Friday, April 28, 2017

Flea Market Shopping and Another Test

While we were in Branson, I snuck out the door while BG and our son were watching basketball games and headed downtown.  You can see that we were still getting a little rain that day.  Way down at the bottom of the hill is the Landing which has many shops and eateries and the fountain show by Lake Taneycomo, which looks more like a river to me.  

Before I got to the downtown area, I stopped by a few other spots including the Tanger Outlet mall where I found another pair of Skecher flipflops and a new top at CJ Banks.  

I stopped by a couple of flea markets and browsed not looking for anything in particular.  I found these old quilts and was tempted to buy one but I couldn't think of a place where I would use them so I moved on.  The tags on the top two said they were made by someone's great, great-grandmother.  If I remember right, the quilts were priced at $110.00 and the booth had a 20% off sign.  Is that reasonable or too high?  I'm not up on quilt prices, but I know most I see are fairly expensive.  

See the taller glasses on the right side, top shelf?  I had a set just like those in blue and most have been broken over the years and I'm down now to just one.  I've always liked the shape of this glassware, so I bought 4 of these at $3.25 each.  The tag said Fostoria, but I'm pretty sure the blue ones I bought years ago were Libbey. 

This cute little booth belongs to a friend who used to go to the same church as us before they moved to Branson.  We saw them last year when we were there.  She is a very talented gal and she and her hubby used to refinish antiques.

I just had to snap a pic of this bumper sticker in the parking lot when BG and I went out for dinner Sunday evening.  And yes, I had potatoes!!  

 And I also had blackberry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.  Yum, yum.  Who counts calories when on vacation?  Not this chick!  

💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮  💮 

My appointment Wednesday turned out okay.  I had an Endoscopy, which is a tube down the throat that looks at the esophagus, the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine.  

My family doctor wanted me to have this done as I've had heartburn and coughing for a number of years until she put me on a prescription Prilosec.

Remember all the hoopla about Hillary Clinton's coughing during the campaign.  I told BG when I saw her that I'd bet she has what I did because I would cough when I tried to talk...or eat.  

Anyway, the doctor had told me that I couldn't stay on that pill because it thinned your bones and wanted me to have the Endoscopy done to make sure there wasn't anything else going on.  

The esophagus looked fine, but he did find 4 polyps in my stomach which were removed and sent off for a biopsy.  He said he was almost certain they were benign.  

Oh, and he said I could stay on that pill as the studies now say they don't thin your bones.  Yay!  

It wasn't as bad as I had feared.   I thought my throat would be sore afterward, but it wasn't.  I did get a sedative and didn't know a thing during the procedure much like the colonoscopy I had last month.  

Whew!  I'm so glad to have those 2 items crossed off my list.  I feel pretty good, though still tired.  A little of that is because I went with my daughter to the Big Town yesterday after she got off work to get groceries and some other items for her center and it was late when I got back home.

Another reason I want to nap and actually find myself falling asleep over my laptop is because the anesthesiologist told me he was certain I had sleep apnea.  He had looked into my mouth and said he could tell by what he saw there.  Whatever that was.

I do snore some and have a deviated septum and chronic nasal congestion, but even so I was surprised to hear that.  So, I'll have to look into this and see what can be done that doesn't require a wearing a mask.  Don't think I could do that.  People I've known that tried them eventually give it up.   

Okay, enough about me.  But as with the colonoscopy, I tell about these procedures to encourage everyone to not fear having them done. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Friday and weekend, too!
xo Cheryl


  1. I also like those drinking glasses and would like to have a set. We use Mason jars at the moment. Glad your test went well. Those can be stressful, just worrying about having them!

  2. Hi Cheryl, I just love flea market shopping, The price for the quilts with 20% off sounds pretty reasonableI I am so happy you are getting good health reports, having had a few mishaps over the past year,keeps me on my toes! Going to Branson is still on my bucket list, I guess I better go real soon as I am not getting any younger!~wink~ have a blessed weekend!

  3. Cheryl, Glad you got the test done and also glad to hear you are fine. Sounds like you have fun at Branson . I know quilt can run high. I had those same glasses in blue and alas they were broken long ago. I really need a set of glasses. Blessings to you. xoxo, Susie

  4. Very glad to hear that all is well with your health. You're a good girl to take good care of yourself.

    I like the quilts and I'd say they were a good deal depending on their condition. It's comparable to the prices here.

  5. I am so glad the procedure is over and you are alright. Sleep Apnea...Phil has it..I agree about the mask. Although they have newer ones and a good choice now. They can fit it to you personally and you can try different styles. Quilts here are hundreds and hundreds of dollars! So this is a great price. I lOVED going shopping with you!!

  6. Yeah for you that those procedures are both over...I would dread them...and am glad to hear your report about them. My insurance sent me a note saying I need to have the colonoscopy done...along with a mammogram...

  7. You saw some really pretty things on your little adventure. Glad to hear that the tests have come back with good results.I have a friend who has a CPAP machine, small mask that just comes over the nose. She thinks its the best thing ever.Says her sleep is much more restful now.

  8. The cobbler looked scrumptious. How neat you have a friend with a booth in Branson at one of those anitque malls. Your glasses are charming. Good find. Glad your tests are done and all is well.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your shopping trip! I love going thrifting!!
    It seems like those quilts were a great price, but you're right... where to put all of our great thrifting treasures is a thought for us that love a great piece :)

    So glad that your tests turned out fine. We are needing to have some of those tests done as well, and just keep putting them off. We really should just put on our brave faces and get them over with!

