Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bits 'n Bobs

~wish I was here~

I am sitting here watching the leaves drift by my window and listening to the carpenter working in the bathroom.  And thinking that this would be a good time to write a blog post. 

Trouble is, when I put my fingers to the keys and have a blank page before me, it's not that thoughts just fly out the window and join those leaves drifting to the ground.  Not at all.  Fact is, that there are too many ideas and thoughts running circles in my head like a hampster on a wheel and I don't know where to start.

So, I'll just begin typing and we'll see where I meander to on this rainy day in late October.

I've been thinking lately how fast the calendar pages are turning. Remember when many of us were tired of the cold winter and were eagerly awaiting spring?  It only seems like a few months ago and now here we are knocking on the door of another winter.  How did that happen so quickly?

So much to do and so little time.  Yep, that is my mindset as of today.  I'm getting older and feeling it today.  I won't talk about the late run to the home center and not getting back home until 10:30 last night.  Okay, maybe I'll mention that I traipsed through 3 home centers and even went to WallyWorld while I was near one.

It was necessary.  The trip, that is.  Mr. Carpenter decided that a new window we were going to get should be put in now rather than later.  It was our fault that we had forgotten about it while we were there last time.  I suppose being forgetful goes along with getting older? 

I did a little surfing on a few blogs today and ran across a great idea for a wall arrangement behind my entertainment center.  That wall has been bugging me for quite awhile.  Now to find the right stuff.  I will be shopping the house first.  The idea I found can be seen at Brenda's Tweak it Tuesday.  Scroll down the page and it is entry No. 2.   

One of the things on my mind lately has been sprucing up my house.  Just a good deep cleaning would help.  I took off the drapes and washed them and rehung them the other day.  I replaced the sheers, too, as a few snags could be seen courtesy of kitty claws.  I only buy window treatments that are washable, nothing too fancy, because of the cats.  Comfortable and cozy is my style, but it still needs a little sprucing up now and then.  And a few changes are always good.

Along with the rain, the temperature has dropped.  It's going to be a chilly night at the first game of the World Series in KC tonight.  Go Royals!!

Hope your weather and day has been going well for you.  Enjoy these remaining days of October!

Note:  Some distractions prevented me from finishing this post earlier today, but I'll leave it as is.  It's still sprinkling here, hope it's over by game time in KC!  :)

xo Cheryl


  1. Bless your heart. I enjoyed your meanderings! It's raining here, too, and we've needed it. The last decent rainfall was five inches about a month ago. Our pond is down some, and the creek has just a little water. This will help. Today was a good day for a little couch nap, afghan over me. Actually I took two of them. I'm healed from a cold. The rest felt good. I know what you mean about the fast passage of time. Our grandson is now four and is riding a bicycle. His new sister is due in three months. Seems that we should be able to subtract years from our ages as our kids and grandbabies grow. Sending blessings from here on the farm. Enjoy the evening.

  2. Hi Cheryl~

    So glad you said that you had tons of thoughts running around in your head . . . that's exactly how I feel, therefore, nothing gets put on paper! I really sympathize with those late night runs to the big box stores, sometimes it's just necessary when you are in the middle of a remodel, but, it's hard on us!

    I agree, cozy and comfy is best, and I really love the arrangement in the photo! I loved how they had framed the thermostat, very clever.

    Winter is upon us, and I'm not really loving it. Along with the cold comes the aches and pains of winter. We may just head south next year! We are getting ready to go to the Salmon River for 2 weeks fishing, and I know it will be really cold there. I have packed extra pain reliever. I love the getting older and slowing down part . . . a little. But, it seems like I just go in circles sometimes, and don't ever get the things done I should - oh well, it will wait for another day.

    Loved your pictures, the colors in your neck of the woods are so beautiful and vibrant! I love how the branches arch over the roadway . . . gorgeous!!

    Have a great week!


  3. Cheryl, You managed to write what's been on my mind for a while. How did we go from waiting for our Spring to begin to now knowing winter is slipping in soon.:):) How did it happen so quickly? I loved the pictures. Now about all those trips to the home centers...good grief, I tell my husband the best thing about us being together is ...we can forget twice as much. LOL. How do we do it? It seems we are always forgetting things. Had to make a trip today for one gripper to put on one step. Of course we went to Walmart first...got wind shield washer, wiper blades...never thinking to look for that step gripper. LOL. Blessings to you, you are not alone. xoxo,Susie

  4. You sound like me with blogging a lot of the time. I want to do a blog post but can't think of exactly what to write about, or else I have so many thoughts flying through my mind that I can't concentrate on what to write! I am also feeling the same was you in regard to this upcoming winter. It seemed like summer and fall have flown by and that we can't possibly be ready for cold weather already AGAIN. I was just saying to my husband the other day, "Do you realize we spend half the year in cold weather?!" The older I get, the more I hate the cold and winter. I need to be a snow bird at age 53! ;-)

  5. Gorgeous fall photos! I've get to get out and find some pretty foliage. None around here. Thanks for the mention!

  6. Same here, the days go by faster and faster! I need to spruce up a few things too...but where to start! Yes that arrangement would look nice above an entertainment center. Ours is built in to a corner so I have a shelf above with "stuff". Such beautiful colors your way:)

  7. Beauty all around you. Thanks for sharing these images.

  8. beautiful photos...it was cold and rainy here today...i don't even think it got to 50. the saying here is "you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes" but i also remember that being a saying when we lived in missouri lol...tomorrow will be near 70, more like it!

  9. Cheryl,

    We are SO much alike. When I decide to write my posts, even though I may have events and thoughts to write about---they all fly out the window as there are so many and I have to just write from my heart and let the 'real stuff' come out.

    I feel the same about the seasons and that's why I quit complaining about them and wishing for the next one to come along. It's all passing too darn fast.

    Good luck with the window. It's usually me that pushes for home improvements!

    Thanks for your nice comments on my 'sickly' post. Sounds like our troubles are much the same. Heck---we're soul sisters! :)

    Jane x

  10. Beautiful fall photos. We've had some warm weather here in Illinois, but it's turned into gloomy, rainy weather the past couple of days. The changing leaves brighten things up though. I'm glad you liked my gallery wall idea and I thank you for mentioning that it's number 2 on Brenda's Tweak it Tuesday.

  11. Good to hear your thoughts. beautiful autumn colours in your neck of the world

  12. We don't have the beautiful colors you have pictured... yep, the drought. We didn't get rain on Friday but it rained all day yesterday. A nice soaking rain. I think I heard the trees sigh. Love days like yesterday, I don't feel so guilty about sitting around in a comfy chair and reading a book and watching it rain.

  13. Oh your photos are gorgeous! It's red to find such lovely photos here, and when I do..to be able to photograph them. I'm still short my partner..sad... Love how your beautiful post came together. I fear I'm like you...lots to say, not sure where to start! smile..

    We're in for a windy cool day today...and I'll be off and running again soon. Just needed to stop by and say "hello"!


  14. those fall leaves are wonderful. this will get you going, 4 weeks to thanksgiving and 57 days to Christmas... does that help at all?
    i looked at the link, do you mean the big screen TV with framed photos around it. in her current post i saw nothing for a wall.

  15. Your photos of the fall colours are beautiful! Yes, there is always something to do around the house and I've been up and down from the computer this morning tweaking and trying new things. We'll be getting that rain storm here tomorrow. I hope the renos are going well.

  16. Same here with the time flying by. I vividly remember complaining about winter hanging on for months and months...and here it is again...knocking at the door!

  17. I have the same problem when I want to do a post, but my problem is that my mind goes totally blank.
    love the fall leaves. Ours won't change till November. We're expecting rain tomorrow. I've been doing my fall deep clean. I have a small house and it seems like so much work. Get'n old!

  18. Same here.... I start to write a post and before long... I'm writing about what's going on in my mind at the time... Thanks for sharing tweak it Tuesay.. I enjoyed visiting there. I'm guessing your home project is moving right along?! The Fsll colors in your area are so pretty.. We had so much rain last week and our leaves are all brown now. :( Enjoyed your post

  19. You're definitely having a beautiful autumn!

  20. I can relate to sometimes not knowing what to post about. Usually I am inspired by just certain photos that I have taken. Sometimes when I have an idea for a post but don't have time to write it at the time, I go into my dashboard and just type the title....if I don't at least write down a title for my iead, I will forget about it! This way, I am reminded when I see my dashboard. I have many post ideas sitting there with no content :) Beautiful fall photos, by the way!

  21. The colors in your part of the world are amazing...I've been visiting and returning comments tonight, and can't get over the gorgeous saturated leaves everywhere.

    It does seem that spring has jumped so fast...and now we approach winter once again...sigh, but it's nice to be cooler,


  22. The colors in your part of the world are amazing...I've been visiting and returning comments tonight, and can't get over the gorgeous saturated leaves everywhere.

    It does seem that spring has jumped so fast...and now we approach winter once again...sigh, but it's nice to be cooler,


  23. Hi Cheryl.

    I tell you, I cannot believe how quickly this past year has just flown by, and it seems that everyone else feels the same way. I love your gorgeous Fall pictures too. Thanks for sharing!
    My husband and I do the same thing as you guys... we run to the store to get one thing, and forget another.
    It sure can be aggravating, especially when we are all ready tired, and it turns into a late day. SO many times we've made a list, then travel to the city, and leave the list on the counter at home.... so frustrating.

    Glad that you found a solution to the wall behind your entertainment center. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

    Have a great weekend, and a happy Halloween.


  24. I agree . . .
    The days fly by . . .
    Weeks Months Years . . .
    Unbelievable . . . really!

  25. Cheryl, The month has just flown by and here it is -almost November. Crazy!!!! I like to have everything washable, too. Not because of cats but because of kids. lol
    Those are beautiful photos, too! Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  26. write what u feel. love your shots. ( ;