Friday, April 28, 2017

Flea Market Shopping and Another Test

While we were in Branson, I snuck out the door while BG and our son were watching basketball games and headed downtown.  You can see that we were still getting a little rain that day.  Way down at the bottom of the hill is the Landing which has many shops and eateries and the fountain show by Lake Taneycomo, which looks more like a river to me.  

Before I got to the downtown area, I stopped by a few other spots including the Tanger Outlet mall where I found another pair of Skecher flipflops and a new top at CJ Banks.  

I stopped by a couple of flea markets and browsed not looking for anything in particular.  I found these old quilts and was tempted to buy one but I couldn't think of a place where I would use them so I moved on.  The tags on the top two said they were made by someone's great, great-grandmother.  If I remember right, the quilts were priced at $110.00 and the booth had a 20% off sign.  Is that reasonable or too high?  I'm not up on quilt prices, but I know most I see are fairly expensive.  

See the taller glasses on the right side, top shelf?  I had a set just like those in blue and most have been broken over the years and I'm down now to just one.  I've always liked the shape of this glassware, so I bought 4 of these at $3.25 each.  The tag said Fostoria, but I'm pretty sure the blue ones I bought years ago were Libbey. 

This cute little booth belongs to a friend who used to go to the same church as us before they moved to Branson.  We saw them last year when we were there.  She is a very talented gal and she and her hubby used to refinish antiques.

I just had to snap a pic of this bumper sticker in the parking lot when BG and I went out for dinner Sunday evening.  And yes, I had potatoes!!  

 And I also had blackberry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.  Yum, yum.  Who counts calories when on vacation?  Not this chick!  

💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮 

My appointment Wednesday turned out okay.  I had an Endoscopy, which is a tube down the throat that looks at the esophagus, the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine.  

My family doctor wanted me to have this done as I've had heartburn and coughing for a number of years until she put me on a prescription Prilosec.

Remember all the hoopla about Hillary Clinton's coughing during the campaign.  I told BG when I saw her that I'd bet she has what I did because I would cough when I tried to talk...or eat.  

Anyway, the doctor had told me that I couldn't stay on that pill because it thinned your bones and wanted me to have the Endoscopy done to make sure there wasn't anything else going on.  

The esophagus looked fine, but he did find 4 polyps in my stomach which were removed and sent off for a biopsy.  He said he was almost certain they were benign.  

Oh, and he said I could stay on that pill as the studies now say they don't thin your bones.  Yay!  

It wasn't as bad as I had feared.   I thought my throat would be sore afterward, but it wasn't.  I did get a sedative and didn't know a thing during the procedure much like the colonoscopy I had last month.  

Whew!  I'm so glad to have those 2 items crossed off my list.  I feel pretty good, though still tired.  A little of that is because I went with my daughter to the Big Town yesterday after she got off work to get groceries and some other items for her center and it was late when I got back home.

Another reason I want to nap and actually find myself falling asleep over my laptop is because the anesthesiologist told me he was certain I had sleep apnea.  He had looked into my mouth and said he could tell by what he saw there.  Whatever that was.

I do snore some and have a deviated septum and chronic nasal congestion, but even so I was surprised to hear that.  So, I'll have to look into this and see what can be done that doesn't require a wearing a mask.  Don't think I could do that.  People I've known that tried them eventually give it up.   

Okay, enough about me.  But as with the colonoscopy, I tell about these procedures to encourage everyone to not fear having them done. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Friday and weekend, too!
xo Cheryl

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Long Weekend Getaway

This is where we stayed...some of you can already guess where we went as I've shown similar photos before. 

As we headed out the door Friday morning, the weather was nice but cooler than it has been.  

About 2 1/2 or so hours into our 4 hour journey, it started raining.  Would we let a little rain put a damper on our little vacay?  Absolutely not.  

When we arrived at the condo, the first thing I saw on the wall just inside the door was the above sign.  Loved it!  We were looking for some R&R and this was the perfect place to find it.  

The lake as it looked from our covered deck on Friday.  The rain finally lightened up to a drizzle and continued through part of Saturday.

Sunday and Monday was gorgeous with sunshine and the hills were alive with the sound of...silence...except for the occasional crow flying overhead and other birds heard but not seen in the trees.   

