Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bits and Bobs and a Birthday

Oh my!  I really didn't intend to be away for so long.  Is it just me or does time go by so much faster nowadays?  

I snapped the above photo out in the hot sun yesterday...yes, we actually saw the sun!...of my coneflowers now blooming.  This plant was new last year and really is doing well.  All my flowers are doing great with all the rain we've had.  Speaking of rain....

We went to Kansas City over the weekend to visit our son and encountered lots of rain, especially Sunday coming home.  The detour sign I saw through the windshield, when we pulled over waiting for the heaviest rain to move through, was perfect for the thoughts running through my mind.  Rain!  Take a detour...go to California where you're really needed!   

I recently read a news item that told how our area has had some form of precipitation every weekend, if you count Friday through Sunday a weekend, for the last 13 weeks!!  And when it isn't raining, it is very hot and humid.  

BG and I were gone a couple of days last week to a retirement seminar.  It rained both days we were there and I didn't take one photo.  The seminar was pretty interesting, but not enough to keep me from nodding off a time or two!   I wasn't the only one, I saw a few others having trouble keeping their eyes open, too. 

The bridgework is finished now and that means no more detours to take if I want to go to the lake and I went there as soon as I saw there might be a decent sunset Sunday evening when we got back home.  

Our son has a birthday coming up soon.  Happy Birthday, Brett!!  This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but he still looks just the same of course.    
I'll have to tell a cute story he told us when we saw him over the weekend.  His girlfriend was previously married and has 2 small children.  Her son, who is 4, was chattering away in the backseat while they were driving somewhere the other day.  All of a sudden he said, "Brett, I know what you're getting for your birthday".  Well, he was quickly hushed up by his mom and little sister and he went on chattering about something else when all of a sudden he said, "Brett, you know you just can't have too many watches".  lol  I can't wait to hear what he has to say when Brett gets his watch.  

The kittens have had tummy upsets the last 2 days, especially today.   I spent a good bit of time today holding them as they seemed to want to be close to me.  They have moments where they are romping around like normal, so hopefully it will quickly pass.  If not, we'll be visiting the vet.

I'm off to the Big Town for a little while today, but I'll be by to visit soon.  I've missed everyone!  Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This and That

It's been so hot the last two days that even the lilies are perspiring!  Just kidding, that is actually rain drops leftover from the gully washer we had on Monday.  I stupidly bravely ventured out into the sweltering heat and humidity yesterday to go to the Big Town.  I really needed a haircut and had a few other errands to run.  I stopped by Lowe's and checked out their clearance racks and found several flowers for 50 cents and other packs marked a dollar.  I came home with enough to plant 5 pots that I had left over and the cost was just under 9 bucks!  Score!  I love to find a good bargain.  I went out very early this morning before it got too hot and planted everything.  Also watered the hanging baskets and those close to the house that the rains didn't drench. 

We have a strawberry thief.  Something is eating the ripened strawberries and also has nipped off several plants.  I suspect deer since we have plenty of them in the neighborhood.  The birds might be suspects but they wouldn't eat the plants, too.  

All the rains we've had this season keeps our garden, which doesn't drain very well, too wet to plant.  The exceptions being the 2 raised beds.  That means there won't be any sunflowers or zinnias planted and they will be missed this year.  I do have a few sunflowers growing up volunteer under a bird feeder.  It will be interesting to see how well they turn out.   

The kittens are growing by leaps and bounds.  They still sleep quite a bit, but when they are awake they are running all over the place.  Lots of fun to watch and lots of work keeping tabs on them and cleaning up their "accidents".     

BG and I have an anniversary coming up...44 years of wedded bliss!  All in all, it's been a good 44 years, which have gone by entirely too fast, and I think I'll keep him around for however many more years the Lord blesses us with.  He is a good man to put up with me that long!   
I want to thank each of you for your visits and comments even though I've not been online to blog very much lately.   My blogging friends are the best and I am grateful for each one of you!

Happy Wednesday to you!  Yes, it's still Wednesday...barely!
xo Cheryl  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Winning, Whining, and Winery

The sun is hiding behind the rain clouds today, so the pretty golden coreopsis is here to help brighten the day.  Something happened last week that really put a smile on my face and brightened my day.  In fact, when I think about it now I still grin from ear to ear. 
Most of you probably read Susan Branch's blog and I know some of you, like me, have one of her calendars on your wall and perhaps one of her books on your bookshelf.  Well, Susan has been writing a new book titled The Fairy Tale Girl and last month on her blog she mentioned having a giveaway.  Her giveaway was going to be an autographed copy of her new book and she was going to give one to 10 lucky winners.  Guess whose name was one of the 10 drawn?  MINE!!!  I was so excited to see my name on her blog!!  If you want to see it, just go here.  I was doubly excited because I have entered numerous giveaways, but have never won anything so this was amazing!!  Now I will be anxiously awaiting my new book and it sounds like it will be a very good one.  I love Susan's blog and if you haven't read it, you are missing out!  Her calendars are works of art and her books are a delight, too.


Here are 2 of the sweet, simple things in life I've been enjoying.  Watching them play is more entertaining than anything on tv could ever be!  Yes, they have been a lot of work, no doubt about it...and still are a lot of work.  One of them is using the litter box but not the other.  Rainie is a bit behind Rambo...she is not eating solid food yet and hasn't figured out the litter box.  Life will be a lot easier when she catches up and I know it's only a matter of time before she does.  She is also my passive furbaby and Rambo the Rambunctious is very agressive.  He is a hoot to watch prancing around and doing his little side jumping.  Rainie is often content just to lay in my arms and curl up and purr.  When they start whining crying for their bottles and I begin fixing them, they will run and climb up the recliner where I usually feed them to wait for me like in the above photo.
  Daughter helping feed R&R in the kitchen.
It will be a sad day when they are old enough to be adopted, but I have enough kitties already and so I hope to find them a good home.  I will put on my brave face and be happy in knowing that their sweet little selves were saved from dying while out in the elements or starving after their mother disappeared. 

A trip to the winery on the Missouri river was on the agenda last weekend.  Our son was in with his girlfriend and my cousin, his wife and daughter, who lives in San Diego and was in visiting, met us there.   Our daughter fixed some food to take and everyone had a wonderful time visiting.  This photo of the river from the deck at the winery is from a few years ago.  I was so annoyed with myself for forgetting to put a fresh battery in my camera, so I wasn't able to take photos.  

I've decided to take the advice from some of you who suggested that I just blog when I can and not worry about commenting when I don't have the time.  I just can't stop blogging  and although the day will surely come when I will give it up, I just can't yet.  I'd miss y'all too much!  Hope to catch up on everyone soon.  Have a nice week!

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl