Thursday, May 26, 2011

One more weather post

I hope that this will be the last weather related post for some time to come.  It goes without saying that our weather in this town has been minor in comparison to the devastation left by tornadoes in other parts of this state and others.  

This photo was taken by my son on his Blackberry somewhere near here Tuesday.  The old windmill made the sunset interesting, I thought.  And the huge cloud is a warning of more bad weather heading in. 

I took this photo looking northwest from my house Tuesday evening.  There was a long line of these droopy looking clouds hanging in the sky.  I'm sure there is a name for these, if someone knows maybe you'll let me know?  They were certainly unusual looking, this photo doesn't really do them justice. 
This photo was taken of clouds over Kansas City Wednesday around 1 pm.  This was sent to me by email and possibly was tweaked a bit...who knows...but it is certainly interesting.

Finally, this photo was taken over Columbia yesterday in the northwestern sky. 

We had reports of a funnel cloud in the sky spotted just 2 or 3 miles north of our house.  A funnel cloud was also spotted near where my daughter works.  We had quite a lot of rain last night, but no severe weather damage that I'm aware of.   

I do not know who took the last two photos, they were sent to me by email.  If they belong to someone who does not want them on this site, let me know and I will remove them. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is going on?


Just a brief post today.  This was the weather coming our way in central MO last night.  Can  you guess that I didn't sleep very well?  And today's weather has even been worse with reported tornadoes in many areas of the state, including around the KC area, Sedalia, and the Jefferson City and Lake areas.  We had the sirens going off in our town this afternoon, too.  Fortunately nothing severe took place here.   We did have heavy rain for a time.   I hope that our friends in other parts affected by these storms are safe.  It's been a busy day watching the weather both online and on the tv and going to the basement twice.  Better safe than sorry as they say.  

Yesterday, tornadoes killed folks in Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.   And possibly one in Texas.  It has been a dangerous spring thus far.  Joplin, MO has been on the national news with the devastating tornado there.  Please be in prayer for those in the Joplin area and others affected by tornadoes.   I hope our blogging friends in the tornado alley will let us know they are safe! 

Until next time...

Monday, May 23, 2011

A birthday coming...

A daughter is a gift of love.
- Author Unknown -

 My daughter, Kim, will be 39 this week.

How can it be?  It only seems like a few short years ago when
she was outside playing with her dog and kittens.
And sneaking strawberries out of the garden.


 Before I knew it, she was in school and busy with softball, 
basketball, and cheerleading.

Her hair is darker now and the cheerleading,
basketball and softball playing had to come to an end.
She injured her knee and had arthoscopic surgery
and the doctor said NO to running or jumping.

She went to many of her brother's games to cheer him on, tho.  
Kim was an Honor Roll student and went on to college.

Kim and her brother, Brett
This photo was taken several years ago.  And
my son didn't have a beard, it's a shadow.

My daughter got married while in college to her
high school sweetheart.  They were married 13 years but,
sadly, it didn't work out and now she's single again.  At 
the present time, she's living at home with us and we enjoy
having her around.  Our Kim loves to talk and always has
stories to tell about her "kids  ".  She graduated from college with a 
major in Child Development and has been working around children ever since.
Currently, she is the director of an Early Learning Center near here.

 Here we are, the proud parents of our baby girl.  She has always
brought joy to our lives and we are very proud of her.  And I'm
proud to say that she's not only my daughter, but also a good friend.
We can talk about anything together and we do!  She is sweet and
charming and has a terrific personality.  A real pleasure to be
around.  And we love her very much! 

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
  - Author Unknown-

My daughter graciously consented to having her photos put in this post.  Next month is her brother's turn.  His birthday is about a month away so I'll have to be working on him to allow a photo or two also.  Shhh.  Don't tell him that I sneaked one of him in this post, although it is an older photo he hasn't changed all that much.  Now as far as hubby's and my photo...LOL...we look nothing like that photo now, of course.  You know, it was only taken nearly 39 years ago and there's been a few many changes.  

It is Sunday night as I prepare this post and the weather has been very stormy in our area and other parts of the state.  I've heard that Joplin was hit by a tornado and possibly other places and I'm waiting for more news from those areas.  Hubby got called to work several hours ago.  For those who may be new to reading this, he's a rural electric lineman.  Thankfully we have power in our small town.  It seems like it rains more often than not, lately.   Our son just texted me from the airport in Dallas where they are delayed again due to the weather.   Hope the weather is good wherever you are!

Until next time...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hair talk...

