Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It's Colder Than Kraut

Have you ever heard the expression "colder than kraut"?  Think -20 degrees wind chill, which we've had this week, and a lot of phrases come to mind.  Oh, I know many that live further north have temps much colder, but this is colder than what we normally see in winter.

Colder than kraut, is a phrase that I remember from childhood as my dad would announce just how cold it was as he came in the house on a particularly frigid morning after feeding the livestock and cutting ice so they could get a drink.

If school was cancelled for the day, as our locals schools have done the past two days, we would be called upon to help with the chores.  I didn't mind going out in the cold in those days.  What a difference the years make!  Now, I'd rather stay inside my warm, cozy home and wait for warmer weather to go out. 

We had around 2 inches of snow to go along with the bitter cold temps.  The good news is that a warming trend is supposed to begin today and will possibly reach 55 degrees Saturday.

I will be going to the eye clinic for another injection today.  It's hard to tell if the last one has helped much.  I hope it's a bit warmer by the time I go!   

I did get some good news regarding an ultrasound and more blood work I had done over a week ago.  The last time I had labs done my white cell count was very elevated and my liver functions were too.  The doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound of my gall bladder and liver to be on the safe side.  

I'm happy to say the results of the ultrasound were normal and my labs were mostly normal to much improved.  The white cell count is now normal but a couple of things are not back to where they should be but are vastly improved, so I'm to try to drink more water and I don't have to go back for 3 months.  Whew!  It seems like I've been in the doctor's office more this winter than the past few years.     

I really think that the last time I came down with a cold/virus was from sitting in the clinic where there were several sick people in the waiting room.  Of course, I suppose you can catch something just going to the grocery store.

We've been discussing...just for grins...where we would live to escape the cold winter it we were to decide to move.  Hawaii sounds wonderful, but it's too far from family.  The deep south gets too hot in the summer.  California has too many problems and there's the fires, mud slides and possible earthquakes to worry about.  Is there a perfect place?  Where would you live if you decided to move and could go anywhere you wanted to?

A prize will be given to the one who guesses correctly the number of times I said the word "cold" or "colder" in this post.  lol!!  Just kidding! 

Happy Wednesday to you!

Friday, January 12, 2018

My List

This is the time of year that is so hard to get decent photos outside what with the often cloudy, dreary days.  I'm happy we didn't get the ice that was predicted for Thursday in this area, but it remained gloomy and turned very cold.

With that said, and because I haven't used my camera much lately, I'll have to resort to borrowing from my archives.  I don't take a lot of photos inside my house, which you'll see why in a minute, and I haven't tried out any notable recipes to share.  In fact, BG just got over a cold and now I have it, so neither one of us has been very hungry and have been eating light.  

Since I didn't have any energy yesterday to actually do anything around the house, I made a list of goals of things I'd like to see done before the year is over.  We'll see.  I also have included a few personal goals.

I will hopefully remember which month I wrote these down and tick off the ones that get done.  You'll see I've been a little ambitious in my thinking.  ☺   But, hey, if you don't make a plan in my house, everything gets shoved to the back burner.   

Personal Goals:

 1 - Keep drinking water...lots of water and stay away from 
       the sugary drinks I dearly love and kick Diabetes 2 to the curb!
 2 - Go through my closets and get rid of clothes that are sadly
       outdated and maybe buy a few new things if I drop any more
       pounds due to cutting out sugar. 
 3 - Try to stay away from the white bread which is harder to do  
        for me than giving up sugar.
 4 - Get my camera out and take more photos.  
 5 - Try out some new, healthy recipes.
 6 - There's more, but I'll keep them private for now.

Next are goals for our house that we've been neglecting for the last few years.  It's time to get these things done.

 1 - paint living room, hallway and bedrooms
 2 - put hardwood flooring in living room and kitchen
       and hallway...maybe...or carpet
 3 - new carpet in 3 bedrooms
 4 - redo walls and paint basement
 5 - replace big window in basement
 6 - new window in living room?
 7 - new drapes for living room window
 8 - need 2 new recliners for living room
 9 - decide on whether to keep oak front cabinet

10 - weed out unneeded sets of dishes
11 - have 3 trees cut down
12 - replace gutters?
13 - paint inside garage
14 - replace flooring in storage building on patio and paint outside
15 - need new large patio rug
16 - spray paint front flower pots
17 - prune knockout roses
18 - prune fruit trees
19 - look for new lamps for living room
20 - replace furnace?

