Thursday, April 20, 2017

What's Been Happening

Our pretty redbud trees and lilacs are almost done with blooming this year.  I'm seeing some beautiful bright white and pink dogwood trees around town and I'm wishing I had a couple of those in my yard.  

It's almost time to plant something in the flower pots and I'm debating on cutting back.  It's getting to be a chore keeping them all watered.  I've been looking at Pinterest to see what would be a good flower to plant that is heat resistant, too.  My back patio gets so hot in the summer.

What is your must-have flower when planting flower pots?

I've lost about 4 of my 10 or so Knockout roses and can't quite figure out what's happening to them.  I'll replant one of them, but the others will not be replaced.  I think I'll try something else in their place.   

I have a you prefer the larger photos like the blue bird photo or the smaller size as in the first photo of the lilac?  

The photos in this post are from my archives.  I just haven't taken many photos lately.  The one above should have been cropped and resized.  

I'm happy to have my laptop back from the shop and working properly again.  It was locking up and I couldn't stay online for long.

It's embarrassing to admit, but they told me the main thing wrong was that it was just a lot of cat hair inside clogging it up.  It was getting so hot and noisy, I'm surprised it worked as long as it did.  Anyway, all is well now and I feel like I have a new laptop!

I don't have a clue who that person is in the photo above.  BG and I were sitting on a bench opposite them and we were people-watching and this pose got me to giggling and I had to snap a pic.  I think it was the shorts.  :)

What I'm noticing a lot these days is that everyone seems to be wearing black socks as opposed to the white that we used to see all the time.  Is this a new trend?  Not that it really matters to me, I won't be wearing them.  I do love my new black Skechers flipflops, though!

I've been so hungry lately and want to eat everything in sight.  Do you ever have those days?  Well, it's time to stop that and start eating more salads and healthy foods. 

Almost forgot to mention Easter!  We had a nice day and drove to the halfway diner, as I call it, to meet our son for dinner.  He was home for a visit the weekend before and couldn't come in this time.  I forgot to take a photo of my plate like I usually do.  

As you have surmised by now, nothing too exciting has been going on here.  Unless you think getting a pedicure for the first time this year is exciting.  Or taking the car in for an oil change and tire rotation and waiting for 2 1/2 hours is exciting.  Or finally getting the laptop cleaned up and workable again, now that was exciting, at least to me. 

Now it's time to finish up the laundry and get the vacuum out.  Another exciting day at Pond Hollow!  :)  Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I'll have some new photos to share next time. 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl 


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  2. haha, Cheryl, I'll pass on the waiting for the car. Yes, dark socks are in now for all the young people...what's so funny is old men have been doing that for years. :):)Oh those young people got nothing on us old timers. I wish I could change my pictures do a fabulous job on your blog posts. Yes, yes, I love crispy fresh salads. Just had one for lunch. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I like the larger picture much better! It fits on your blog nicely, and I can see all the details! The smaller ones are harder to get a good look at. Your bluebird picture is just perfect, like out of a bird identification book. Hmmm, Knockouts are supposed to be very hardy. Maybe you need something according to the light level that the spot gets. I always think white socks in the summer, like with shorts etc. and black socks in the winter or with suits.

  4. I prefer larger photos. :) My son has been wearing black Nike socks for years now and yes it's the style. funny thing is he has new Nike gym shoes, he loves Nike, and he wears "no show" Nike socks in white, but you can't see them. lol with his casual pants like khakis he wears some colorful and funny socks and apparently that's the new fad for business casual in the younger crowd. :) I wouldn't know any of this if it wasn't for him. lol when it comes to my clothes I like a lot of classic clothes and whatever I like. :)
    your bluebird is beautiful, as always.

  5. You're ahead of me on the first pedicure AND getting your oil changed and tires rotated. I've had those two on my list for over three weeks and still haven't gotten them done! I like the bigger pictures (may have something to do with my eyesight. LOL! Enjoyed the chuckle with you over the shorts and black socks. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  6. I like the larger pictures. I always use them --but tell my readers to click on the pictures for even larger ones.. In my opinion, not many people these days take the time to read what I say muchless click on the pictures... Since I started blogging in 2006, there has been so much change in blogging and bloggers.... People just don't take time --or HAVE time anymore (myself included).... CRAZY!!!