Do you or don't you?  Use hairspray, that is.  My hair is super fine and if I don't put on a little hairspray, it won't hold  a style.  I don't really like the stuff and especially now that they've seemed to change the formula in my brand to a more sticky, gooey concoction.   Once it's dried, there is no way my hair will move even if the wind is blowing 50 mph!  :D  I wish it didn't have that "sprayed" look or stiffness, but it's that or limp hair. 

The photo on the left is a little more styled with a mist of hairspray to hold in place.  Hair on the right is in need of a style and spray.  (Why my wall in the photo on the left looks dark, I don't know.  It is the same wall as on the right.  The lighting was different I guess on the two different days these were taken.)

These are the necessary products that keep my hair in place.  My daughter says the two in front are less likely to be sticky and heavy, the two in back leave clumps of what we call glue in the hair.

Maybe I just need a new hairstyle!  A friend of mine wears her hair super short and doesn't have to do much with it.   I wish I could wear that style!   Or some gals wear their hair long pulled back in a low ponytail and it looks good.  That doesn't look good on me either.  So I guess my question today you wear hairspray and do you have a good one that holds a style with out appearing too glued together?   Do you have fine hair like me or do you have that lovely hair that holds a style?  If you are, ahem, older like I you find that your hair is less manageable than it used to be?  Or do we even care what our hair looks like as we once did?

I know...a lot of questions.  But I'm really curious about hair today.  Especially since summer and the accompanying humidity is right around the corner and that affects the hair, too.   Hope you'll let me know how you manage your "do".

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Full Moon

I just happened to look out my kitchen window and saw the moon beginning to climb up and over the tree line.  So I grabbed my camera and hurried out into the chilly night air to get a shot.  The color was just as it appears in the photo above.  I did use my zoom to get a closer shot.   Did you know the May full moon is named the Full Flower Moon?  It is so named because in most areas in May, flowers are in abundance.   Each month's full moon has a name and here is the list if you'd like to know more.  Don't you just love a full moon and the way everything looks at night bathed in moonglow? 

Until next time...

Monday, May 16, 2011

A busy time of year

Hello everyone...I didn't intend to stay away so long, but the days flew by and before I knew it I was 2 weeks away from blogland instead of one.  The days were mostly very busy ones.  Outside work and shopping for flowers, mulch and various gardening items were done when we had nice days.  I just drooled over the beautiful  flowers available and wanted to buy everything, but kept to the flowers that I know will do well in my yard and that are easy to grow.  For me that means Stella D'Oros, Knockout Roses, Salvia, Petunias and Geraniums to name a few. 

Then there was an unexpected doctor visit and a follow-up visit.  And a regularly scheduled visit to my primary doc for blood work.  The unexpected visit came after seeing arcing lights in my left eye and, fearing a detached retina, made a trip to the Eye Institute in CoMo at the University Hosp.  They determined that it wasn't a tear but a usually age-related thing that happens when the vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away from the eye wall causing flashes of light and floaters.  It is getting better now but I still have floaters which can be annoying.  Had photos taken and, contrary to what I'd been told, that wasn't bad at all.  I'll go back in 6 months for a check-up. 

I wish I could report that the inside work is coming along, but we haven't started on the bathroom yet.  Hubby has agreed...after much hire the work done, but it's hard to find someone who will do the job when you want them.  

I'm still waiting on my new sofa, but I can show you the style I've ordered and fabric choice.  The sofa is a Flexsteel which has been a good brand for us and served us well.  I had a hard time deciding on fabrics because of my wall color, Durham Beige.  It has a hint of a pink undertone and it seems most beige or light tan fabrics lean more toward gold undertones.   That's the reason behind ordering this sofa because I simply couldn't find a color that suited me...yes, I'm picky with colors.  I was told by a helpful store employee that I should have picked out a sofa and then painted.  Ya think?  Anyway, the deed was done and I wasn't about to repaint again.   Below are photos of the sofa style and color choice.  It really is close to the wall color, but I intend to add color in my throw pillows and other accessories. 
The wall color on the left is by Dutch Boy called Durham Beige.  I love it but it really doesn't photograph well.  It seems to always look grayish in my photos.  I chose the same fabric for the pillows.  I'll use other colors for extra pillows.  Now I must practice the art of patience while I await my new sofa.  It will be awhile yet before it arrives.  When it does come in and I've lived with it a while, I'll be looking for a new window treatment for the 9' long window.  It will be a little harder to decide on than the sofa, I'm afraid.  So, I'll worry about that later! 

I have a lot of catching up to do on reading blogs.  I've peeked in on a few from time to time, but didn't comment due to not being able to comment on all of them.   I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.

Until next time...