Friday, August 29, 2014

The Good, Bad and the Ugly - Friday Randoms

1.  The last Friday for the month of August has arrived.  I'm not going to talk about how the days have flown by.  They have.  Most of us have mentioned it a time or twenty.  Fall is knocking on our doors.  Will you miss summer?

 2.  The good news - it's official!  This sign is up at the property we're buying.  Closing will be in a couple of weeks or so.  We can't wait to get the keys in our hands and get busy!  Our daughter will be living there, so we're expecting lots of help.  :)

3.  Here's the ugly.  This is the inside of the red barn.  Trash was left scattered in this barn, other outbuildings and around the yard of the property we're buying.  Part of the yard is overgrown with bushes and trees left to sprout.  There will be a lot of cleanup to do as well as the cleanup and repairs in the house. 

4.  We have 4 kitties and it has been decided to let our daughter take 2 of them.  Since Peanut and Sissy don't get along very well, we are going to let Kim take Sissy and Callie.  That is the bad news.  I will miss my little Callie girl as she's my lap kitty.  Stormy will sit on my lap occasionally, but Callie is right there nearly every time I sit down.  Of course, there is no question where Stormy will live!  

5.  We are leaving soon for a week's vacation.  That will be a time for mostly resting up for the work ahead of us.  And there is a lot we need to finish up here as well as tackling at the other house.  You didn't hear me snort just now, did you?  Yeah, I am dreaming about the stuff here getting finished.  I'm sure the other house will come before ours.  Someone I know and love will be wanting to get moved in asap!

I've come to the conclusion that it is time for me to take a break from blogging.  You know I love blogging and I may not be able to stay away very long or I might get so busy that I may be away for an extended time.  We'll see.  I'm sure I'll peek in every once in awhile to see what everyone is up to.  Especially while we're relaxing in the condo and BG is watching his tv programs.  :)  So, stay well and enjoy the remainder of summer!

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Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good Fences - Old and New

We've driven past this farm a couple of times lately and this drive-by photo was taken a few days ago.  The corn has turned even more and will soon be ready for harvesting.  I love the white fence posts, but wouldn't want the job of painting them!

This old fence was not too far from our house when we lived in the country on a mini-farm many years ago.  That is my son petting the calf and the kitty watching is Coco, my favorite furkid during those years.  

See the hand scythe on the post?  BG used that to cut some weeds in the fence row.  It looks like he missed some in the corner!  lol!  The wire panel in front was also used as a gate between the lots. 

We had quite a few animals on the mini-farm.  As well as a few head of cattle, we had horses and even a few hogs some years.  

You might spot some extra legs in the photo above.  There is a foal between Sugar, who is in front, and the mama in the back.  I know we gave this young one a name, but I can't remember what it was. This is my daughter and son, who needs a haircut, feeding the little one.  See the date in the corner of the photo?  I love trips down country roads and also down memory lane 

I'm joining Theresa at Run*A*Round Ranch for Good Fences today.  Stop by to see all kinds of fences and gates! 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our New Project

We did it.  This is the house!  

The preliminary papers have been signed.  The closing will be in a few weeks but we can't do anything to the property until then and we're excited to get started.  I'll be sharing more photos as soon as we have the keys in our hands.

I'll try to answer the questions in the last post's comments.  We'll not be living in this house, but our daughter will be.  She's very excited about fixing it up and can't wait to get started.  We bought the property as an investment as we feel like the barn and lot alone are worth the price we paid.  There are a lot of things that need fixing, but BG can do a lot himself and Kim has friends who will help out, too.  

The house is small.  Just 950 square feet upstairs and 900 sq ft in the basement.  The basement was finished at one time, but it needs to be gutted since there is a mold problem due to a broken water pipe.  We have someone lined up to clean that mess up.  As far as we know, that is the biggest problem.  Keeping our fingers crossed there is nothing else we don't know about.  

This is the back of the double car garage and storage shed.  You can see the barn over the roof of the garage.  The vines and weeds will all be cleared away.  The young couple who previously lived there did nothing to the yard so parts of it looks like a jungle.  

