A Few Favorite Things

A Few Favorites That I Love

I will share on this page a few things that I love, 
in no particular order, and will add to this
list from time to time. 

It goes without saying that I love the Lord, my family, 
my home at Pond Hollow, so I won't list them.

1.  Birds, especially bluebirds, cardinals and goldfinches

2.  Pastoral scenes 

3. Old barns

4.  Laughing

5.  A tall glass of iced tea

6.  Autumn, in all it's glory

7.  Snuggling under a throw and reading a good book.

8.  Good music, preferably oldies but goodies

9.  Seeing the stars and stripes waving on a flagpole

    10.  Going out for dinner...breakfast or lunch

11.  Kitties

12.  German Shepherds

13.  Walks through the woods

14.  Staying at the condo in Branson

15.  The scent of lilacs and honeysuckle

16.  Falling asleep listening to rain and thunder

 17.  Very soft, clean sheets

18.  Watching the sunset at the lake

19.  Books by Gladys Taber

20. Susan Branch calendars

21.  Birdsong and I even love hearing the crows

22.  Browsing in flea markets/antique shops

23.  The Christmas lights at SDC in Branson

24.  Flowering spring trees, especially redbud trees

25. Drives down country lanes

26.  My Skechers flipflops

27.  Loose fitting shirts or tees and capris

28.  Fluffy white clouds 

29.  Taking photos 

30.  Beautifully scented candles

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