We had a well stocked kitchen having brought some food with us that was easy to fix.  Our son who had work in Springfield a few days that week drove down to stay a couple of nights with us.  He also brought some yummy food along.  It was good to have him be able to join us and have a few relaxing days, too.  He's a lot of fun to be around and we're just happy that our children still like to hang out with us old folks! 

And if you haven't guessed by now where we went...



We had a very nice, relaxing time on our little getaway.  The only complaint I have is that it was too short.  All too soon, it's time to pack everything up and load the car and get back on the highway to home.'s always good to be back even though I could have stayed in Branson longer.  I have been hugging kitties and resting up from the drive back.  We went out to dinner last night with our daughter.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment in the Big Town.  So it will be a little while yet before I'm able to get around to visiting everyone.  I'll share a little more of our trip next time.

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What's Been Happening

Our pretty redbud trees and lilacs are almost done with blooming this year.  I'm seeing some beautiful bright white and pink dogwood trees around town and I'm wishing I had a couple of those in my yard.  

It's almost time to plant something in the flower pots and I'm debating on cutting back.  It's getting to be a chore keeping them all watered.  I've been looking at Pinterest to see what would be a good flower to plant that is heat resistant, too.  My back patio gets so hot in the summer.

What is your must-have flower when planting flower pots?

I've lost about 4 of my 10 or so Knockout roses and can't quite figure out what's happening to them.  I'll replant one of them, but the others will not be replaced.  I think I'll try something else in their place.   

I have a you prefer the larger photos like the blue bird photo or the smaller size as in the first photo of the lilac?  

The photos in this post are from my archives.  I just haven't taken many photos lately.  The one above should have been cropped and resized.  

I'm happy to have my laptop back from the shop and working properly again.  It was locking up and I couldn't stay online for long.

It's embarrassing to admit, but they told me the main thing wrong was that it was just a lot of cat hair inside clogging it up.  It was getting so hot and noisy, I'm surprised it worked as long as it did.  Anyway, all is well now and I feel like I have a new laptop!

I don't have a clue who that person is in the photo above.  BG and I were sitting on a bench opposite them and we were people-watching and this pose got me to giggling and I had to snap a pic.  I think it was the shorts.  :)

What I'm noticing a lot these days is that everyone seems to be wearing black socks as opposed to the white that we used to see all the time.  Is this a new trend?  Not that it really matters to me, I won't be wearing them.  I do love my new black Skechers flipflops, though!

I've been so hungry lately and want to eat everything in sight.  Do you ever have those days?  Well, it's time to stop that and start eating more salads and healthy foods. 

Almost forgot to mention Easter!  We had a nice day and drove to the halfway diner, as I call it, to meet our son for dinner.  He was home for a visit the weekend before and couldn't come in this time.  I forgot to take a photo of my plate like I usually do.  

As you have surmised by now, nothing too exciting has been going on here.  Unless you think getting a pedicure for the first time this year is exciting.  Or taking the car in for an oil change and tire rotation and waiting for 2 1/2 hours is exciting.  Or finally getting the laptop cleaned up and workable again, now that was exciting, at least to me. 

Now it's time to finish up the laundry and get the vacuum out.  Another exciting day at Pond Hollow!  :)  Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I'll have some new photos to share next time. 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ponderings at Pond Hollow

This a part of the view looking from my kitchen window.  I spend a little time here each day gazing out at the backyard and the Back 6.  The pond isn't as far away as it appears to be in the photo. 

I do love living here in our humble little cottage on our little acreage which we call Pond Hollow.  Living on the edge of town gives us a bit of the country which we love.  I can see all kinds of critters in the back, watch the changing seasons, and see numerous varieties of birds. 

 ~photo from 2 years ago, looking left from the kitchen window~

Sometimes those critters aren't always what you want to see.  We've had many outside kitties disappear over the years and we're afraid a predator  may have gotten our Callie.  She has been missing nearly 4 weeks now.

I ponder why there have to be such predators that will kill innocent kittens and grown kitties, too.   Then my thoughts turn to those human predators who think nothing of strapping on bombs to kill innocent people.  And chop off heads or throw people off tall buildings. 

And we are to think that if we just love these people that all will be okay?  Just let anyone and everyone come into our country and love them and all will be okay?  I can't begin to imagine how anyone really believes that. 