I love the barn.  It's approximately 45 ft by 21 ft.  Very sturdy with a stairway going to a loft.  Lots of possibilities there!

Our two week vacation out west/southwest will be postponed and I'm fine with that.  We will be going on a short vacay to rest up a bit before the work begins.  Oh, I'm so excited!  I can hardly wait until closing so we can get started!

In other poor uncle fell and broke his other hip last night.  He fell out of his bed at the nursing home where he was recovering from his previous broken hip.  He is having surgery this afternoon and his son will be at the hospital.  I'll be taking my aunt tomorrow to see him.  Please whisper a prayer for him and for my aunt who is not in good health and having to deal with this.  Thank you!

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Friday!

I just talked to my son and he is going to do the Bucket Challenge today.  And that reminds me that I made a couple of errors in my Wednesday post.  I should have said my younger brother died 16 years ago, not 8.  I don't know how I got that so wrong because I know the date.  The other error was at the end of my post and I had the day wrong.  Sorry, I'll try to proofread better next time!

The dreaded dentist appointment is history now but I have another dreaded appointment next week.  I have to have a tooth pulled.  Yuck!!  

Here's some news I want to share with you.  It's not finalized quite yet, but I feel pretty confident in telling you that we just bought another house.  It's a fixer-upper.  It needs a lot of work done, mainly in the basement.  The rest is mostly just a clean up and paint.  I hope.  It's an investment as the asking price was unbelievably low.  One of the features I love is that it has a sturdy, nice sized red barn.  I remember seeing this barn when it was first built and wondered why they wanted one that large in town.  It has lots of possibilities.  You'll be hearing more about this new project.  I'm excited, but will be more so when the papers are actually signed!
I have a sneaking suspicion that BG is going to want to postpone our vacation until spring.  Or take a short one in Branson.   He is going to want to get started on the yard clean up on the new property.  Vines are growing up the side of the house and other buildings.  Shrubbery and bushes are out of control.  It hasn't been mowed in the back yard all summer.

I haven't used my camera much lately, but just think of all the before and afters that I'll soon have to share!  The zinnias are the only thing I've taken photos of lately.  It's really been too hot to want to be outside any more than I have to this week!  As far as the inside don't want to see it.  I'm getting ready to run the vacuum now.  Have a nice weekend!  

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Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Fences

This fence is at the entrance to one of my favorite places that I visit a few times every year in our nearest city, Columbia...the Shelter Insurance Garden.  After a recent visit on a very hot and sunny day, I turned as I was leaving and took a quick shot.  Then I hurried to the car and turned up the a/c as high as it would go!  
Thank you to all who left such kind, sweet comments on my post yesterday.  I wanted to email each of you individually, but I am taking the easy way out and thanking you here since I've been so busy.  I'll share with you, hopefully tomorrow, what's been keeping me busy most of the week besides appointments. 

Linking to Theresa's Good Fences at the Run*A*Round Ranch.

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Something I Find Hard To Talk About

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been all over the news recently
raising awareness for ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.  ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects your nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.  It is a fatal disease, even though ALS doesn't affect the heart or the digestive system.

It makes me happy to know that more awareness of this fairly rare disease is being made known by the Ice Bucket Challenge and a lot of money has been pouring in for research. 

As of now, there is no known cure or anything to keep an ALS patient from dying.  It is a death sentence when once the diagnosis is handed out.  There are a few who manage to live many years with this disease, but most only live from 2-5 years.

Twenty percent more men get the disease than women.  And only
5-10 percent is of the hereditary strain.

This is the horrible, devastating disease that took the lives of my grandfather, my mother and both my brothers.  None of them lived beyond 2 years once their diagnosis was made.  My brothers lived less than a year.

My point in writing this in my post today is not to garner sympathy.  It is a way for me to try to help overcome my own fears.

I've never been able to speak about it very much.  Even after all these years.  It's been 16 years since I lost my younger brother.  

I have touched on it a time or two in my posts and I must say that it is easier to write about it than to talk about it.  Even now, tears are rolling down my face when I remember how my loved ones died. 

