Wednesday, August 16, 2017

See You In September

Is it fall yet?  ☺

I've loved every last bloom in my flower gardens this year.


I'm weary of all the watering. 

We're back to 90 degree temps and watering every single day is a must to keep the flowers going.  I'm almost ready to move on to the next season.  Almost.

I'm going to be taking a blog break for the rest of the month and maybe into part of the next.

There are so many things I've started this summer but not finished.  I think I may have mentioned a time or six that I'm probably the biggest procrastinator in blogdom...if not the country.  


I know that getting older slows one down but I'm just downright lazy lately.  Watering flowers and picking up the house and taking care of the fur-kids and feeding hungry husbands is about all I get done in a days time. 

We did go to Kansas City over the weekend.  We had a nice meal with our son while there and I did a little shopping.  I didn't take any photos to share, I only snapped a few photos of lamps in Home Goods near KC to show my daughter what they had.

My lamps are needing replacing.  The cats have knocked one of them over a few too many times.  Do they have obedience schools for kitties?  One of mine needs to go if they do.  :)

Enjoy the rest of this month.  🎜 I'll see you in September...bye, bye, so long. 🎝

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday's Bits and Pieces

"A garden soothes troubled hearts, delights the senses, 
feeds the body, and offers us a second Eden 
in which to play and rest."
~Harriet Crosby

My goodness, this month is just moving right along!  I wish I could say that I've gotten a lot accomplished since I last posted, but I can't unless puttering counts.

Rain moved through on Saturday and our temperatures have cooled down considerably.  I'll take lower 80's in August over the high 90's of July any time.

My flowers are still doing pretty good in spite of the heat we had last month and the little veggie patch is still giving us tomatoes to eat.  I love fresh homegrown tomatoes.  

Our son was back in over the weekend and we grilled again before the rains came.  One evening, our daughter had us over for a yummy meal of BLT's, corn on the cob, and oven potatoes.

I picked up some paint samples at Sherwin Williams when I was in the Big Town one day.  Thank you to all who gave me suggestions!  I've got 3 paint colors in mind for now.

My walls always take on a gray tone in photos, but in reality they are a very light beige.   The 3 samples from the top are Dover White, Alabaster and the bottom color is Simple White.  

I'll be pondering on these colors for quite a while, I'm sure.  When I think about the job ahead, I just might decide that Durham Beige (which is what I have) is still looking good enough!

I stopped in at Hobby Lobby when I was in town.  It was fun to browse the fall decor aisles.

And not so fun to see this right next to the fall stuff.  Really?  Do we have to see Christmas this early?  I am so not ready for it.

For a mere $999.98, you can take a new 12 foot tree home.  I had to laugh when I compared this big boy to my skinny little 6 foot tree I put in the dining area of my kitchen.  

I've enjoyed being outside since the weather isn't so stifling hot.  I love listening to the birds and gazing at the clouds.  I see a face in this cloud...with a very big nose.  Do you see it?   

Gazing at my flowers and nature in general is soothing to me.  The news has been more than a little troubling.  I'm talking about the one who is shooting off missiles and saying he wants to destroy us.
I bow my head like the sunflower above and whisper a pray for protection for our country and for wisdom for our leaders.

Thank you to all my blog friends for your comments, I so appreciate each and every one.  

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl