Monday, May 23, 2011

A birthday coming...

A daughter is a gift of love.
- Author Unknown -

 My daughter, Kim, will be 39 this week.

How can it be?  It only seems like a few short years ago when
she was outside playing with her dog and kittens.
And sneaking strawberries out of the garden.


 Before I knew it, she was in school and busy with softball, 
basketball, and cheerleading.

Her hair is darker now and the cheerleading,
basketball and softball playing had to come to an end.
She injured her knee and had arthoscopic surgery
and the doctor said NO to running or jumping.

She went to many of her brother's games to cheer him on, tho.  
Kim was an Honor Roll student and went on to college.

Kim and her brother, Brett
This photo was taken several years ago.  And
my son didn't have a beard, it's a shadow.

My daughter got married while in college to her
high school sweetheart.  They were married 13 years but,
sadly, it didn't work out and now she's single again.  At 
the present time, she's living at home with us and we enjoy
having her around.  Our Kim loves to talk and always has
stories to tell about her "kids  ".  She graduated from college with a 
major in Child Development and has been working around children ever since.
Currently, she is the director of an Early Learning Center near here.

 Here we are, the proud parents of our baby girl.  She has always
brought joy to our lives and we are very proud of her.  And I'm
proud to say that she's not only my daughter, but also a good friend.
We can talk about anything together and we do!  She is sweet and
charming and has a terrific personality.  A real pleasure to be
around.  And we love her very much! 

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
  - Author Unknown-

My daughter graciously consented to having her photos put in this post.  Next month is her brother's turn.  His birthday is about a month away so I'll have to be working on him to allow a photo or two also.  Shhh.  Don't tell him that I sneaked one of him in this post, although it is an older photo he hasn't changed all that much.  Now as far as hubby's and my photo...LOL...we look nothing like that photo now, of course.  You know, it was only taken nearly 39 years ago and there's been a few many changes.  

It is Sunday night as I prepare this post and the weather has been very stormy in our area and other parts of the state.  I've heard that Joplin was hit by a tornado and possibly other places and I'm waiting for more news from those areas.  Hubby got called to work several hours ago.  For those who may be new to reading this, he's a rural electric lineman.  Thankfully we have power in our small town.  It seems like it rains more often than not, lately.   Our son just texted me from the airport in Dallas where they are delayed again due to the weather.   Hope the weather is good wherever you are!

Until next time...


  1. She looks a tad like me and has the same name. I was also married for 13 years and then divorced and went on to find my soul mate. I am certain that there is a lovely fella out there who will treat her like a princess.


  2. This is lovely...nice to get to know your family. Happy Birthday to your daughter. You and I are probably about the same age; I'll be married 29 years in July.

  3. What a sweet, sweet post for your daughter's birthday. And I know what you mean about her being a friend: that's the relationship I have with my son!

    We saw the devastation from the tornado on The Weather Channel last night. So tragic. Our thoughts are with everyone in that area.

  4. (It isn't, but it is nothing like the horrific weather in your corner. It makes me so sad to see all this death and destruction. I'm praying for Missouri.)

    Your daughter is lovely; your son handsome. I'm so glad that you have this time together. Sounds as if life has been a little stormy for her. I understand some of that and wish her all the very best. Happy Birthday to your gal!

  5. Daughters are indeed a very precious gift. Happy, happy birthday to yours! The best is yet to come!

    Joplin was hit really hard. The storms across the south this spring have been brutal. Glad y'all were alright! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. Our daughter turned 39 this past Feb.also. They are indeed a treasure!
    Hope the weather clears up for you today and your hubby stays safe.

  7. HI Cheryl, Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter... Both of your kids are really good-looking. I know you are proud of them.

    Hope you all didn't get any of those horrible storms.

  8. Happy birthday to your Kim. She is lovely.
    My sons is today.
    Love the growing up pictures of your daughter.
    Stay safe in the weather we are having here in Missouri

  9. Doesn't time fly? Sorry about your daughters marriage but glad you are getting to spend quality time with each other.
    I worried about you when I heard the news this AM. Glad you are all right. All we had were bad storms. Keep your heads down.

  10. Cheryl,

    Your daughter is beautiful. I'm sure you are quite proud.

    My daughter was 37 in March. She just celebrated her 20th year graduation anniversary which was a real shocker to realize that many years have passed already.

    Our daughters are now living in what were the prime years of our lives. At least mine is...

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet Kim. What a nice tribute to her.

    That storm that hit Joplin was devastating. Those poor people. This Spring has been as bad as the winter. I'm holding my breath to see what summer has in store for us.

  12. When I hear the news reports from Joplin, I instantly thought of you. I do hope you are safe in your area.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. She sure is a pretty gal and sounds just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. I also like her name :) and my husband, Brett, would like your son's name.

    ~ Kim

  13. Oops, make that "hearD". Guess I need to proofread better before hitting publish.

  14. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  15. Happy Birthday to your special one!!

  16. Your daughter is beautiful! Hope she has a very happy birthday!

    We had tornados in my Iowa neighborhood April 9, and I know first-hand about the devastation and destruction they bring! Waking up that next morning, in the heat and humidity, walking around town just shaking your head - it was awful! Praying for the Missouri towns affected!

  17. Isn't it amazing how fast the time goes? Happy Birthday to your daughter...

  18. I loved your post on your daughter. I have three daughters that are my friends. It has been such a joy to have them as my daughters. One daughter lives in Missouri and one in South Dakota. I pray for their safety from the elements.
    Blessings to you!

  19. Hi Cheryl!

    Your daughter is beautiful! Happy late birthday to her! Daughters are such a precious gift. You look like your daughter, or should I say she looks like you... :0) I love old photos, they bring back such good memories.

    I love your hair! I wish I had the energy to let my natural hair color grow back, it would be very much the same color as yours, and I think yours is so pretty! By the way, I like it styled both ways.

    So glad to hear that the bad weather missed you . . . stay safe.


  20. Cheryl Happy Birthday to your Daughter Kim! Love the pictures! Cheryl if your Hubby is in Joplin helping out, prayers he stays safe and lets get this weather system out of here!

  21. What a nice tribute to your beautiful daughter..I understand all of this too and love my daughters so much! :D