It was horrible to see them the way they ended up and knowing that
you were helpless and nothing could be done to help them.  I don't know that the pain or the fear of something like this ever totally goes away.  I hope that some day soon I'll be able to speak about it more, even with my children, without those cold, icy fingers of fear grabbing my heart.

Please join me in prayer that a cure will be found for ALS as well as for many other horrible diseases that so many suffer from.
Finally, kudos to all who are accepting the Bucket Challenge!  I read today that our previous president, GWBush, took the challenge and he in turn has challenged Bill Clinton.  Do you think he will accept the challenge?

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Monday, August 18, 2014

This and That

This is a Keeping It Real post today.  We're going into the third week of August and fall is knocking on our door.  I'm more than ready for our vacation next month.  I won't deny that last week was not my best.  Having a woozy head most of the week, the depressing news around the world, a mix up in an appointment, plus a plumbing problem didn't make for a great week.
More appointments are on the calendar for this week.  A redo of one that I went to last week.  When I got to X-ray on Wednesday for a bone scan, the technician told me that I was just there in February and nothing would have changed in 6 months plus my insurance wouldn't cover the cost if one is done more than once a year.  So I went back home.  

My memory isn't as good as it used to be, but I thought all the way home that she was wrong.  I got home and looked on my calendar at my February appointments and there it was.  Yes, I'd gone in to the same place but it was for an ABI, not a bone density test.  An ABI is a test for peripheral arterial disease.  Which I don't have, btw.  So, I called back and explained and they looked again on their end and said I was right and apologized profusely for the mistake, so now I will going back this week for the test.  Oh well, maybe I'll get to see the geese crossing the highway again.  

Another appointment this week is the dreaded dental appointment. Folks, I hate going.  Hate it.
  I'd rather have a gyn exam.  Seriously.  I'll be glad when that day is over.  Am I the only one with dental phobia here?

The water problem in the downstairs bathroom reared it's ugly head again last week.  Just when you think you have a problem solved...surprise!  There it is again.
I didn't know what would be involved in the bathroom water fix.  I'm afraid I lost my hearing after I heard the words jack-hammer and breaking up concrete.  All I could think about was that I was going to have to change our home's name from Pond Hollow to Grumpy Villa.  Oh, I wasn't being pessimistic...just realistic!  Of all the household problems BG dreads the most, it's plumbing issues.

The good news is that a little ole 9 dollar sewer tape threaded through some pipes this weekend cleared out what was stopping up the pipe and causing the water to run out a place in the wall.  Okay, I'm not sure how it got to the spot in the wall because Grumpy BG wasn't much in the mood to answer too many questions.  It did take a lot longer to fix the problem than my telling about it, but he seems to think that the problem is solved because the water, which was coming from the kitchen drains, did stop running in.  Yay!

Happy Monday to you!
xo Cheryl

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Friday Randoms

1.  My zinnias and sunflowers are still doing well in the garden.  I'm still picking tomatoes nearly every day and they just seem to taste so good this year.  Even the little grape tomatoes are extra sweet this year and I often grab a handful to eat with my sandwich at lunchtime or to put in a salad.  Yum!

2.  I was on my way to an appointment this week when all the traffic came to a halt.  Then I saw the reason...geese crossing the highway.  They looked like they had all the time in the world and weren't a bit concerned by the vehicles or the person walking on the side of the highway.  It was one of those sights that just make you smile.

3.  Speaking of smiles, it's been a bit harder to find something to smile about this week.  The tragic death of Robin Williams shocked the nation.  The news from all around the world and even in my own state is very unsettling, to put it mildly.  There seems to be so many folks we know fighting battles and even losing those battles.  Our neighbor lost his battle with cancer recently.

4.  Very often when I'm in a reflective mood or just wanting total peace and quiet, I drive to the lake and just sit and gaze at the beauty of nature all around me.  The sunset wasn't spectacular this day, but the calm scene before me gave me that sense of peace that I needed.

 5.  My little Stormy, who is snuggling up against my hand, always seems to know just when I can use a hug.  She somehow always seems to know when I'm not feeling well or am sad and she will be there for hugs.  I love that little fur-girl.  