    So glad you found some great glasses... yay!
    Have a great weekend, and hope you get feeling better and better after your tests and errand running.

  10. the quilts are very reasonable and beautiful to... but I only buy things I need so even though I love them, would pass them up... I gave up WANTS when I retired and went to NEEDS. the cobble and ice cream has my keyboard wet from drools.. I love the view down the hill of Branson and the cars... would like wandering in the stores to... I remember those glasses, they came in all different colors.

  11. forgot to say glad your tests went well and I have been on Prilosec for 18 years sinc I have GERD

  12. Glad to hear your procedure went well and good results!!! And, sister, I'm with you on the desserts! LOL! As for the bumper sticker, must have been a rice farmer! Love it!
    I don't know about the quilt prices, but they sure are beautiful! Take it easy and get rested. blessings ~ tanna
    ps my brother loves his CPAP machine... feels so much better. Wouldn't go without it. For SEVERAL years now.

  13. So, you ate good FOOD! Yay! Another yay for Prilosec not thinning bones. I have been on it since 2005 to protect my stomach from my heart meds. I have never had heartburn or indigestion prior to taking the Prilosec. I had a DEXA Scan last fall and all was good. Glad your test came out well! Could we just please have a little sunshine... please!

  14. So glad your tests have been successful. I had the endoscope and I did have a sore throat but not too bad. Glad you can take the meds with no problem.
    Your trip to Tanger Outlet mall reminded me of when a group of us use to make a day of it and travel to Branson to do some serious shopping. Then we found we could get what we needed via the Internet. Still I miss the fun times we had shopping there.

  15. Hi,
    Good news regarding the tests. Thank you for sharing. You are right it is important to share the test with others, so we know not to be scared.
    I enjoyed going shopping with you. :-)


  16. I have had quite many endoscopies between 2007 and 2009 due to having a stricture in my bile duct and for 18 months had to have stents put in place (during the endoscopy procedure) to keep the duct open. I was a pretty sick puppy for a while until they finally discovered that it was caused by my sick gall bladder. They removed it and then everything was good! I had my second colonoscopy just a few months ago. They are not fun but quite necessary. Glad to hear yours came out OK. Oh yeah, and those glasses in the thrift shop? We had them in harvest gold...a wedding present :)

  17. Thank you for your PSA, Cheryl. Sometimes the dread of a procedure is worse that the actual thing, so it's wise to go ahead and do it if there is a compelling reason.

    I'd say that the quilts were a really good deal! (They were pretty ones too!) You made some great finds at the flea market.

  18. Tom & I always talked about going to Branson, but never got there. Everyone says wonderful things about it...your condo, I saw in your previous post looked amazing! How blessed you are. From what I've heard, that was a good price for that quilt. I love them but like you, not sure where I'd put them. I've given most of mine away to the kids. Love those glasses you bought though. Glad all went well with your tests. I've had both done too.. Now, however I do the colon one at home. I would nebrrbbe able to do the pre procedure by myself. At any rate...their all good tests to do! Love the bumper sticker!!! Ha! Tom was on the sleep spnea machine and stuck with it for years.

    Take care and blessings,

  19. Cheryl, I am glad to hear all the tests went well and the results were good. I am one of those who don't do doctors except in extreme cases......

    That blackberry cobble looks delicious. It is the top of my favorite list for desserts.
    I have spotted a blooming bush nearby on a neighbor's fence....mostly on the road side. I may steal over that way come July!

  20. I loved your trip to Branson on this one. I always like when you visit the flea markets and antique stores. I really can't imagine that any one would sell a quilt made by their great great grandmother. I have a beautiful one made by my three Aunts for my wedding almost 50 years ago. I would never sell it. I enjoyed looking at the other things you were looking at.
    Yes, when you are on vacation it is good to eat. The Icecream looked so good; I haven't had some for a while.
    Potatoes and rice make your butt look big; yup!
    I am happy that your endoscope when well. I have had the same symptoms as you for many years. I have a chronic cough for years caused by reflux, heartburn, postnasal drip and etc. I have been treated with Prilosec too. Right now I am just using Pepcid. That being said, I also have allergies which cause the cough too. Thus far I cough a lot except for a few good months out of the year. It's irritating. I will be heading in for the test soon again. It's always good to get them over; but they aren't that bad.
    Get some rest dear friend! Blessings and hugs for you ~

  21. Glad the endoscopy is over with and I pray the report on the polyps is good. My husband has severe sleep apnea and has used cpap for about 11 years. Without cpap, a sleep study/computer shows that he stops breathing 55 times per hour - almost every minute - which is very hard on his body's organs. New masks are much easier to wear should you need one in the future. I remember my grandma's blackberry cobbler - this looks so tasty! I hope you have a very nice day.

  22. I would have bought the green cake plate on the bottom shelf. :) I don't know anything about prices of quilts.
    My uncle has sleep apnea and he wears a mask every night. I just don't think I could sleep with one on my face.
    So glad your procedures are over and all is well. :)
    Blackberry cobbler is one of my favorites!

  23. No one likes to have certain procedures done, but it's always good when they are over and done and there are no negative results. Thanks for caring enough to share your experiences.