Often, I ponder how much influence the media has on people and how much those that distort the truth and tell outright lies will have to answer for.  I'm so weary of the non-stop Trump bashing and not only him, but his family and team and also almost everyone who voted for him.

I feel sorry for those who only read or listen to certain news outlets that are so blatantly anti-Trump.  They never hear of the many things he has accomplished in his short time in office.  They (the MSM) don't want anyone to know.  They will twist and turn the good news into bad if they possibly can or else they will ignore it altogether.  Does this mean that I think Trump is a perfect president?  No, of course not, no one has been or ever will be, to my knowledge.  But, he has certainly worked hard to fulfill the promises he made and has accomplished much so far.  I do feel that he truly loves this country as much as I do and wants to do what is best for us.

At the window, I make myself turn from those distressing thoughts to listening to the soothing voices of nature.  A faraway crow flying in search of something to feast on is singing his song.  I've always enjoyed hearing them.  A nearby tree frog, as we call them, is letting me know quite loudly that we will probably see rain soon.  He is almost always right, too. 

There will always be something to ponder or worry or be concerned about.  Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the beauty of nature at my kitchen window and turn my worries over to God who loves us so much that he sent his Son to the cross to die for our sins.  He rose on the third day and is now sitting by God's right hand in glory.  We will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this coming Sunday and the wonderful promise of eternal life for all who believe in Him.  

I wish for you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter weekend!  

Love, Cheryl

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Brings Rain, Pretty Trees and Busy Days

Hello Blog Friends!  I'm still here.  This week has been a busy one and I've not been able to blog or visit as I'd like to.  I hope to visit soon.  BG and I are heading out to get our taxes done soon, so I thought I'd check in until time to go.

I have been enjoying seeing the beautiful flowering trees this spring when I've been out and about.  Redbud trees are my favorite, but these pretty trees in pink and white are a close second.  Not sure what they are so maybe someone can tell me.

We've had quite a bit of much needed rain this week.  Today is nice and sunny and it looks like we'll have a warm, dry weekend ahead. 

I had another shot in my eye this week.  It hurt a little more the first day than last time, but the second day was better than it was last time so that was a plus.  One more to go.  At least I hope that is all for awhile.  I do think it may be a bit better.  He said the fluid was gone.  

My daughter insisted on going with me to the eye clinic to drive me home.  I was happy to have her with me, but she wanted to go into the room and watch the procedure which might have not been a good idea because afterward she said that she was never having that done!  Well, you do what you have to do, right?  

Afterward all was done at the clinic, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.  My meal was the Roadkill, which is chopped steak with mushrooms, onions and cheese.  Yum!  

My life is really just not all that newsworthy right now.  I'm busy with spring cleaning and the occasional road the grocery store or a doctor's office.  Such fun!  

I'm so ready for a trip to Branson.  BG and I are talking about it and after having dinner over the weekend with 3 other couples who were talking about traveling, we realized it has been about 6 months since we've been there.  That's too long!  Someone mentioned how wonderful the Moses production at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson was and I'm really wanting to see it.  

I'll be by to visit as soon as I can.  I know everyone is busy this time of year, too.  Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl      

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We're Moving!

We found the ideal new home for's in the country which we love...on 50 acres complete with a 10 acre lake.

It has a paved circular drive.  The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and is over 4000 sq st.  It is beautiful!

This is the back and the windows on the northeast side look out on the beautiful lake.  

I do think it is a gorgeous property and the price has been reduced to a mere $799,000!  Why, BG and I couldn't wait to snap it up!  Don't you think we got a bargain?  



To tell you the truth, I'm pretty content with my little rancher and our Back 6.  While the above home and grounds is gorgeous, it's too much to take care of at our age even if we had an extra million to spare.  ☺  

Frankly, I could also live in an older home (in good condition) much like Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in Mansfield, MO pictured here.  The minute I stepped inside her house when we visited there a few years ago, I immediately felt at home.  Maybe because it reminded me a bit of the farmhouse I lived in the first 9 years of my life until it burned down.  The house I live in now is very much like the house my dad had built to replace the farmhouse...a 3 bedroom ranch-style with basement.  

What style house do you prefer?  And have you April Fooled anyone today?

Happy Saturday to you!
xo Cheryl