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good Fences

I have to admit that the objective in this shot was not of capturing a fence, but a partial rainbow that was in the cloud.  The rainbow disappeared by the time the camera was in position, but I thought the cloud and sky were pretty and the fence was a bonus.  This is a drive-by shot as you might be able to tell by the shadow of the car in the first photo.

I'm linking to Theresa's Good Fences.

On another note...I am suspending comments on my blog for a while until my head clears up.  I've been suffering from dizziness most of this week and am not able to read many blogs without my head feeling wonky.  Since I won't be commenting for awhile, it is only fair that I let you scoot on out of here, too.  The dizziness is a recurring problem (thankfully, not too often) that I've had for years ever since I had a severe bout of labrinthytis.  I can usually go about my daily chores and even drive, but the eye movement from reading makes the problem worse.  

Take care, blog friends, and I'll catch up with you when I can!

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl    

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Meows By Stormy

Good Monday morning to all my mom's blog friends!  My name is Stormy aka Miss Grumpy Britches.  I'm usually called other cutesy names like Princess or Sweetie Pie, but I was called the GB word because I guess I was a little grumpy for a day or two.  My whole family decided to take off for the Big City and left me behind to watch the other 3 brats fur-kids in the house.  They have no idea what a tiring job it is to keep them in line.  

Mom had fun yesterday afternoon playing with the Water Coloring edit in Photoscape.  She could have been doing something more brushing me...but she wanted to play with her photos.  Even though she said she didn't take many.  You probably can guess what this photo is...the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

The bridge in the distance goes across the mighty Mississippi River.

They cruised through historic Laclede's Landing on the cobblestone streets and met a few horse-drawn carriages.  Mom said that she wished she had taken more photos, but she was too busy talking and looking around to think of it.

My family had some yummy food to eat like this Sampler Platter of goodies.  There was also some of the famous St. Louis fried ravioli.  Yum, yum.   

All I had to eat was some Meow Mix.  And I had to get after Peanut who likes to try to play in the water bowl.  Mom left me some water in the bathroom sink.  She knows I would find it there if something happened to the water bowls.

I was happy when they returned home safe and sound although I didn't let on like I was very happy.  I'm sad when they are gone and I have to be in charge.  It's a big responsibility, but I can handle it.  Most of the time all I have to do is walk up to one of the other kitties and bend my head and they will lick it.  I am the Princess, after all.  

Happy Monday to you!
xo Stormy (Cheryl's favorite kitty) 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday - Random 5

1.  I love all flowers of all colors, but yellow flowers just might be my favorite color.  They are just so cheerful, you can't help but smile!

2.  We got over 4 inches of needed rain night before last.  That made me smile, too.  The clouds moved out yesterday and we were left with pretty blue skies for the afternoon.

3.  Today is cloudy and cooler but still very humid.  I decided to take a walk on the trail at one of our smaller lakes after my doctor's visit yesterday.  It was just a routine checkup, but after discussing my tiredness the good doctor, after reminding me that at 60 something I shouldn't expect to feel like 40 something, suggested that I needed to start moving more.  So, I hit the trail today and I had my little camera in my pocket. 

4.  We did not get one peach off our tree this year.  We were watching them and waiting for them to ripen.  One day I went out to look and not one was to be found.  I think I know who to blame for the disappearing fruit.  I zoomed in on the culprit while she was walking to the pond for a drink the other day.  Is she sticking her tongue out at me???  Maybe she's just licking her chops after polishing off the peaches!

5.  Do you ever wish that school started after Labor Day like it used to many years ago?  I don't have kids in school, but it seems to me that the start of school signals the end of summer and even though I'm looking forward to our September vacation, I'm not ready for summer to end!  What say you?

I'm late with my post today, but I am joining Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday 5.

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Walk In A Park

It was a nice day for a walk in the park Sunday afternoon.  Not too hot with clear blue skies. 

Can you guess what this bridge used to be in its former life?

My daughter and I took a little road trip over the weekend.  Stops at Lowe's and WallyWorld in this small city were a must, but we made time for a visit to a couple of the parks there. 

