Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This and That

If you read Better Homes and Gardens, then you've seen this photo on the cover.  What do you think?  

I'm thinking I couldn't live with that pattern!  I've been popping Sudafed for several days to help with a stuffed up head and a few bouts of dizziness.  If I had a kitchen like that one, it would make me dizzy for sure!

We went to Kansas City over the weekend to visit our son.  He does so much traveling and it's not fair for him to have to drive in all the time to see us.  We had a nice visit and it was good to get away for a couple of days.  

I put the BH&G magazine in the suitcase in case I had a little time for looking through it.  It is one of the free subscriptions I get.  I love magazines, but I don't buy many any longer.  With blogs and Pinterest to look at, I don't need to.

One of my favorite things to do is eat out and we had some yummy food while in KC.  This plate wasn't mine, but I got a taste of the ribs and they were delicious.  BG always orders french fries.  I had shrimp, potato salad and roasted corn.  We all split a huge ice cream on a brownie dessert.  I was so eager to dig in that I forgot to take a pic of it.  I know...I'm not supposed to eat sugary things, but a girl has to have a treat once in awhile.  ☺

I had to stop in and browse around at Home Goods at Blue Springs on the way home.  I love that store and we don't have one in CoMo. 

The horse can be had for a mere $699!  I didn't think of trying to see how heavy it was.  Where would you put it?  At least you wouldn't have to buy hay and oats for it.  lol!   

I saw lots of lovely things that were tempting, but since I've been trying to weed out things I don't need or love, the only thing I purchased was a bottle of my favorite perfume from the TJMaxx side of the store.  It was marked way down to about half of what I usually have to pay, so I hope the scent is still the same.  I haven't checked it out yet.

This week has been one for resting and keeping my head still.  I'm hoping to go to the Big Town later today.  I have a coupon that needs to be used before it expires tonight.  What are you up to this week?  It's hard to believe it's the last day of January!

Happy Wednesday to you!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Antiques and a Quiz

Most of the pieces in this old oak-front cabinet used to belong to my grandmother.  There are a few things that are mine such as a cut glass bowl that I bought at an estate sale.  

These are pieces that I rarely ever use and I'm beginning to think that all I'm doing is baby-sitting them.  Am I losing my sense of nostalgia?  Maybe.  All I know is that I'm not quite as fond of these things as I once was and am thinking it's time to pass them along 
or sell them.

I would keep a few pieces such as the mustache cups and the old soap dish.  When both my children are here next, I will ask them if they want any of the pieces.  The bottom half of the cabinet is also full.  

The next step is trying to figure out how to price the pieces and how/where to sell them.  I haven't yet delved into Etsy or eBay to try to learn about selling, so if anyone has a good site for me to learn or tips to share, I'd welcome advice.  

Now, speaking of old...

I have a quiz that my daughter shared from FB that I thought was fun.  It's called Take the "OLDER THAN DIRT" Quiz.

Do You Remember?

 1.  BlackJack Chewing Gum
 2.  Wax coke-shaped bottle with colored sugar water
 3.  Butch wax
 4.  Candy Cigarettes
 5.  Soda Pop machines with glass bottles
 6.  Howdy Doody
 7.  Restaurants with tableside JukeBoxes
 8.  Home milk delivery in glass bottles
 9.  Party Telephone Lines
10. NewsReels before the movies
11. 45 RPM records
12. P.F. Flyers
13. Carrying a metal lunchbox
14. Drive-in movie theaters
15. Telephone numbers with word prefix (Olive-6971)
16. The Andy Griffith show
17. Soda Fountains
18. Roller Skate keys
19. S&H green stamps
20. Blue flashbulbs

If you remember 0 to 5  -  You're a WhipperSnapper 
If you remember 6 to 15  -  You're getting there
If you remember 16 to 20  -  You're "Older Than Dirt"

How did you score?  I scored 17 and BG scored 18, so that makes us older than dirt, I suppose.  lol!  

The sun is shining and everyone is well in my household.  That makes it a great day!  Hope your day is going well, too.

Happy Wednesday to you!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It's Colder Than Kraut

Have you ever heard the expression "colder than kraut"?  Think -20 degrees wind chill, which we've had this week, and a lot of phrases come to mind.  Oh, I know many that live further north have temps much colder, but this is colder than what we normally see in winter.