    Can you grow Forsythia in your area? We started ours from sprouts from other bushes ---and we have about four new bushes growing really well. Even the small ones made it through the horrible drought we had... They do well in sunny areas or shady ---and are very resilient....

    Black socks???? Never for me!!!


  7. Before I forget, as a general rule, I like seeing larger photos...old eyes. Yes, it was very exciting getting your laptop fixed! I'm sure all those other things are necessary for quality living, but nothing equals having a connection to the world.

  8. Sometimes the day to day and 'regular' stuff may not feel that exciting, but this is what life is made of. Sounds like you are keeping busy and that is good.Even people watching and laughing about that can be refreshing.I have been wondering as well, what I want to put into my planters this year.The flowers need to be showy, hardy and able to live with a certain amount of neglect.I'm not asking for much, am I?

  9. My favorite flowers are impatients. i love all your photos whatever size they are. i had to sit and wait for my car last week so i understand your frustration and lack of enthusiasm.

  10. Hi Cheryl- In answer to your question- I prefer the larger pictures..but that is just me. Love the 'short's picture...and yes- I think black socks is 'the thing' for kids right now. Remember a couple of years ago when everyone wore mis-matched socks? I thought that was hysterical. I am not sure what I am going to do with plants this year, yet. xo Diana

  11. I generally like the larger but it depends on the subject matter. I feel your hunger. Right now I seem hard to fill up. Hopefully it is just a phase. So far It hasn't affected my scale numbers but I can't count on that much longer.
    Had to laugh at the cat hair, hope my computer doesn't suffer a similar fate.

  12. the last two times I went to the tire or oil store, I went without hubby and instead took my tablet, hooked it up to their wi fi and blogged and emailed and had a blast while waiting. hubby hates the waiting game, one trip I found a new best friend in a young woman that was there, time flew by. I did get a couple of giggles looking at the two men standing face to face and wondered if they knew each other or were waiting and hateing it? I love the photo
    I like larger because I don't see well, but some prefer small and I just click on the small and make it big, so either is fine with me. some have asked why I use black, and some don't like the big, what I do is please myself.. so do what you like .

  13. I enjoy your pictures anyway you want to share them! No thoughts on the flower pots. I quit them long ago because of the upkeep. I figure I will just plant and in the ground and let mother nature or the sprinkler handle that chore for me.

    Glad you got the computer fixed.

  14. Beautiful photos, all, but I really like them larger... I just think you can see more detail. All of your photos are beautiful regardless the size :) I wish I had lilacs...they remind me of my mom. I usually plant geraniums for sure but always add other colors...the last few years I have had gerbera daisies and I really like them too. Impatiens and ferns on the shady front porch but like you, they are a pain to water!

  15. I have a lot of days that I could eat everything in this house. And heaven forbid that I make any kind of soup because I cannot stop on them.

    As for the photos, I like both sizes...I will tell you more what I don't like. A photo so small that I cannot see details, even when expanded. LOL Both of these are good...I can see the subjects clearly in either one. I know people have reasons for posting small pics but it is so disappointing to see what looks like a beautiful scenic view and it stays small when clicked on.

  16. I love bluebird most any size but large works best when I can't find my glasses...:)

  17. I actually love the larger photos because I can see more detail. The photos today area awesome. I especially liked the blue bird; spectacular colors. I always love the photos of your trees and flowers. I too should plant some pot flowers so if you get good suggestions let me know.
    I am so happy that you got your laptop fixed. I hate it when I have computer struggles. I liked the photos of the children and especially their positions. Yes, I do see a lot of black socks instead of white ones.
    I love that you had dinner with your son and I am like you I like to eat and sometimes I got wild doing it. For me I do need to get back to eating healthy and exercise would be a plus too.
    Loved this one! Big hugs~

  18. Cheryl! I just loved, loved this post, I find you and I have so much in common, I indeed find my self wanting to eat a lot, and often! Dh and I are also people watchers, and have wondered if people watch me and wonder what they are thinking too! The photo of the person in shorts with the black socks, is priceless!
    I lost some of my knockout roses too, the reason we bought them is that we had the understanding they were maintenance free and disease free!
    Thank you for visiting me and for taking the time to leave such sweet notes, I am hoping to get back to blogging on a regular basis, I just stay so busy trying to catch-up on projects that I had let go while I was recuperating,!
    Once again thank you for your friendship.