Friday, April 14, 2017

Ponderings at Pond Hollow

This a part of the view looking from my kitchen window.  I spend a little time here each day gazing out at the backyard and the Back 6.  The pond isn't as far away as it appears to be in the photo. 

I do love living here in our humble little cottage on our little acreage which we call Pond Hollow.  Living on the edge of town gives us a bit of the country which we love.  I can see all kinds of critters in the back, watch the changing seasons, and see numerous varieties of birds. 

 ~photo from 2 years ago, looking left from the kitchen window~

Sometimes those critters aren't always what you want to see.  We've had many outside kitties disappear over the years and we're afraid a predator  may have gotten our Callie.  She has been missing nearly 4 weeks now.

I ponder why there have to be such predators that will kill innocent kittens and grown kitties, too.   Then my thoughts turn to those human predators who think nothing of strapping on bombs to kill innocent people.  And chop off heads or throw people off tall buildings. 

And we are to think that if we just love these people that all will be okay?  Just let anyone and everyone come into our country and love them and all will be okay?  I can't begin to imagine how anyone really believes that. 

Often, I ponder how much influence the media has on people and how much those that distort the truth and tell outright lies will have to answer for.  I'm so weary of the non-stop Trump bashing and not only him, but his family and team and also almost everyone who voted for him.

I feel sorry for those who only read or listen to certain news outlets that are so blatantly anti-Trump.  They never hear of the many things he has accomplished in his short time in office.  They (the MSM) don't want anyone to know.  They will twist and turn the good news into bad if they possibly can or else they will ignore it altogether.  Does this mean that I think Trump is a perfect president?  No, of course not, no one has been or ever will be, to my knowledge.  But, he has certainly worked hard to fulfill the promises he made and has accomplished much so far.  I do feel that he truly loves this country as much as I do and wants to do what is best for us.

At the window, I make myself turn from those distressing thoughts to listening to the soothing voices of nature.  A faraway crow flying in search of something to feast on is singing his song.  I've always enjoyed hearing them.  A nearby tree frog, as we call them, is letting me know quite loudly that we will probably see rain soon.  He is almost always right, too. 

There will always be something to ponder or worry or be concerned about.  Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the beauty of nature at my kitchen window and turn my worries over to God who loves us so much that he sent his Son to the cross to die for our sins.  He rose on the third day and is now sitting by God's right hand in glory.  We will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this coming Sunday and the wonderful promise of eternal life for all who believe in Him.  

I wish for you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter weekend!  

Love, Cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl, I am so very sorry about your Callie. That is heartbreaking. You have a beautiful view from your kitchen window. I agree with you completely about Pres. Trump. I think we learned during this election how the media reports half-truths. I wish you a very lovely Easter weekend.

  2. Amen. Amen. And, amen, Cheryl. So sorry Callie has not returned home. blessings ~ tanna

  3. OH! Cheryl, my thoughts exactly about the current situations in our country, but like you I am so blessed to Iive where I can turn my thoughts back to the "ONE" who really is in control, and to view His creations which give me so much joy and comfort!
    I am sorry for your loss of Callie, but can relate to missing animals as we have a lot of predators who share our farm with us, I might add uninvited homesteaders! lol! I am always praying over our animals. I was getting my hair cut the other day, my cosmetologist told me that she prays with her German Shepard everyday before she leaves for work, I thought this was pretty cool!
    Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and happy Easter!

  4. Cheryl, I do not know what has happened to our countries citizens. We may not like everyone in office...but we used to rally around our presidents. We saw the same nasty things with Obama bashers. I am sick of politics , pretty much. I am so thankful we have some beauty in nature to enjoy. LOL. How in the world do people listen to those all day political TV stations. I would be a raving lunatic. hehe...So let's enjoy our singing birds and blooming know, the real goodness of this earth. Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful Easter weekend, xoxo, Susie

  5. Oh, Cheryl, I am so with you on these thoughts....if Trump could walk on water they would report that he couldn't swim. And like you, not that I like everything about him. But he for sure wouldn't like everything about me. But I look at his kids...they have done good/worked hard. And I hear/read stories where Trump has done so much good and you never hear about it. I am not even talking about after being elected...I am talking about beforehand in his regular life.

  6. You live in an absolute Paradise!!! I cannot imagine the joy just looking at it gives you, how much it would uplift you! Not to mention all the birds and wildlife! Can you fish from the pond? Do the animals come there to drink? The world is getting more and more evil as the years go by, this is easy to see. All we can do is pray and know that God knows and has plans for it all. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!

  7. I would look out that window a LOT. Such a lovely view. I am so sorry Callie has not turned up. Sometimes Nature is very cruel. I keep hoping some family has taken her in.

