Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Year and Christmas Memories

Greetings to my friends and family!  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve at my daughter's house and we saw the new year in with games, food, music and a little impromptu dancing by Kim and me. 

Kim's friend Mike was providing the music and picked out many oldies and goodies that are our favorites.  Stayin' Alive started playing and my daughter and I couldn't sit still.  It was just so wonderful to feel good again after a long siege of something, which thankfully ended just before Christmas, that I felt like dancing.

Thanks to all of you who congratulated me on the weight loss.  I must confess that I hadn't been trying to lose weight.  It just fell off because I had to cut out the sugar and white bread after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.   

My numbers have been really good and my A1c came back in the normal range, so I felt like treating myself to a few sweets over Christmas.  Hopefully I haven't gained back those pounds I lost!  Ha!  But, oh the peanut butter fudge and cashew crunch I picked up at the Amish bakery was so delicious!  

We also had a fabulous Christmas.  We opened our gifts on Christmas eve at my house and had pizza for supper.  On Christmas Day, we went to our daughter's house for a delicious dinner of brisket, cheesy potatoes, crock-pot corn, green beans and salad.  I made rolls to take.  It was just the 5 of us, my family and her friend, Mike.  

Our son was here for the holidays.  He went back to KC for a few days in between Christmas and New Year's, but it was so nice to have him home for several days.  He had picked up a scratchy throat and a bit of a cough, but he got some rest and thankfully he didn't get very sick.

Kim's house was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Her living room is the first photo in the above collage.  My tree is to the right.   The tree in the lower left corner is in her kitchen.  The photo of Kim and me was taken playing around with Snap Chat.  

Kim has trees in every room and the one above is in her bedroom.  I have already shown the one in the spare bedroom in a previous post.  This tree might be my favorite.  It's all white and blue ornaments.  

My trees didn't suffer too much kitty related damage.  A few ornaments were knocked off.  Stormy kept moving the little tree skirt from around my kitchen tree.  She thought it was there for her to sleep on.  
We had snow for Christmas!  It didn't amount to very much but it was nice to have a white Christmas and also have the roads clear for traveling.  But, oh my goodness, has the weather turned bitterly cold!  It is so cold that our furnace runs non-stop.  

My trees are still up and I'm enjoying the lights from both trees as I write this post from my recliner.  I will do the take down and put away this weekend.  My trees didn't get put up very early so I'm going to enjoy them as long as I can!

Wishing each of my friends and family many blessings in this New Year and good health and happiness!   Thank you to all my blogging friends who have visited and commented throughout the past year.  Your friendship means a lot to me.  I'm sorry I didn't get around to everyone to wish you Merry Christmas, but I was so behind on everything due to the illness I had for over a month.  My goal is to be a better blogger this year...and to get organized at home!   



  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. sounds like a good time was had by all.

  2. It is so good to see you and know you are all right! I love the picture of you and Kim dancing, and the snap chat picture. The trees are gorgeous, and so is her living room..

  3. All those trees and decorations are so beautiful. Happy New Year.

  4. oh Cheryl I'm so glad you're feeling better. What a long time to be feeling so bad. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Blessings in your new year.

  5. Hi Cheryl!

    Happy New Year! Looks like you brought the new year in with a bang - dancing, family, games, good food, what more could a girl ask for?! I loved seeing you and your daughter dance...too cute!! Your trees are just gorgeous, I love the little Christmas village, very sweet. I'm so glad that you are feeling better, it's never fun to sick during the holidays, just seems to ruin everything... :0( I'm just getting over a round with bronchitis, and it's not fun.

    And how appropriate to look like kittens... :0)

    Hugs and Love,

  6. Yours and daughter's trees are beautiful.

  7. Soooo glad you are feeling better, Cheryl! LOVE the photo of you and Kim dancing to Stayin' Alive!! I can't think of a more perfect Christmas than you had! So wonderful to gather with family (and the good food isn't a bad thing either. hee hee). Wishing you a most wonderful 2018! blessings ~ tanna

  8. the trees are wonderful and your favorite is mine also but it is hard to choose. i love her living room with the white lights on one side and tree on the other. i have been off sugar and white flower for 1 year on the 26th of this month. 53 pounds down and 20 to go. i ate white flour over the past ten days and happy to say i loved it but it made me feel sick. sorry to hear about the diabetes. a friend lost 100 pounds and her diabetes went away, no insulin now and she did it the way we are. beautiful post

  9. I'm glad you are feeling better and congratulations on beating the sugar crush..I swear it's a drug. My husband did the same and his A 1-C dropped three points and his BG is always good now. I, on the other hand have made a promise to myself to stop the sugar this year...but have yet to do it. How did you draw the line? Happy New Year!

  10. So glad you have kicked the crud to the curb and congrats on defeating the sugar habit--almost:) Holidays don't count. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and hope 2018 is all you wish for.

  11. OOH! Cheryl, I always knew we were kindred spirits, I too am enjoying my tree lights and decorations with plans to take down next week.
    I so enjoyed your Christmas and new Year's photos, would loved to have been there dancing with you. I too tasted my first champagne this year and must say I don't care for it. This is probably a good thing as I have an addictive personality, especially sweets. which I am dealing with as you are. Managing my diabetes has and continues to be a struggle.
    Thank you for your friendship and for your sweet comments.
    Wishing you and yours continued health, joy and happiness this New Year.

  12. Oh Cheryl, I so enjoyed seeing the photos from your wonderful Christmas festivities...all of the decorations are just beautiful. I took mine down last weekend because Jim was working and I don't like having everything turned upside down when he's home. A relief in a way but I do miss that lovely glow in the evening. So glad you felt like dancing and the Snap Chat pic was adorable! I hope that 2018 brings many blessings!

  13. Thanks for sharing your holidays here, Cheryl. The decorations looked festive and everyone looked happy and what more could we want? Sending best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy (and good) New Year. Cngrats on the test results too!

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  15. Cheryl, I am so happy to hear that you have recovered from that stubborn illness . . . and just in time for Christmas!! It sounds like there were some merry times with your family. Everything looks beautiful, both at your house and at your daughter's! And look at you and Kim cutting a rug! Good times! :)

  16. Everything looks so nice and looks like you had a blast! haha....Congrats for the weight loss. I am holding at 65 gone from Feb of 2017. Cutting back on my sugar to try and drop another 15 to 20 then I will be where I would love to be...although at 140 from 210 I am happy where I am. Keep on going and best of luck in the new year.

  17. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you felt so good you felt like dancing! Love all the trees...Happy New Year to you and your family.

  18. I loved reading about your New Year and Christmas Celebrations. I am so happy that you felt like getting up and dancing. You go girls! I thought your snap chat photo was adorable.
    I love Christmas too and we just took our down today. Since we were in Hawaii; I felt like we didn't get my normal traditional Christmas time. When we lived in Spokae I used to have a tree in almost every room. I love that your daughter did this. The photos of the trees are beautiful.
    I;m happy you werer able to have your son home; so he was sick. We are just now recovering from the flu ourselves.
    No white Christmas for us infact we are alittle concerned we haven't had much of a winter at all.
    Sending loving New Years thoughts and hugs your way!

  19. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading about your holiday celebrations. FUN!! I like the dancing photo. Wishing you good health for 2018.
    Happy New Year,