Colder than kraut, is a phrase that I remember from childhood as my dad would announce just how cold it was as he came in the house on a particularly frigid morning after feeding the livestock and cutting ice so they could get a drink.

If school was cancelled for the day, as our locals schools have done the past two days, we would be called upon to help with the chores.  I didn't mind going out in the cold in those days.  What a difference the years make!  Now, I'd rather stay inside my warm, cozy home and wait for warmer weather to go out. 

We had around 2 inches of snow to go along with the bitter cold temps.  The good news is that a warming trend is supposed to begin today and will possibly reach 55 degrees Saturday.

I will be going to the eye clinic for another injection today.  It's hard to tell if the last one has helped much.  I hope it's a bit warmer by the time I go!   

I did get some good news regarding an ultrasound and more blood work I had done over a week ago.  The last time I had labs done my white cell count was very elevated and my liver functions were too.  The doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound of my gall bladder and liver to be on the safe side.  

I'm happy to say the results of the ultrasound were normal and my labs were mostly normal to much improved.  The white cell count is now normal but a couple of things are not back to where they should be but are vastly improved, so I'm to try to drink more water and I don't have to go back for 3 months.  Whew!  It seems like I've been in the doctor's office more this winter than the past few years.     

I really think that the last time I came down with a cold/virus was from sitting in the clinic where there were several sick people in the waiting room.  Of course, I suppose you can catch something just going to the grocery store.

We've been discussing...just for grins...where we would live to escape the cold winter it we were to decide to move.  Hawaii sounds wonderful, but it's too far from family.  The deep south gets too hot in the summer.  California has too many problems and there's the fires, mud slides and possible earthquakes to worry about.  Is there a perfect place?  Where would you live if you decided to move and could go anywhere you wanted to?

A prize will be given to the one who guesses correctly the number of times I said the word "cold" or "colder" in this post.  lol!!  Just kidding! 

Happy Wednesday to you!

Friday, January 12, 2018

My List

This is the time of year that is so hard to get decent photos outside what with the often cloudy, dreary days.  I'm happy we didn't get the ice that was predicted for Thursday in this area, but it remained gloomy and turned very cold.

With that said, and because I haven't used my camera much lately, I'll have to resort to borrowing from my archives.  I don't take a lot of photos inside my house, which you'll see why in a minute, and I haven't tried out any notable recipes to share.  In fact, BG just got over a cold and now I have it, so neither one of us has been very hungry and have been eating light.  

Since I didn't have any energy yesterday to actually do anything around the house, I made a list of goals of things I'd like to see done before the year is over.  We'll see.  I also have included a few personal goals.

I will hopefully remember which month I wrote these down and tick off the ones that get done.  You'll see I've been a little ambitious in my thinking.  ☺   But, hey, if you don't make a plan in my house, everything gets shoved to the back burner.   

Personal Goals:

 1 - Keep drinking water...lots of water and stay away from 
       the sugary drinks I dearly love and kick Diabetes 2 to the curb!
 2 - Go through my closets and get rid of clothes that are sadly
       outdated and maybe buy a few new things if I drop any more
       pounds due to cutting out sugar. 
 3 - Try to stay away from the white bread which is harder to do  
        for me than giving up sugar.
 4 - Get my camera out and take more photos.  
 5 - Try out some new, healthy recipes.
 6 - There's more, but I'll keep them private for now.

Next are goals for our house that we've been neglecting for the last few years.  It's time to get these things done.

 1 - paint living room, hallway and bedrooms
 2 - put hardwood flooring in living room and kitchen
       and hallway...maybe...or carpet
 3 - new carpet in 3 bedrooms
 4 - redo walls and paint basement
 5 - replace big window in basement
 6 - new window in living room?
 7 - new drapes for living room window
 8 - need 2 new recliners for living room
 9 - decide on whether to keep oak front cabinet

10 - weed out unneeded sets of dishes
11 - have 3 trees cut down
12 - replace gutters?
13 - paint inside garage
14 - replace flooring in storage building on patio and paint outside
15 - need new large patio rug
16 - spray paint front flower pots
17 - prune knockout roses
18 - prune fruit trees
19 - look for new lamps for living room
20 - replace furnace?

I'm sure there's something that I forgot, but that's a start.  Thankfully our appliances are in good shape, well maybe the dishwasher is getting a little old but it still works good.