I'm sure there's something that I forgot, but that's a start.  Thankfully our appliances are in good shape, well maybe the dishwasher is getting a little old but it still works good.

And then there is the other house we bought where our daughter lives now.  We need to finish up some things there.  I won't try to list them...I might start getting depressed.  ha!

We'll be able to get a lot done if I can get my stubborn, sweet hubby who thinks he can do everything himself, to hire a little help.  Now, as soon as I feel like getting out, I think I'll go buy a Lottery ticket!

Happy Friday to you!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Are We There Yet?

If you have ever traveled with children then you most likely have heard them ask "are we there yet?"  

And now I'm traveling down the long, cold road to spring.  Are we there yet?  I know, we're only nine days into January.  It's just that this has been such a cold month so far and I am so not a winter person.  I do enjoy a little snow, but the bitter cold and icy conditions are what I could cheerfully give up.  

I didn't mind winters when I was a youngster and fondly remember the days when I went ice skating on the pond or sledding with my brothers.  Seems like we had more snow then than we do now.   

The photo of the barn is one I found in my archives.  We haven't had that much snow yet.  We had a lot of fog and icy branches this morning and some black ice.  I need to fill the bird feeders but don't want to walk across the patio for fear of falling.  

Ahh...much better!  I grabbed a flower pic from the archives and I'll look at this while I'm finishing up my to-do list for 2018.  Maybe I'll post it next time.  It's turning into a lengthy one and I'm quite sure that some things will not get done, but it's good to have a list and even better when something is crossed off and marked done.  

I don't make resolutions but set goals and hope to achieve a few of them.  How about you?  Do you have a special goal in mind for this new year?  And how is the weather in your part of the world?

Happy Tuesday to you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Year and Christmas Memories

Greetings to my friends and family!  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve at my daughter's house and we saw the new year in with games, food, music and a little impromptu dancing by Kim and me. 

Kim's friend Mike was providing the music and picked out many oldies and goodies that are our favorites.  Stayin' Alive started playing and my daughter and I couldn't sit still.  It was just so wonderful to feel good again after a long siege of something, which thankfully ended just before Christmas, that I felt like dancing.

Thanks to all of you who congratulated me on the weight loss.  I must confess that I hadn't been trying to lose weight.  It just fell off because I had to cut out the sugar and white bread after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.   

My numbers have been really good and my A1c came back in the normal range, so I felt like treating myself to a few sweets over Christmas.  Hopefully I haven't gained back those pounds I lost!  Ha!  But, oh the peanut butter fudge and cashew crunch I picked up at the Amish bakery was so delicious!  

We also had a fabulous Christmas.  We opened our gifts on Christmas eve at my house and had pizza for supper.  On Christmas Day, we went to our daughter's house for a delicious dinner of brisket, cheesy potatoes, crock-pot corn, green beans and salad.  I made rolls to take.  It was just the 5 of us, my family and her friend, Mike.  

Our son was here for the holidays.  He went back to KC for a few days in between Christmas and New Year's, but it was so nice to have him home for several days.  He had picked up a scratchy throat and a bit of a cough, but he got some rest and thankfully he didn't get very sick.

Kim's house was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Her living room is the first photo in the above collage.  My tree is to the right.   The tree in the lower left corner is in her kitchen.  The photo of Kim and me was taken playing around with Snap Chat.  

Kim has trees in every room and the one above is in her bedroom.  I have already shown the one in the spare bedroom in a previous post.  This tree might be my favorite.  It's all white and blue ornaments.  

My trees didn't suffer too much kitty related damage.  A few ornaments were knocked off.  Stormy kept moving the little tree skirt from around my kitchen tree.  She thought it was there for her to sleep on.  
We had snow for Christmas!  It didn't amount to very much but it was nice to have a white Christmas and also have the roads clear for traveling.  But, oh my goodness, has the weather turned bitterly cold!  It is so cold that our furnace runs non-stop.  

My trees are still up and I'm enjoying the lights from both trees as I write this post from my recliner.  I will do the take down and put away this weekend.  My trees didn't get put up very early so I'm going to enjoy them as long as I can!

Wishing each of my friends and family many blessings in this New Year and good health and happiness!   Thank you to all my blogging friends who have visited and commented throughout the past year.  Your friendship means a lot to me.  I'm sorry I didn't get around to everyone to wish you Merry Christmas, but I was so behind on everything due to the illness I had for over a month.  My goal is to be a better blogger this year...and to get organized at home!   


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May the true meaning of this beautiful season
fill your hearts and homes with many blessings.

Love, Cheryl

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Wonderful Time of the Year

It's beginning to look a lot like my house.  I put up 2 trees, one in the LR and one in the dining area of my kitchen.  This year I bought a new pre-lit tree for the LR.  I had new ornaments bought on clearance last year.  Several of my old favorite ornaments such as the one above were used to decorate the new tree.  The ornament above was bought at SDC in Branson several years ago.  It is supposed to be carved from the wood of an olive tree in Bethlehem.

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn't get out my entire collections of Santas and Snowmen but I did have to have a few for the entertainment center.  This little trio always makes me smile when I unwrap them each year.  

This is one end of my daughter's fireplace mantle.  She borrowed a few of my snowmen to add to her collection.  Her house is beautifully decorated and I hope to get some more photos taken soon.

This tree is in the guest bedroom.  She has a tree in every room.  I helped her make some chocolate dipped pretzels this morning.  They had a bake sale at work to raise money for some new tricycles for the younguns.  She had already made several goodies the night before such as dipped oreos and rice crispy treats.  

This is the tree in her LR.  Neither one of us has all of our gifts wrapped so I didn't try to get a full shot of her tree or mine yet.  

I hope to get the wrapping done by the end of the day.  I need to get a couple more things and I'll be finished with the shopping.  

Monday I went to the doctor for a follow-up visit.  I don't mean to bore you with my health issues, but I write these things more for my sake as this blog is a journal.  So please bear with me.  You'd be surprised what I have looked up here in the last 9 years I've blogged because I'd forgotten things. 

Anyway, the visit went pretty well.   I had to have another EKG because she thought my heart rate was much too fast for me and I wasn't the least bit nervous.  

Actually, I might have been smiling because the nurse told me I sure didn't look my age and that is always good to hear!  Plus I've lost more weight since giving up sugar and white bread.  Excuse me while I brag on myself, but do you know how hard it was to give up my beloved sweet iced tea and Pepsi?  And sandwiches?  I love my bread!  Shh, don't tell the doctor but I still indulge in a roll now and then.

The EKG came back fine and I'm still awaiting to hear from the lab work.  She thought my thyroid needed to be checked.  My cough is much improved which is such a relief.  It's surprising how much that can wear one out.  She put me on a probiotic as the flora in my system is a bit out of whack.  Unless something else turns up, I don't have to go back until February for my diabetes follow-up visit. 

BG gets Christmas cards from the DAV and I loved the ones they sent this year.  I've only sent out a few Christmas cards to those friends and relatives far away.  Most people seem to have given up on mailing cards these days.  That's one tradition that I miss and that I think FB and email has ruined for us.  Well, maybe the price of postage has a little to do with it too.  :)  

We have less than a week left to get everything done.  Are you ready?  I love Christmas and the reason we celebrate this special holiday.  It's a most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Tree, Kitties, and Me

The days are going by much too fast for me, but then they seem to do that the older I get.  I'm slowly getting everything ready for Christmas.  Are you ready?

The trees were finished yesterday and there are a few things that will be tweaked as the days go by.  Things added and maybe a few eliminated too.  I'm finding that less is more this year.  

I didn't put out my entire Santa and Snowmen collections, just a few were put on top of the entertainment center.  I need to find a new tree skirt to complete the tree.  The one I had last year was no where to be found.

I love Christmas music and have been enjoying listening to a few favorite CD's.  My sugar-free hot chocolate supply is about gone so that needs to be put on my shopping list.

My daughter has been busy decorating her house and has had a little audience as she works in the kitchen.  See the trio at the door?  They are part of a group of 5 kittens that were moved by their mother to her house in the spring.  The one in the background is Orphan, so named because her mother more or less abandoned her and she took up with the 5 kittens. 

Uncle CT is still around helping take care of them although the kittens are nearly grown by now.  That is Uncle CT in the middle.  Lil Stormy is in front and Orphan is in the back.

I knew this would happen.  Kim fell in love with them all, but Lil Stormy wormed his way into her heart and was the first one she could pet after many weeks, maybe months, of coaxing.  I told her that Lil Stormy would be wanting to come into the house and she said no, not gonna happen.  

Well, guess what?  How can you say no to that sweet little face?  I couldn't either.  We are both soft touches when it comes to our fur babies.  He comes in to visit when she's home in the evenings and weekends, but goes outside the rest of the time. 

As for me, I am still coughing some but otherwise am doing better.  I had to go to the eye clinic Monday for another shot in my eye for macular degeneration.

That isn't much fun but the worst part is getting my eyes dilated and it's hard to see for quite awhile.  I managed to drive to the mall and stopped in at Barnes and Noble and the Cafe Court to wait until I could see better.  The selfie was just me goofing around.  I'd thought to take a pic of my sad looking eye, but it didn't turn out.

You might as well laugh at yourself and have fun when you can.  I  made the gal that took the eye x-rays laugh.  She told me to put my chin on the bar and I said, "which one?"  She then proceeded to talk about the joys of getting older and having everything start to sag, although I'm sure she was much younger than I am.  I didn't tell her that it only gets better, haha!

Then the doctor came in with the same old joke he tells me every time I see him.  Something about telling my husband that I needed to give up vacuuming, that it wasn't good for my health.  The man needs a new joke book for Christmas!

What are you asking Santa for Christmas?  Anything special?  We have told our children that we need to downsize and don't need a thing.  Really, we don't.  I realize more everyday that I need to stop accumulating stuff.  I love dishes for instance, but I have more than enough now.  Now books are maybe the one thing that I can't stop bringing home.  But I do donate many that I've read and won't read again.

I'll hope to visit soon!  Being under the weather for so long put me way behind on things.  I still need to finish my shopping and wrapping.  Maybe a trip to the Amish country will be made to purchase some of their delicious candies and breads.   All those yummy things that I'm not supposed to eat!  

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Catching Up

It's been a while since my last post and although I strive to be upbeat, I also believe in keeping it real.  So I'll begin with saying the past few weeks haven't exactly been my finest, healthwise.  I've struggled with vertigo, a bad cough which is still lingering and various other ailments.

I even had to go to the Emergency Room this past Saturday night.  You know how it is, something always seems to happen over the weekend or at night when there aren't any doctors available.

I think I'm on the upswing now even though some things still need to improve.  At least there were a few good days here and there the past few weeks and we took advantage of them and went to Branson.  

Silver Dollar City at Branson is a must-see for me during the Christmas season which begins the first weekend in November.  They had added 1.5 million lights to the already 4 million this year and it was just fabulous.  I love Christmas lights and I was like a kid again gazing in awe at everything. 

There were several archways covered in lights like the photo above.

As I wasn't feeling the best, I didn't try to walk down the hills toward the back of the park as in years past, but I think I saw most of the new lights as they seemed to be mainly in the mid-park section.   Do you see the suspended tree in the photo above?

I can't begin to describe the beauty of SDC decked out for Christmas and if you ever go, be sure to stay after dark as it is indeed a sight to behold!

Our condo already had a tree up and decorated.  The weather was nice during the time we were there and just chilly enough at night to have a fire going in the fireplace.

One morning the fog was still hanging over the lake and it made a pretty sight.  I love fog if I don't have to drive in it!  

Here's a photo taken from inside of the fog on the lake.  I think this was the morning we were leaving to go back home.  You can see by the shadows on the deck that the sun was breaking through the fog.

