Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our New Project

We did it.  This is the house!  

The preliminary papers have been signed.  The closing will be in a few weeks but we can't do anything to the property until then and we're excited to get started.  I'll be sharing more photos as soon as we have the keys in our hands.

I'll try to answer the questions in the last post's comments.  We'll not be living in this house, but our daughter will be.  She's very excited about fixing it up and can't wait to get started.  We bought the property as an investment as we feel like the barn and lot alone are worth the price we paid.  There are a lot of things that need fixing, but BG can do a lot himself and Kim has friends who will help out, too.  

The house is small.  Just 950 square feet upstairs and 900 sq ft in the basement.  The basement was finished at one time, but it needs to be gutted since there is a mold problem due to a broken water pipe.  We have someone lined up to clean that mess up.  As far as we know, that is the biggest problem.  Keeping our fingers crossed there is nothing else we don't know about.  

This is the back of the double car garage and storage shed.  You can see the barn over the roof of the garage.  The vines and weeds will all be cleared away.  The young couple who previously lived there did nothing to the yard so parts of it looks like a jungle.  

I love the barn.  It's approximately 45 ft by 21 ft.  Very sturdy with a stairway going to a loft.  Lots of possibilities there!

Our two week vacation out west/southwest will be postponed and I'm fine with that.  We will be going on a short vacay to rest up a bit before the work begins.  Oh, I'm so excited!  I can hardly wait until closing so we can get started!

In other news...my poor uncle fell and broke his other hip last night.  He fell out of his bed at the nursing home where he was recovering from his previous broken hip.  He is having surgery this afternoon and his son will be at the hospital.  I'll be taking my aunt tomorrow to see him.  Please whisper a prayer for him and for my aunt who is not in good health and having to deal with this.  Thank you!

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl 


  1. so sorry to hear about this new fall by your uncle, praying the surgery goes well... what i can see of the Barn looks great to me... you could put a loft apartment in the top and rent it out.. i would love to live in a barn..
    good luck and have fun with the new project

  2. so sorry for your uncle! how terrible!!!

    congrats on the new investment and all the work you're looking forward to with it! :) glad for your daughter!

  3. My goodness, I am so sorry to read about your uncle, and I'm saying a prayer for him. For your aunt also!

    Yay for the new project! Break out the paint brushes, and cleaner. You'll have it fixed up in no time at all.
    I'm sure that your daughter is very excited too!!

    Best wishes...

  4. Oh how neat.... I'm so happy for you and your daughter.. That really will be a great investment--especially after you get the yard/house/basement all fixed up....

    I'd give up a vacation also for that kind of opportunity.... Is there water out back???? Sorta looks like it.... Bet that barn is TERRIFIC..... Can't wait to hear more about the new investment once you all get to working on it. Is it fairly close to your home???

    Hugs and CONGRATS,

  5. Oh no!!! Sorry about your Uncle, feel bad...wonderful investment, want to hear and see more. Blessings Francine.

  6. Sorry to hear about your uncle..two broken hips...he will have a long recovery. Yes.sending prayers! Well it looks like you have a big project, take lots of before and after photos! :)

  7. Wow... I love it too!! It looks solid from the outside. I can't wait for the before and after shots. This house looks like a real diamond in the rough.

    I will say a prayer right now for your aunt and uncle!

  8. Cheryl,
    Wishing all good luck on the little house. It will so nice when it is shown some love.:):) Sorry to hear about your uncle. The nursing homes can't restrain the ill and they sure can't be there 24/7...so it's sad. I have seen this many times at some of the nursing home. I think they need tall rails. Blessings to all of you and I will pray for your aunt and uncle. xoxo,Susie

  9. Oh your poor uncle and aunt. Saying a prayer for them.

    The new house sounds like a really good setup. I'm sure that you'll reveal more as you get into it.

    Yay for at least a short vacation!

