project and found the new furnace there wasn't acting right, either.  So, I am awaiting the repairman to take a look at both of them.  The one furnace is brand new, so it must be the goblins messing with us!    

And now, the post from 5 years ago titled Mysterious Happenings.

What is a strange happenings post without a photo of a haunted house?  Well, to be honest, I'm not sure that this old vacant house that I took photos of the other day is haunted...but it makes a good prop!  Cue the scary music!  Woooooo!!!

Since Halloween is right around the corner and even tho I'm really not all that into Halloween, I still thought this might be a good time to share the story of some unexplained happenings here in my own house.  This may turn out to be rather long.  Hope you stick with me and let me know what you think!   I saved the strangest story for the end.

In recent years, we've been experiencing some strange sounds and happenings.  One night while I was at work and my daughter and husband were downstairs....she was at her computer desk and he was watching television.  They both heard what sounded like someone stepping down off of a chair, then scooted the chair across the upstairs bathroom floor.  Then after that they heard a door shut.  Both of them ran up the stairs to see what was going on, but saw nothing out of place.

Another time, while they were downstairs, they heard what sounded like someone walking down the hall.  Thinking I might have gotten home early, they came up the stairs to see me...but it wasn't me!  I was still at work.

Yet another time, my daughter was sitting in her computer chair at the desk and a cool breeze went by behind her and she caught a whiff of a floral perfume.

Both my children have heard music in the house, when there wasn't a tv on or music playing.  My son even walked around the house trying to determine where it was coming from....didn't find anything.  The neighbors were quiet, so it wasn't them...and their houses aren't real close to ours.

I've heard loud sounds in the bedroom.  Sometimes it sounds like a chain or something is sliding down the wall.  That is about the only way I know to describe it.

One night there was a loud crash, and the cat took off running.  Another time, she got spooked and her fur stood on end with her tail getting big.  There was nothing to be seen.

I think the strangest happening of all is the day I was getting ready for work.  I had showered and had opened my bottle of foundation preparing to put on my makeup.  Nature was calling, so I sat down the bottle of foundation and went around the corner...there is a half wall between the vanity and toilet...when I finished and went back to the sink to wash my hands, I noticed that there were drops of makeup on the floor.   Looking closer, I noticed that these drops were about the size of a nickel and were almost perfectly spaced in a row leading back to the wall between two closet doors opposite the vanity.  I had a plant stand with a plant next to the wall between the two doors...our bathroom is rather large...and there were some drops on the leaves, too.  Well, I had to go to work so in my haste I cleaned up the mess and finished getting ready and didn't think to take photos.   I was certainly very puzzled as to how that happened.   But when I got home and told my family, I showed them the drops still on the plant and a few had ended up veering off in another direction on the floor that I had overlooked while cleaning up the mess,  so they did believe me!  I am wondering to this day how that happened.  My hubby said I must have shaken the bottle.  No, I didn't and even if I had I would have had to have thrown the stuff over my shoulder, because the drops were directly behind where I was standing.  And how would they have ended up so perfectly matched in size and evenly spaced?  I didn't count the drops, but there were quite a few!  I can't think of an explanation for this.  I didn't shake the bottle, the bottle was unopened and just where I left it.   Strange!!! 

Okay, you probably think I've really lost it!  But all of these things have really happened.  I don't really believe in ghosts, but I have no explanation for any of the many strange sounds and happenings we've experienced.

How about you?  Have any strange goings on in your house?  If so, please share!  I wish someone could tell me how my makeup/foundation ended up in perfect drops lined up on the floor!!  Very, very strange.....

Sadly, I may have mentioned this in a past post, but that beautiful old abandoned house was burned down by vandals.  I had always wished that someone would buy the property and restore it.  

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend!

Edited to add:  Both furnaces are up and running and were quick fixes.  Yay!!
xo Cheryl


  1. Wow, there were some spooky happenings at your place! Are you sur it is not haunted? It is sad to hear that beautiful house were burned down. It would have been lovely renovated. Great post for Halloween! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It truly was the perfect haunted house! I'm so sorry it burned down. Well, I don't NOT believe in much of anything. If someone tells me they experienced it, then I'm certainly open to thinking it might happen to me too!

  3. Cheryl, Sad about the old house. I think strange things can happen...but I am glad it is not happening here... If it's ghost, they must be nice or at least like all of you. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Hi Cheryl~

    I remember this post! Has it already been 5 years?! Spooky things happen all the time here . . . it's usually, Cole Dog, he is black as night and large, and can be kind of scary.... :0)

    It is sad that nobody ever rescued that old house, it was very beautiful!

    Happy Halloween!


  5. Oooooo....perfect post for this time of the year!! I'm with you...I truly do not believe in "Ghost".....BUT.....there is a home in our area that is said to be haunted!! I personally know the people who purchased this property a few years back and they are not the kind that would make up some of the happenings that has gone on.... I'm not sure how they deal with it and how they live there, but they say that they just try to ignore the strange things! Strange as in things being moved, noises, lights that just turn on!! Yikes!! Hey....I enjoyed reading your post..

  6. I think there are unexplained things that happen to people all the time. Most times they are afraid to talk about them for fear of being ridiculed or dismissed as crazy. The last house that my daughter lived in had "happenings". Doors in the upper hallway would open when no one was up there. She often felt as if someone flitted across the hall from room to room just out of her line of vision when she was in the upstairs hall.