  8. It is so refreshing to read a blog, that isn't anti-Trump..My husband and I voted for him (we are in our 70's) and I am wondering if we, and others in our age group, have a different outlook on life. We, who have worked all of our life for our family, and didn't expect any free hand-outs, but appreciate what we have. How the world has changed..I do pray God will protect our President, and also that he will not be looked down on by the Liberals, for everything he is working so hard to make right again. I will say a prayer too, that Callie will come home, it may still come to be. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  9. You must live in a beautiful place. I love having nature just outside the door. I am not even from America,but have gotten so sick and tired of all the negativity about the government,both in your country and in mine, that I choose not to listen to very much news at all.If we all spent as much time praying for our country as we do criticizing,much could be accomplished. Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. HAPPY EASTER. Pond Hollow looks tranquil and nice. ENJOY!

  11. Cheryl, I emailed you about your Callie, I'm sending you hugs.
    I 100% agree with you! love and hugs will NOT stop the monsters from wanting to kill us! I'm so sick of hearing such stupidity! The past eight years with you know who nearly destroyed this country. Now we have someone who, I believe, isn't perfect no one is, but his passion and concern for this country is Sincere.
    And if anyone ever tries to hurt anyone in our home they will not be offered love or hugs! lol
    hope you have a wonderful Easter! your view is paradise!

  12. I could not possibly agree more with your stand. The President has my full and complete support. It is about time to put America and Americans first. He and his family have given much and I don't mean only money...more than any former president.

    So sorry that Callie has not returned. My daughter had to put her cat of 17 down this past Thursday. Gosh, these goodbyes are getting rough.

  13. Sorry to hear about Callie but it is always good toponder adnyou have lovely views. Happy Easter

  14. I love the view from your kitchen window. I would find great peace looking out on your view. I do love a good kitched view; at least I do have a good window by the kitched sink that has a good view to our backyard.
    There is so much saddness and etc in our world today that it has been nice being on our mission and not listening to the news very much. I do believe that all of this mess is just part of the last days before our belived Savior comes again to usher in the Millennium. I look forward to this day whether Im on this side of the veil or not.
    I do hope your sweet cat returns sometime; so sad to lose them. Blessings and hugs~

  15. I could have written this post myself, Cheryl and from reading your comments it looks like many others feel the same. I would not have a house without a window over the kitchen sink. It is like having a little escape from the rest of the world, I agree. I am sorry that your sweet Callie has not returned. Just not knowing can be more stressful...BUT... it can also mean that she could still return! I hope you had a blessed Easter and great week to come!

  16. So thankful I found your blog. Some of the blogs I have read have become Trump bashers or say horrible things about we people who voted for him, so it's refreshing to read a blogger who believes the same as I. I am behind our president 100% and really dislike watching certain "news" show who can only find things wrong with him and his administration after doting on the last president and his un-American stance. I, too, don't know why we would allow anymore muslims into our country. It's suicide.
    But beyond that, I am jealous of where you live with so much wildlife. We have dogs who keep the predators away or I would have lost some of my chickens, I'm sure. Thanks for a great blog.

  17. WOW---your comments made me feel so good... SO---there are more Trump Supporters than I thought, or at least, people who are willing to get behind our President no matter who it is... Our poor country is in such a mess --not only politically but in so many other ways also. There is SO much anger and hatred..

    It scares me what is being taught in colleges and universities these days... Teachers/professors are NUTTY --and those young kids actual 'follow' them... Wonder what our country will be like when those kids are in charge???? SCARY.... Hope I am long gone from this earth.

    BUT--like you, I love nature --and I find myself getting outside and enjoying myself each time I get upset about what is going on in our country.... Your home sounds PERFECT to me... I'd love to have some 'country' space near to us... Sounds like you have the best of all worlds....

    So sorry about Callie... I hope she will return. Sometime they DO.


  18. Cheryl,
    I am so happy to have stopped in and this post was waiting for me. My dad had a heart attack on April 11th. Everything went wonky for our family. I will share with you, my dad commented on all the LOVE and CARE that he received. Our country is a good one, the TRUE people of our country, NOT HOLLYWOOD and SPORTS STARS .... but the true hardworking Americans.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I appreciated it.

    Our Catsby is still missing too. I think he was also killed by a predator.

    Love, Carla

  19. Cheryl, beautiful views outside your window and I can "see" why you so enjoy looking out at nature's beauty. And, I agreed with so much of what you wrote in this post. I am sick and tired of all the negative media news. And I am saddened at all the senseless killings both here and in other countries and cannot understand such viciousness. Any so-called religion that condones murders is no religion for sure. As far as the trump bashing, like yourself I don't feel that anyone is perfect but surely there can be other news to report...perhaps some good things happening, as they do!

  20. Well, that escalated quickly LOL! I'm actually applauding you for saying exactly what I'm thinking.

    Also, I'm sorry your Callie hasn't come home yet. I'm still holding out hope for you.