Saturday, April 1, 2017

We're Moving!

We found the ideal new home for's in the country which we love...on 50 acres complete with a 10 acre lake.

It has a paved circular drive.  The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and is over 4000 sq st.  It is beautiful!

This is the back and the windows on the northeast side look out on the beautiful lake.  

I do think it is a gorgeous property and the price has been reduced to a mere $799,000!  Why, BG and I couldn't wait to snap it up!  Don't you think we got a bargain?  



To tell you the truth, I'm pretty content with my little rancher and our Back 6.  While the above home and grounds is gorgeous, it's too much to take care of at our age even if we had an extra million to spare.  ☺  

Frankly, I could also live in an older home (in good condition) much like Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in Mansfield, MO pictured here.  The minute I stepped inside her house when we visited there a few years ago, I immediately felt at home.  Maybe because it reminded me a bit of the farmhouse I lived in the first 9 years of my life until it burned down.  The house I live in now is very much like the house my dad had built to replace the farmhouse...a 3 bedroom ranch-style with basement.  

What style house do you prefer?  And have you April Fooled anyone today?

Happy Saturday to you!
xo Cheryl 


  1. Cheryl, You and Nana Diana have caught me with your Aprils Fools jokes. :) I thought when I saw that big house...all your kids would be moving back home. LOL. You would no sooner be done mowing than having to start again. :):) Hope you are having good spring weather there. It is finally sunny here today. Oh I love the blue skies. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Enjoyed your April Fools post, Cheryl, and I also had one but mine was courtesy of Mother Nature which greeted us with snow fooling!

  3. LOL! Like you, I am content with a much smaller home all on one level at our age. I would love to have owned a Victorian home with a wrap around porch at one time! Early this a.m., my husband told me the deer had eaten every plant in our front yard and I believed him! (April Fool's)
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. I did april foolon my post. but that is all. I love Ingalls house and that is a lot like my grandmothers. that is my preferred style, but have never lived in one. at this time in my life even ingalas home is to big.. the smaller the better, I am thinking two tiny house attached with a walk through hall, one for me and one for bob.

  5. A great joke, but you did not fool me. Well, at first you did. But then when you got to the price, that tipped me off. I am very happy with our little ranch house. But would like a mud room where we could put our washer, dryer, and coats.

  6. HA HA HA ----Guess I know you pretty well.... I KNEW you wouldn't move to a house THAT large... As we age, we want smaller--not bigger... Right?

    Happy April..... Thanks for the smiles today.

  7. Okay, you had me right up to the $799, 000 price tag and the fifty acres. 🙂 No jokes today. We're all tucked away in our homes and there isn't much of an opportunity. I prefer the style of a good old-fashioned New England cape; however, every year makes me realize that a one-story home is quite convenient after all. Thanks for the fun!

  8. I started reading and almost immediately thought it might be a prank.I agree, that is way too much house for my liking.No pranks around here, just going on with life.

  9. No, I did not April fool anyone...if I had my choice I would live in an older home. Or a new home built to look like an older one.

  10. When I first got the title; I was hooked. I thought you were really moving. I then as I looked at the photo; I thought that is a lot of house and property. I then remembered it was April Fool's Day. The price was really cheap in so many ways; especially in comparison to here.
    I love older homes and especially one with a nice front porch. We don't have a nice front porch but we do have a nice patio out back. I love our home. It's actually a little big for us; but we are keeping it because of our posterity of 53. We need some room for at least two families to come and stay. Blessings and hugs~

  11. I think I caught you at the square feet...that's not you, Cheryl!! You love your place and the land.

    I think I'm in with most of the ladies...I'm content in my eighty year old money trap, after thirty years I can find just about anything in the dark!!!

    Nice try! :)

    Jane x

  12. I was thinking that place is going to be a lot of work! Ha! I would be with you... in the old house, but hubby... not so much anymore. Have a wonderful day, Cheryl!! blessings ~ tanna

  13. Heehee....I kept thinking 'who would want all that upkeep!' I am looking for another home closer to the city as I live in a small town on 13 acres in an old farmhouse. I have been here twenty years and feel I need to move in the next five years. I am finding it very hard to find any house that compares to what I have here...this is going to be hard as I am not ready for a little place with minimal space or a condo like place. I want one level and unique.
    Thanks for the April fool's joke.

  14. You got me. :-)

    Actually $799,000 is a steal in California. With that much property - I'd say easy 4.9 mil.

  15. I would have to load you my yard man! I love old houses too, but a two-story style that was popular in Christian County,Mo. I showed a picture of one to a builder who had stopped by to annoy me and he said he wouldn't build a house that looked like that. No one would want it! (except me).

  16. Good try, Cheryl...I kinda thought it was a joke from the get-go. Yes, it is a beautiful place but it isn't for us either. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder house...very simple and pristine but still a little larger than what we really need. If our plan and God's line up, we will be building a simple farmhouse in TN within the next couple of years....simple farmhouse with front and back porches, white siding w/black shutters and red tin roof...3 bedrooms (one will be office/sewing room), a simple farm kitchen, 2 baths, all on one floor. And all of this sits perfectly in the meadow surrounded by horses, cows and my own chickens and maybe a couple of goats. That is my idea of a dream home....and it doesn't hurt that our son, DIL and younger grands live right up the hill :) Happy April!

  17. You got me. I believed you, hook, line and sinker. It looked gorgeous. But like you would be a little too much to take care of. I'm looking to downsize.

  18. ha ha! we've been house shopping for a year now. we love ranch style homes. two-stories are over rated in my opinion. yes, they can be very pretty but I'm thinking about the stairs and maintenance. Unfortunately here in Cary are far more two-stories so unless we get lucky or want to spend $500k or more then we will not have a ranch style home at least for now.
    hope you enjoyed your weekend and I hope your kitty comes home soon. :)

  19. Hello,
    What a great April Fools.

    Sending hugs for your kitty. We lost our kitty the same week you lost yours. Our hearts are hurting. My boys are really down about it.

    Sending extra hugs,

  20. You had me there!! but someone owns this beautiful property

  21. HA! I've lived in big houses and small houses and my two favorites were my small homes that were under 1800 square feet, one of which is the one I'm living in now. Even that size seems too big these days, although I love it.

    I really wish your baby would come home. To give you hope... my mom's cat was gone for about nine months and one day just walked up the driveway like nothing happened. I hope the same for you, my friend.


  22. You sure fooled me, Cheryl! LOL That is a beautiful house but a lot of upkeep and cleaning!! I too, am content with our smaller house at our age. There are days I'd like to have a brand new house but it would be a comfortable size. A few years ago I would have wanted a Cape Cod style home but one floor (with a basement) would be best as we get older. Happy April to you!