I love Branson but it's always good to get home and back with our sweet fur-kids.  Stormy missed us and she has been keeping close to me when she knows I don't feel good.  

My Christmas trees are still in the boxes just waiting to be opened and put together and decorated and I'm behind on shopping too.  It will get done even if a bit late this year.  Our daughter wants to have Christmas dinner at her house this year.  We'll have our gift exchange on Christmas eve here. 

Hopefully I'll get back to visiting and posting more regular soon.  I do hope all of you are staying well and having fun getting ready for the holidays.

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

"But now, on Thanksgiving, we still have the November
sun, and the clear deep blue of the sky, and the white glory
of the stars, and the loving-kindness of friends, just as our
forefathers had.  If only we can preserve the real things--
the love of man and woman, the peace of an evening by the 
fire, the sweetness of music, and the gay sound of children's
voices--we shall not have to hear the sound of the world
disintegrating into chaos."
~Gladys Taber, The Book of Stillmeadow

The turkey is in the oven, the rolls are rising and the pies are made.  Next, I'll peel the potatoes and put together the garden salad and fix some green beans.  Daughter is making the dressing at house and will bring it.  Son came in last night and he will get to carve the turkey for me when it is done and cooled down.  
The rest of this post is a repeat from last year.  I need to get those potatoes peeled!  

This Thanksgiving finds me thankful for so many things....I would have a very lengthy blog post if I tried to list them all.  As always, I am thankful for all my blogging friends.  I am wishing each one of you a very happy Thanksgiving Day and weekend!  And to those who live outside of the USA, I wish you a happy day and weekend ahead.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving is a week away!

We have clear skies with chilly temperatures this morning.  I'm fixing myself a cup of sugar free hot chocolate and sitting down to make out my shopping list for Thanksgiving next week. 

I'm running a bit behind this year in preparations as I've had a flare-up of vertigo and costochondritis again this week.  The vertigo is much better today and Advil has been helping the chest pain tremendously.

My menu for Thanksgiving is the usual turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans or corn, garden salad, and rolls.  I used to fix extra dishes such as a fruit salad and scalloped oysters, but we just don't need that much food.  I'll fix a pie or two and I'm  hoping I can find the recipe for the sugar free pumpkin pie I used to make for my dad who was diabetic.

Do you fix the traditional turkey dinner or will you skip the cooking and go out to eat this year?  

My daughter got started on blood pressure meds this week and I'm hoping that will help bring those numbers down soon.  She stayed home from work a few days to's orders. 

She's ready to begin decorating for Christmas when she has the time and energy.  As much as I love fall, I'm already getting a bit tired of the orange pumpkins and decor around the house and am thinking about getting the trees out, but will probably wait until after Thanksgiving.  Do you put your tree up before Thanksgiving?  I've seen a few already up and shining brightly in the windows as we drive by at night.

The Pioneer Woman has her new Christmas line of dishes out at Wallyworld.  They are very pretty and oh so tempting, but I don't need more dishes and I still love my Pfaltzgraff Winterberry plates and mugs. 

Do you have Ree's new cookbook?  I'm going to put that on my wish list this year.  It looks interesting and I have a few of her other cookbooks.  Even though I don't cook like I used to, I love to read cookbooks! 

I'm wondering if the squirrel has a nest in this tree.  It's interesting to me to see all the squirrel nests that have been built high up in the trees.  They are much more noticeable once the leaves begin falling.

With the vertigo and being lazy, I haven't been able to fluff my nest as I'd hoped to do.  The painting will most likely have to wait until spring.  I do want to make a few other changes but they won't be as time consuming as painting would be.

Such is my life these days.  Exciting, huh?   Trying to get well and puttering around with one thing or another, but not accomplishing very much.  I've been limiting my time on the computer due to the vertigo, so that means I've visited less in blogland and am lucky to get one post a week done.  I'm also hoping to be well enough to take a little road trip soon.

When I get the laundry caught up today, I'm going out to shop for the Thanksgiving turkey.  I have a recurring dream that the day has arrived and I haven't yet bought the turkey.  lol!  That's actually never happened, but I still have the dream each year. 

Happy Thursday to you!

xo Cheryl