Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cat Tales and the Weather

Me:  "Stormy, you're going to have to move, I
need to use the sink."

Stormy:  "Oh great, I just got settled good and she 
wants me to move?  Maybe if I just ignore her,
she'll go away."

I love this little fur-kid.  She has the most expressive
face and ways to let me know how she feels or
what she wants.

Meanwhile, at my daughter's house, my Stormy's 
little lookalike, also called Stormy, has his own way of
showing his thoughts, too.

To set this up, let me first explain that daughter has
a gray cat that's been living with her long enough that
she thinks the house belongs to her.  Enter Stormy into
the house to visit and things get interesting.

Little Stormy:  "Oh,'re gonna sit down over
there on the sofa?"

Little Stormy:  "Hope you don't mind if I join you. Uh oh,
I think the mean gray lady is headed this way, too." 

Little Stormy:  "I'm not here!"

 Now for a weather report - which includes some storms...

The views out my west window have been changing almost daily.  We've had sunshine with warm temps, cloudy and cold, snow flurries and some ice and thunderstorms with rain.  All in the last few days.   

It was in the 60's Monday and I looked out the window just in time to see a flock of robins in the yard.  We only have one more week of February, it's hard to believe but spring is just around the corner as the returning robins know.  The weather has dropped back into the 20's for now, but it won't be long before we see more birds returning and other signs of spring.  I'm ready!   

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. Love the Stormies! Beautiful faces! We are having stormy weather here, too. But, the daffodils and tulip trees are blooming... won't be long! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I saw a whole yard full of robins the other day. I got giddy at the sight. It has been magnificent weather the past week here, but I think we have a bit of cool coming again. Not 20's, but cool:)
    I had a cat growing up that was so expressive as well. He lived outside and would walk around to the front yard and stand under a tree every single day when I was due home from school. Internal clock for sure.

  3. your weather went to 20's and ours soared to 86, whacked out weather. both stormy's are so sweet, i laughed when i saw your stormy in the sink. just to funny. beautiful cat.

  4. Our temps have varied so much! It will be in the twenties, and today it is 80! I know it won't last, though. I always like seeing Stormy, she is so beautiful. And I always love a good cat story! Your daughter's Stormy looks white in the picture. So Little stormy must be the palest of grey. does Big Stormy drink from that sink faucet?

  5. Hi,
    We had an ice storm this week. I will say that ice can stay away, I will take snow any day. I enjoyed your cat stories. Your photos are well done capturing the personalities.
    xx oo

  6. I love seeing your kitty pictures! One of my cats also loves the bathroom sinks. He will get in one so I'll go to use the other and he will then run over and want that one. He is fascinated by water and loves running water. Here in the KC area we have had a week of ice storms with more forecast for tonight. Spring will sure be welcome when it gets here!

  7. Oh what darling kitty captions! They are so very expressive! Your weather sounds about as crazy as ours...getting up to near 80 this week...almost there now! I am not ready for this yet...give me gentle, cool breezes for a little while! I know we will surely have more winter but February is normally our coldest and snowiest month. As of right now, the fields and grasses have turned spring green...almost overnight!

  8. Beautiful snowy yard!

    You know what they say about cats? Dogs have owners; cats have staff.

  9. both stormy's are so sweet. warm temps would be nice to stick around. i'm ready for spring too.

  10. We have had some unseasonable warm weather the last couple of days. It has been wonderful. Today the rains have come back so I am snuggled down in my apartment. I am so excited that it is almost March. Hope you have a warm up soon. xo Laura

  11. I am so ready for spring. Hopefully the weather moderates soon.I am also tired of the cold.But enough of the whining, life is good.Those kitties are pretty cute.

  12. Cats have such personalities, don't they?! You have captioned those photos well! :)

    Spring will be very welcomed. It hasn't been a bad winter, but I am tired of gray. My eyes are longing for color!

  13. Me, too! More than ready for spring. Love the photo of Stormy in the sink. It sure looks like a cozy bed. ☺️

  14. Cutest little cats...
    our weather is cloudy and cold here this morning...I need to bake something...:)

  15. The photos of Stormy are so precious especially the ones in the sink. I love it when you can almost read their minds. At least with our Sammy we can usually tell what he is up too.
    Loved our story about that precious one.
    We thought we were heading for spring. We then received 5 inches of snow and expecting more tomorrow. Maybe we are facing a late winter. Weather is strange around here. We do need the moisture for sure.
    Warm thoughts and hugs!

  16. Hi Cheryl~

    Oh, I love cats! Stormy really does have expressive little faces, they think they are so sly, but you can always tell what they are up to... :0) And why do they always want to sit in the sink?! I had a cat who loved to sit anywhere she shouldn't have the sink, the top of the stove, the kitchen table...naughty little things!

    Your weather has been crazy, I've truly never seen anything like it! It was very cold, windy and snowy here today, and two weeks ago, Bob was golfing! I just hope the buds on the fruit trees don't get frozen...they think it's spring! Your photos are gorgeous!

    Have a great week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  17. Cats are the most interesting animals. The two I bottle raised, still think they are human...the calico comes in and out if she gets a chance every time we open the back door. Most times I just let her.

    She usually heads for my chair in the kitchen.

    I think winter may be over.......I saw my first daffodil yesterday.

  18. Adore your cat captions! I always guess what they are thinking, too! They're the most unusual, unique and fun creatures! I fall in love with each one I meet!

    Blessings on your day! Net