This small park is my favorite because it has the bridge.  I didn't get many photos at the other park as there were too many people and cars around and we were pressed for time.  

This little bridge is only for walking, of course, and is made out of a boxcar from a train derailment in 1986.  Did you guess what it was?  

I think the railings are sort of like fencing so I'll link up tomorrow with Good Fences, too. 

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Monday, August 4, 2014

Are You A Morning Person?

You've probably heard the saying "I'd like mornings better if they started later".  Or, "I can rise and shine, just not at the same time".  I have to admit that I'm not a morning person.  Of course, I'm grateful that I can crawl out of bed and begin a new day...I just would like it better if that day started later as the saying goes.  

First on the agenda is to feed the kitties and make sure they have fresh water, clean the litter boxes and then I make the bed.  Disinfect all the counter tops where the kitties have probably partied the night before, then run the vacuum.  Water the flowers if I didn't get them done the evening before.  Pull some weeds and see what needs gathering out of the garden.  Right now, tomatoes are about the only thing left in ours.  Maybe a few zucchinis.

Then, stop and rest a while on the patio and watch the birds.  I don't shower until I'm finished with any outside chores.  All the while hoping someone doesn't pop by and catch me looking like I just crawled out of bed.  After showering and drying my hair, it is usually close to lunchtime and I often read the news headlines and some blogs while eating lunch. 

I usually look at the clock sometime during the mornings that Pioneer Woman's cooking show is on and think, oops, I forgot to DVD her show again.  It is one of the few I watch.  I love seeing what's happening on her beautiful ranch besides finding a new recipe.  Maybe it's because I was raised on a farm where there were wide open spaces and horses and cattle.

Some of those above mentioned chores are a must do and some aren't.  The vacuuming can slide by another day.  The bed will still be there ready for another night's sleep whether it is made up or not.  Although, personally, I can tolerate a little bit of dust before I can look at an unmade bed, but that is just me.   

Sometimes the computer begs to be turned on while I'm drinking that cup of coffee and an hour or two goes by before I know it.  And I didn't take into account the phone ringing or any one of a hundred other things that can interrupt a morning.  I also didn't mention a morning walk or stretching exercises, both of which I need to get back into the habit of doing. 

Most of us have some sort of morning routine, don't we?  Tell me about yours.  Do you crawl reluctantly out of bed in the morning or do your feet hit the ground practically running?  And I don't mean running to the bathroom!  What's a must-do in your morning routine?  We won't talk about the afternoons yet, I'm already worn out.  :)  And if you've made it this far, I'll send you a slice of zucchini bread to go with your morning coffee!

Happy Monday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Randoms - Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These

1.  I've decided to stop making plans as they always seem to go awry.  Remember me saying that I was going to do some sorting and tossing in the storage room in the basement?   I didn't get very far with that project.  Each day that I thought I'd get started something else came up to interfere with those plans.

2.  One day, BG wanted something for his drill from Lowe's, so I drove to the city to get it.  I wanted to make the most of the trip, so I did a little shopping while there and treated myself to some Lo Mein at the Cafe Court in the Mall.  Another day my heel was so sore it hurt to walk.  And so it went.  My week, that is.  One thing or another took my plans and tossed them out of the window.

3.  The latest problem is that we have had water all over the floor in the downstairs bathroom and we can't figure out where it came from.  Nothing was used before the time it appeared and after looking everything over carefully, we've declared it to be A Mystery.  A mystery that we need to solve asap.

4.  The best thing for me, I've decided, is not to make plans, but to just crawl out of bed each morning and see what happens.  I also need to remind myself that any day that I can crawl out of bed is a good day!

5.  We have finalized our fall vacation plans (the kind of plans I hope to keep!) and we are going to head out west again.  I've been wanting to go back since the last time we made this trip.  There is so much beauty to see in the states we'll be traveling through and I can't wait to see it all again.  This trip, I hope to see more of Utah and we'll see the Grand Canyon again, too.  An old friend of mine who lives in Oregon and her husband are trying to arrange to meet us in Las Vegas. 

Hope your week has been a good one.  I'll be visiting as soon as I can!

Linking to Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday 5.  

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl