Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday's Bits and Pieces

"A garden soothes troubled hearts, delights the senses, 
feeds the body, and offers us a second Eden 
in which to play and rest."
~Harriet Crosby

My goodness, this month is just moving right along!  I wish I could say that I've gotten a lot accomplished since I last posted, but I can't unless puttering counts.

Rain moved through on Saturday and our temperatures have cooled down considerably.  I'll take lower 80's in August over the high 90's of July any time.

My flowers are still doing pretty good in spite of the heat we had last month and the little veggie patch is still giving us tomatoes to eat.  I love fresh homegrown tomatoes.  

Our son was back in over the weekend and we grilled again before the rains came.  One evening, our daughter had us over for a yummy meal of BLT's, corn on the cob, and oven potatoes.

I picked up some paint samples at Sherwin Williams when I was in the Big Town one day.  Thank you to all who gave me suggestions!  I've got 3 paint colors in mind for now.

My walls always take on a gray tone in photos, but in reality they are a very light beige.   The 3 samples from the top are Dover White, Alabaster and the bottom color is Simple White.  

I'll be pondering on these colors for quite a while, I'm sure.  When I think about the job ahead, I just might decide that Durham Beige (which is what I have) is still looking good enough!

I stopped in at Hobby Lobby when I was in town.  It was fun to browse the fall decor aisles.

And not so fun to see this right next to the fall stuff.  Really?  Do we have to see Christmas this early?  I am so not ready for it.

For a mere $999.98, you can take a new 12 foot tree home.  I had to laugh when I compared this big boy to my skinny little 6 foot tree I put in the dining area of my kitchen.  

I've enjoyed being outside since the weather isn't so stifling hot.  I love listening to the birds and gazing at the clouds.  I see a face in this cloud...with a very big nose.  Do you see it?   

Gazing at my flowers and nature in general is soothing to me.  The news has been more than a little troubling.  I'm talking about the one who is shooting off missiles and saying he wants to destroy us.
I bow my head like the sunflower above and whisper a pray for protection for our country and for wisdom for our leaders.

Thank you to all my blog friends for your comments, I so appreciate each and every one.  

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. We have been having a little cool down here too and the rain is to return tomorrow through the weekend and maybe even in to next. We need every drop! I say bring on the fall but leave the Christmas trees alone for a while!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. I cannot imagine spending so much money on a Christmas tree that is up once a year, can you? I was in Hobby Lobby recently, and I did not go anywhere near that Christmas stuff. Seems ridiculous to put that stuff out so soon!

  3. I see another face in the clouds... She's on the top lying down... see her?????? I always loved to do this when I was a child... (And of course, I still am.)

    Gorgeous flowers.... I too get out in nature often to get away from the horrible anger/bickering/hatred news all around us... GADS...

    NO to spending that much money for a Christmas Tree.... Yipes....

    Good luck choosing your colors for your walls... Our probably need painting --but that doesn't interest either of us now.... ha ha....


  4. So glad your flowers are doing so well. My one and only that I bought looks terrible, even though I degraded it regularly and watered it daily. It looked like it fit some little mites on it😒 I was so bummed.
    I do see the face on the clouds.. I love to do this too..
    So glad you're able to enjoy your kids!! Fresh tomatoes..yummm I do miss them. Tom grew some amazing ones.
    My prayers are going up for our country also.

  5. Cheryl, yes, puttering counts and I am very good at it. LOL... Love your flowers. oh I agree, let's put the brakes on this month..already a week has gone by. So fun your kids like to having gatherings. I love that. Girl, I am not ready to be looking at Christmas trees. LOL...that is way too much for a fake tree. I bought a really big and thick one for 75 dollars on sale one year from Beerman's. I gave it to my oldest I feel in love with a skinny tree that I can almost get my arms around. :):) It looks fine for big decorating days are dwindling down. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  6. Glad that cooler temps moved in. I took the HL tour today myself. Wonder if one could get the 40% off coupon on that $999.99 Christmas tree...

    Oh I do see the face...perhaps a queen with a large bosom and a tall collar and a crown?

    Your wall looks fine as is to me!

  7. As much as I love Christmas,I am not ready to see it just yet.

  8. I almost think it should be illegal to put out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving...LOL I do see the face...

  9. I love that scripture, it does bring comfort. We are living in strange times and I love that I can read scriptures and pray to bring my heart some peace. I do worry about this country a lot. We have been warned through prophecies.
    Now on to the cheerful thoughts. I loved your post and photos. I think your moments with children are awesome. I treasure the times I get with mine.
    Good luck on the painting project! You are inspiring me!!
    I love Hobby Lobby and could spend a long time browsing there. I do think putting out the holiday decorations so early is disconcerting sometimes. I love them but I don't like to shop right now.
    Love following your fun moments! Blessings and hugs~

  10. I think Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff all year round! YES, the news this morning filled me with dread. This man must be nuts for sure. Phil thinks it is all just bluffs, but I just don't know. I do know that Dover White is very popular. I see the face with the big nose, how fun!! I need to do more cloud gazing like this, then post them. Your purple flowers are gorgeous!!!

  11. i know you think it's early. but i got a big thrill seeing the christmas items at your hobby lobby. i particularly like that fabric deer. it is so cute.

  12. Yes, Cheryl, I did see the face in the cloud, and its always fun to find images and shapes as they are so fleeting. Way too early for holiday stuff, but I'm sure it will be in stores here soon, if not already. That 🌲 price was crazy, but some folks will buy it for sure. Sunflowers are lovely and I often buy cut ones from the suoermarket to disolay on our table remembering ones we grew years ago in VA.

  13. I love looking for figures in the clouds.
    I can't even imagine paying that much for a Christmas tree. I swore off prelit ones after having them go out on two days before Christmas. I went back to real.
    I have had to limit myself listening to the news. It can be all too much to consider, but I am with you --all we can do is lift up a prayer for those in charge.

  14. Ha! I am with you, No Thank You to Christmas as of yet. ;-) Let us first enjoy Autumn. LOL

    Sending a big hug and prayers regarding the news. I have two teen boys. Needless to say, they both had questions about North Korea. The media does not help!

  15. good luck with paint choice, it is always so HARD. looks like HL has the Christmas out, will go wander and see what is new.

  16. That price for a tree is obscene. Had to laugh at the face. It seems all the faces I see have big noses and man buns. That one is the norm for me:))

  17. I'm not even ready for the fall stuff yet!! Your flowers are still looking beautiful, Cheryl. Both quotes/scripture are dead on. We must pray for our country! blessings ~ tanna

  18. I hear you- I am not ready to see Christmas yet either. lol Your flowers are so pretty, Cheryl. I know you treasure our short summer days there like we do here.
    I am praying for our country, too. It is just downright scary with everything that is happening. Love to you- xo Diana

  19. Hi Cheryl~

    I always love to hear about your day... :0)

    I'm with you, I will take upper 80's any day over upper 90's! It has been so smokey here, you can't even tell if the sun is shining! Fall will be a good reprieve from all of the smoke...hopefully.

    I haven't been to a big store in a while, but I'm sure I will be shocked at how early they get things out for, Halloween and Christmas. I think I paid 79.00 for my tree, at least 15 years ago. I will most likely use it for another 15!

    Our country is in quite a mess...she needs all the prayers we can give her. Love the quote, very true.

    Good luck with all your painting!


  20. P.S. Your cloud photo was gorgeous!! You know how I love clouds!

  21. The flowers in the photo are so lovely. I too love fall weather over the heat of July. I like to be outside more for sure.
    We need to paint the inside of our home. I do like the beigh color; I think that is the shade we will go with. It just seems like such a big project. Right now I am just too tired. I love to browse the Halloween decorations and decor and yup; Christmas is right next to it. I don't want to think about that at all.
    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the face in the cloud is; looks like President George Washington.
    All the disasters are dishearting. I pray for them all to have comfort, peace and help to recover. I do think that good comes from it all. People prove that they do care about one another and there are always wonderful stories of bravery and miracles.
    Blessings and hugs~