Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Long Weekend Getaway

This is where we stayed...some of you can already guess where we went as I've shown similar photos before. 

As we headed out the door Friday morning, the weather was nice but cooler than it has been.  

About 2 1/2 or so hours into our 4 hour journey, it started raining.  Would we let a little rain put a damper on our little vacay?  Absolutely not.  

When we arrived at the condo, the first thing I saw on the wall just inside the door was the above sign.  Loved it!  We were looking for some R&R and this was the perfect place to find it.  

The lake as it looked from our covered deck on Friday.  The rain finally lightened up to a drizzle and continued through part of Saturday.

Sunday and Monday was gorgeous with sunshine and the hills were alive with the sound of...silence...except for the occasional crow flying overhead and other birds heard but not seen in the trees.   

We had a well stocked kitchen having brought some food with us that was easy to fix.  Our son who had work in Springfield a few days that week drove down to stay a couple of nights with us.  He also brought some yummy food along.  It was good to have him be able to join us and have a few relaxing days, too.  He's a lot of fun to be around and we're just happy that our children still like to hang out with us old folks! 

And if you haven't guessed by now where we went...



We had a very nice, relaxing time on our little getaway.  The only complaint I have is that it was too short.  All too soon, it's time to pack everything up and load the car and get back on the highway to home. 

Home...it's always good to be back even though I could have stayed in Branson longer.  I have been hugging kitties and resting up from the drive back.  We went out to dinner last night with our daughter.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment in the Big Town.  So it will be a little while yet before I'm able to get around to visiting everyone.  I'll share a little more of our trip next time.

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Your condo is beautiful, and the bar looks like real marble! and the lake, the two pictures of it are each so different and beautiful in their own way. So glad the weather cleared up! Now on to see your adventures there! It has been raining solid here for four days!

  2. Glad you had a nice,restful break from the daily routine. Branson is beautiful. I guess we are too close to it to really appreciate it!

  3. I could not remember where the condo was, but do remember it because I love the style and would be happy living in it. waiting to see what you saw in Branson... we have not been on a vacation since 2004..

  4. Great condo! It is easy to see how you could feel at home there. I am glad that you enjoyed a long weekend away!

  5. Fun!
    I love the relationship you have with your kids. SPECIAL!
    Looking forward to hear more about your trip. I like the condo. Nice!

  6. Knew it had to be Branson. So glad the rain went away so you had some sunny days to spend with your son. Glad your kitties didn't have their noses out of joint for being left behind. Minnie would be livid.

  7. You are so right.. that is gorgeous~!
    Still on my bucket list too :)

    I know I've been MIA... forever... I did a post today, trying to 'splain' my absence.
    Looking forward to catching up and seeing all you fun things.


  8. I'm glad you all had a chance to get away. Branson sounds like a neat place to visit and I've always wanted to go there. I drove by the exit a few times, but didn't have the time to stop.

    I'm glad you had a good Easter too. Also, my life isn't too exciting during the week either. I can't think of anything to post about lately. Maybe they'd like to read about how I clean toilets LOL


  9. Great that you got away for a while...and wonderful that your son got to come hang with you.

  10. I kind of guessed it! What a great condo and a gorgeous lake view! Branson is definitely on our list of places to go. Glad you had a great vaca!

  11. Oh- It looks like you had a great time away, Cheryl. I know you were ready for it and you deserve it! This is a perfect time of year to 'run away' for a bit, isn't it? Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  12. Looks like you had a fantastic place to get away and relax.

  13. the condo looks very comfy and cozy! so nice that your son spent some time with you. our son is all about family getaways. :)
    you had a beautiful view!

  14. Just browsing around your blog, I hopped on over from Brenda's - I love seeing your country life and home!

  15. i too love branson. the place you stayed looks like it had lovely views of the area. i'm glad you got to get away.

  16. Oh, I love getting to visit Branson with you! Hope to do it in person one of these days! I'll be looking forward to hearing more. I'm hoping your appointment went well, Cheryl. Thank you for your prayers. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  17. Looks like a fun time and lovely accomodations, Cheryl. We will be going on our getaway in a couple of weeks too.

  18. You just can't beat that lake view... rain or shine! Pouring here now since two AM!

  19. I alwasy love hearing about your trip to Branson. It looks so fun. I would love a few days in a condo that has such a view. The lake looks so beautiful. I loved that your son could join you; that is awesome. Happy you had fun and returned home to your kitties and daughter safely. Blessings and hugs~