And then there is the other house we bought where our daughter lives now.  We need to finish up some things there.  I won't try to list them...I might start getting depressed.  ha!

We'll be able to get a lot done if I can get my stubborn, sweet hubby who thinks he can do everything himself, to hire a little help.  Now, as soon as I feel like getting out, I think I'll go buy a Lottery ticket!

Happy Friday to you!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Are We There Yet?

If you have ever traveled with children then you most likely have heard them ask "are we there yet?"  

And now I'm traveling down the long, cold road to spring.  Are we there yet?  I know, we're only nine days into January.  It's just that this has been such a cold month so far and I am so not a winter person.  I do enjoy a little snow, but the bitter cold and icy conditions are what I could cheerfully give up.  

I didn't mind winters when I was a youngster and fondly remember the days when I went ice skating on the pond or sledding with my brothers.  Seems like we had more snow then than we do now.   

The photo of the barn is one I found in my archives.  We haven't had that much snow yet.  We had a lot of fog and icy branches this morning and some black ice.  I need to fill the bird feeders but don't want to walk across the patio for fear of falling.  

Ahh...much better!  I grabbed a flower pic from the archives and I'll look at this while I'm finishing up my to-do list for 2018.  Maybe I'll post it next time.  It's turning into a lengthy one and I'm quite sure that some things will not get done, but it's good to have a list and even better when something is crossed off and marked done.  

I don't make resolutions but set goals and hope to achieve a few of them.  How about you?  Do you have a special goal in mind for this new year?  And how is the weather in your part of the world?

Happy Tuesday to you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Year and Christmas Memories

Greetings to my friends and family!  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve at my daughter's house and we saw the new year in with games, food, music and a little impromptu dancing by Kim and me. 

Kim's friend Mike was providing the music and picked out many oldies and goodies that are our favorites.  Stayin' Alive started playing and my daughter and I couldn't sit still.  It was just so wonderful to feel good again after a long siege of something, which thankfully ended just before Christmas, that I felt like dancing.

Thanks to all of you who congratulated me on the weight loss.  I must confess that I hadn't been trying to lose weight.  It just fell off because I had to cut out the sugar and white bread after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.   

My numbers have been really good and my A1c came back in the normal range, so I felt like treating myself to a few sweets over Christmas.  Hopefully I haven't gained back those pounds I lost!  Ha!  But, oh the peanut butter fudge and cashew crunch I picked up at the Amish bakery was so delicious!  

We also had a fabulous Christmas.  We opened our gifts on Christmas eve at my house and had pizza for supper.  On Christmas Day, we went to our daughter's house for a delicious dinner of brisket, cheesy potatoes, crock-pot corn, green beans and salad.  I made rolls to take.  It was just the 5 of us, my family and her friend, Mike.  

Our son was here for the holidays.  He went back to KC for a few days in between Christmas and New Year's, but it was so nice to have him home for several days.  He had picked up a scratchy throat and a bit of a cough, but he got some rest and thankfully he didn't get very sick.

Kim's house was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Her living room is the first photo in the above collage.  My tree is to the right.   The tree in the lower left corner is in her kitchen.  The photo of Kim and me was taken playing around with Snap Chat.  

Kim has trees in every room and the one above is in her bedroom.  I have already shown the one in the spare bedroom in a previous post.  This tree might be my favorite.  It's all white and blue ornaments.  

My trees didn't suffer too much kitty related damage.  A few ornaments were knocked off.  Stormy kept moving the little tree skirt from around my kitchen tree.  She thought it was there for her to sleep on.  
We had snow for Christmas!  It didn't amount to very much but it was nice to have a white Christmas and also have the roads clear for traveling.  But, oh my goodness, has the weather turned bitterly cold!  It is so cold that our furnace runs non-stop.  

My trees are still up and I'm enjoying the lights from both trees as I write this post from my recliner.  I will do the take down and put away this weekend.  My trees didn't get put up very early so I'm going to enjoy them as long as I can!

Wishing each of my friends and family many blessings in this New Year and good health and happiness!   Thank you to all my blogging friends who have visited and commented throughout the past year.  Your friendship means a lot to me.  I'm sorry I didn't get around to everyone to wish you Merry Christmas, but I was so behind on everything due to the illness I had for over a month.  My goal is to be a better blogger this year...and to get organized at home!