    Here is my odd story. When we moved to Green Bay we were house hunting. I love old houses and there was a beauty that came up in the historical section at a very reasonable price. When I questioned the price they said they were looking for a quick sale. So-we went to the house- First floor was just phenomenal- all done up beautifully and restored to its original condition. Upstairs there were four large bedrooms all beautifully done. i was getting really excited by this point. I was thinking "forever house".... Then we went to the basement. The further we got down the steps the faster my heart started to beat. I felt my breath coming tight in my chest and felt "cold". My husband poohed me and kept walking down. When we got to the base of the stairs there was a warren of small rooms and the further we got from the steps through these little rooms the more panicked I got. When John opened a door that went out under a sun porch (that was on the upper floor) my heart started to pound out of my chest and I felt pure FEAR. The INSIDE of that room was painted red and I, honestly, felt like EVIL came pouring out that door. I bolted for the stairs, out of the house and wouldn't go back inside. I have never felt anything like that before or since.

    When I went back to work I was telling a co-worker about what happened and he asked if it was such and such house. I said-yes-and he said that "everyone" knew that house was haunted (well, being from out of town I didn't know it). So, eventually someone bought it and we have watched over the years. It goes up for resale about every two years from what we can tell. So, I do believe that "something" is connected to certain properties. xo Diana

  7. That was some beautiful house back init's day...makes you wonder what stories it could tell:)

  8. Wow, sad about the old house, perfect story for this time of year!!!! Happy Halloween,Francine.

  9. Scary---including Diana's comment. Thanks so much for sharing---especially since it's 11 p.m. and now I won't sleep!! ;-)

    Happy Halloween!

    Jane x

  10. WOW! How I would have been a bit spooked by your 'happenings' and I am so glad they have stopped. Pity about the old house. Have a great weekend.

  11. so sad to read that beautiful old home burned. i love it... my kind of home. the only thing i have a story about is my aunts house in Savannah, we could hear someone run up the steps and down the steps, at night after we went to bed, but also a few times while watching TV downstairs. i keep meaning to ask my cousin if the steps can still be heard since she is now living in her childhood home. when we were kids it freaked us out. that is what freaky thing about the makeup....

  12. Scary "happenings!"
    Perfect Halloween timing . . .
    I would say GHOSTS FOR SURE!

  13. Glad the furnaces were not break the bank fixes.

    I have no idea about the makeup. Strange unexplained things are just a part of life I think. I have a few but think no more of them than I think of the weather.

    Have a blessed day.

  14. Oh my. Those are very scary happenings Cheryl. Yikes!! I don't have any to share. I hope you have a less scary weekend.

  15. I do believe in the holy ghost and also have had premonitions. Anything is possible for sure.
    I am sorry that vandals had to destroy the house, nothing people do surprises me anymore. I wish it could have been restored.

  16. I do believe in the holy ghost and also have had premonitions. Anything is possible for sure.
    I am sorry that vandals had to destroy the house, nothing people do surprises me anymore. I wish it could have been restored.

  17. Glad the furnaces were fixed. I didn't know/remember the house was burned down... sad. We got out of town for Halloween weekend!

  18. I remember this post. Incredible.
    Always made me sad that no one saved that beautiful house. Sad, but it happens all the time.. old houses lost.

    Glad that the furnaces are up and working!!
    It's that time of year... cold weather is here!!

    Have a great new week.


  19. this stuff really freaks me out! especially for the cat to be that spooked! I would not be able to be in your house alone! lol
    recently my family found out that my granddad, that passed away in 1995, is walking around in the home he last lived. the guy that moved into my grandparents home said he hears him and sometimes sees him walking through a door way. he looks very light, see through. the man had family come stay with him a few months ago. they all heard my granddad! the house is less than two hours away and I will be going there to see if I hear him or see him. :)

  20. btw, the man didn't know my granddad and what he describes is right on my granddads habits. like where his chair was in the family room that no one else sat in if he were there.

  21. Wow! this is so interesting, Cheryl Thankfully I haven't experienced anything like this, and don't know how I would have reacted! I am so glad everything is fine now. Also glad the furnaces are working!
    Hope you are having a great autumn season, the photos in your last post are beautiful! I am still so busy , and can't seem to get back to blogging faithfully!
    Hugs from me,

  22. My hair is standing on end!!!! Totally creepy - I don't know how I would handle this in my own house. Wow!!!

  23. I have no words....other than scary!! YIKES!

  24. I have had one or two very minor things happen to me...nothing like this. But my mom's best friend, who was as truthful a person as you would ever want to meet had things happen to three different places...but one of those is where the one thing happened to me.

    One time her and her husband sat down to lunch...and drops of stuff dripped out of the ceiling. It was honey. They check for bees, but no hive or nest was found. At this same house, my husband I lived for a while. I had went to the grocery and one thing I pick up was a big, new bottle of catsup. The house had corner shelves in the door or covering of any kind. I put my things away there. They were not deep...and I put the catsup there. I needed it later, and went to get it and it was nowhere to be found. And there was no way I was missing it because it was taller than everything else.

    Later that night when Roger was home, there it sat. Right up front on the shelf...right where I knew I had put it.

    Anyway, my mom's friend moved a few miles down the valley. She sat a bowl of beans on the table, with the serving spoon in it. Once she set it down, the spoon stirred the bowl a time or two! And I am here to tell you, she was not one to make up stuff like this. But also, not one to let it scare her.

    Then the last place she lived was some senior housing. I was to it many times...and I had been in the kitchen getting a drink of water, and she got to talking and ask me if I noticed how hard it was to turn on the water. And it was. She said she was in there cooking one day, and it turned on by itself.

    So, yes, I do believe you...I believed her.