  10. I am so sorry about your uncle. Two broken hips is such a lot to handle. I will keep him and your aunt in my prayers. Keep us informed.
    The house doesn't look bad at all. What an exciting adventure and glad you have so much help. The barn looks bigger than the house and could be turned into a rental. Your daughter must be so thrilled. Take pictures and let us follow along.

  11. Prayers are being sent your uncle and aunts way, poor thing. How exciting for you and your daughter. It's going to be fun fixing it up ;))

  12. Sending prayers for you Uncle and Aunt! So sorry Cheryl.

    The new investment looks great and you all will get it in shape! I am trusting you that the barn is darling because I know how much you love a red barn! Good for Kim! So happy for all of you!

  13. Oh my! You have your work cut out for you.Hope you enjoy the process.

  14. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her parents!The house is wonderful! Your poor uncle.They need to put sides on his bed until he is discharged.

  15. I'll say a prayer for your uncle.
    Oh, what fun you and your daughter will have making this new place into a home!

  16. So sorry to hear about your uncle...prayers going up. The little house is going to be just perfect! I love fixer-uppers too...give you such a great feeling...making something beautiful again that once was!

  17. I'll keep your uncle and aunt in my prayers. I feel so bad for him. Love this pretty little house and the barn looks awesome. What a great investment property! Hugs!

  18. First, my prayers are with your aunt & uncle. So sorry to hear this. Congratulations on the purchase, it is going to be very nice!!


  19. What a darling house! I know your daughter is excited...and you will have great fun fixing it up!

    I am so sad to hear about your uncle's injury. I will be praying for him and his wife. May the Lord grant mercy...

  20. Hi Cheryl, this sounds like the perfect little house for your daughter. I'm sure it will be sweet when it's fixed up a bit. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. That is so sad and I hope he will recover fully from these falls. Take care. Blessings, Pam

  21. prayers for your aunt and uncle. my father just had a fall, so I know how devastating that can be. the house is full of possibilities for sure. you are going to love fixing it up.

  22. How exciting for all involved!!! Looks to me like a GREAT investment!!! Hope your uncle will recover.

  23. Dear FD...:)
    I love this cute house and she is going to have such fun nesting in it. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of before and afters...:)
    Poor Uncle...how brittle our bones must get as we age. I try so hard to pay attention to where I step, HOW I step, hold onto things as I'm not wanting a broken hip. Falling out of bed must have been scary for the dear man.
    Praying he will recover and be able to go home.

  24. sorry about your uncle. what a great house for your daughter! I bet she is so excited! It will be fun to fix it up!

  25. Hi Cheryl, Congratulations on the house, Hope you will share the improvements by your daughter, I know she must be so excited.. So sorry to hear about your uncle's accident, I will be praying for him and his dear wife. Blessings,

  26. Thanks for dropping by my blog to read about Gladys Taber today. I know that the Tabers and their friends had quite a lot to do to Stillmeadow when they purchased that 1690s house so maybe you can channel some of that into working on your new house for your daughter. I will have to check back and see all the work you will be doing.

    1. Thanks so much for the ABE recommendation. I just ordered two more Taber books as well as In This House of Brede which I have been looking for!! Excited!

  27. Oh, your poor uncle! I will join and lift a prayer that his surgery and recovery are gentle on him but effective.

    As for the house project, I shall not covet.
    I shall not covet.
    I shall not covet.
    I shall not...

    But it's tempting, I tell you.

  28. Wow, I am really excited that you got the home and I will look forward to more pictures as the work begins. It really looks like wonderful property and a smart investment. You Uncle and Aunt will be in my prayers. I think it is terrible that he fell at the facility he was at to recover from the first hip surgery. Not a good thing at all; sorry.
    Blessings for all and hugs!

  29. I am excited for you . . . and for your hubs and daughter . . . The barn peek alone looks like a Jewel. I hope the water/mold problem doesn't prove to be much of a problem . . . The house looks like it could be charming . . .
    Oh my . . . happy BUSY days ahead . . .
    I hope your uncle has better days . . .