Sunday, January 24, 2010

Driving Miss Crazy

Forgive the little play on words...Driving Miss Daisy was a wonderful movie.  I'm the Miss and the ear noise is driving me  I have tinnitus (lots of ear noises) really bad, and was once told that I have Meniere's (hope that's spelled right) Disease.  Also have positional vertigo and have the dizzy spells when I lay on my left side or bend my head in the wrong direction.  Thankfully, I don't have the dizziness all the time, it flares up from time to time.  Anyone have these problems and how do you deal with it?

Well, driving home from work the other night, I heard on the radio someone talking about Lipo-Flavonoid and how it helps some with tinnitus and the dizziness associated with Meniere's.  You can bet the next day before work, I raced into Walgreen's and grabbed a bottle.  My word the stuff is expensive...almost $30.00 a bottle and you take 3 a day.  Sure hope it works, we'll see.  I am willing to try about anything once, since the ENT docs have said there's not much they can do for the noises except surgery that would render me mostly deaf.

Most days I do a fairly good job of ignoring it and it helps to have music playing or some background noise.  But then there are some days when I really long for the good ole days of utter silence!  My biggest fear is that I'll be mostly deaf in my later years, except for the noises in my ears!  LOL  Wouldn't that be a kick in the rear!

Hope your Monday is a good one.  Until next time ....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A decorating dilemma

I didn't realize how much time has passed since my last post.  This has been a busy week, with work and various other things going on.  How was your week?  I didn't get some things accomplished that I had hoped too, as usual.  Been contemplating on what project to start.  There are several things I want to get done, not the least of which is cleaning out a closet that has been bugging me lately.  Here's a project that I want to get started on as soon as I actually decide how to go about it.  Here is a picture of a round table that was given to me by my Grandmother many years ago.  It is very old as you can see by the claw and ball feet.  I really don't know how old it is and she didn't either.  I want to buy or make some sort of tablecloth for it.

This little cloth I have on it now just doesn't do anything for it and, since I've moved the table from the spot I originally had it sitting in, it's more noticeable than ever.  Have found some tablecloths on the web in various sizes, since this table is bigger than most 70 inch tablecloths are made for, but the shipping costs are astronomical even if the price of the cloth itself is reasonable.  Wonder why shipping costs for something that weighs next to nothing are so high?  Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.  How about puddling a cloth and not worrying if it is the exact size?  Here's a picture from Country Living that I like, it's not "puddled" but doesn't fit perfectly, either: 

Hopefully, I'll find something soon.  It anyone knows where to order round tablecloths in various sizes, I think mine would be 120 inches, please let me know.

Until next time...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did you laugh today?

I love laughing.  Some days it's hard to find something to laugh about.  Like the recent earthquake in Haiti.  There is so much sorrow and devastation that it's hard to feel like laughing when you think of the suffering of the people there.  It's hard to feel like laughing when someone you love is feeling bad whether physically or they're just having a very hard time at work dealing with various issues beyond their control.  But laughter is so important that the bible says that "a merry heart doth good like a medicine."

Do you try to find humor in something every day?  I do, in fact, I can find humor in the mirror when I face it each morning!  LOL  Better than crying, right?  Yep, every day I can find a new wrinkle or age spot or something to complain about if I choose.  I choose to laugh and then be thankful that I can stand on my own two feet in a snug, warm house and look in said mirror.  Then walk on to the fridge for a Pepsi (my coffee) to start the day.  You see, my mother and two brothers didn't get the chance to live as long as I have.  They all died of a degenerative disease that I will probably talk more about at a later date.  But you know, when I'm looking in that mirror in the mornings, I can almost hear them cheering me on...laughing with me about the wrinkles and age spots, my hair winging out everywhere.  Not at me. But because they are glad I'm still here and able to laugh, too. Even though it may be just a brief moment of humor some days. 

I ran across a blog today that posts mostly jokes from what I saw and I read quite a few.  This was one of those days when a little laughter was much needed and looking in the mirror didn't quite do it for me!  What tickles your funny bone?  Is it jokes, every day life, someone else's sense of humor?  How about the antics of a beloved pet?  Our kitten, Stormy, has such a neat personality and has provided many moments of laughter.   Do you have a favorite funny movie that you like to watch again and again just to laugh?  Or a book that really is humorous? 

Here's wishing you a good week ahead filled with many moments of laughter!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need to vent

I need to get this off my chest  Why do people at work feel the need to talk, hum, or whistle?  And
how about those lazy souls who can't pick their feet up off the floor when they walk...they just shuffle along.  Maybe it's the noise they know they're making that makes them do it...or maybe they're just lazy.  Argh!!!  Most of the time, I just put on my earphones and try to tune them out.  But it really bugged me tonight.  Glad I'm only working 3 days a week!  And that's all I have to report today....over and out!

Until next time... 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another year goes by

We took down the Christmas trees and decorations today.  It is always a little sad to put it away for another year.  Seems like it just doesn't last long enough.  Do you feel that way?  Well, this past year has literally flown by too.  My dad was right when he said that the older you get the faster time goes.  Or so it seems.

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I never keep them.  But I am resolved to do a few things this year that I put off last year.  Like get off my lazy duff and start exercising more, throwing away stuff that I don't need, try out more of those recipes that I like to collect...and the list goes on.  And the biggie is getting more organized.  I used to be fairly organized, but lately not so much.  Really, I think I've gotten just plain lazy!  Well, this year things are gonna change!!  What changes are you looking to make this year?

I just have to share the following photo with you.  We've already decided this will be our next Christmas card. Look closely and you will see that our kitten, Stormy, is peeking between the branches of the tree.  She thought that we put it up just for her enjoyment!

We had a great Christmas with our children and other family dropping by for a visit. The Christmas parties were fun, the food was yummy.  Hope your holidays were wonderful, too, and that everyone has a happy, healthy New Year!

Until next time...