Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marching On....

It feels like this month has been on fast-forward.  Are you like me and would occasionally like to be able to rewind?  Except for the past two days, which I'll explain in a few, I could redo this entire month.  I remember having a birthday and a few other days of note, but the entire month has just rushed by.  But then, don't they all?

My sweet little Callie hasn't returned home yet.  I'm still watching for her and praying she finds her way back.  It's been over a week now.  We do have a lot of predators in our neighborhood and raccoons that are not cat-friendly, so I'm worried I might not see her again.  I did put out her litter box and a pillow that she liked to sleep on and hoped the scent would lure her back.  The day that I opened the door and she slipped out is a day that I'd like to do over again.  

My daughter took me out to a Mexican eatery one evening recently.  We both had the El Toriado, not sure that's spelled correctly.  This is our new favorite dish.  Shrimp, beef, chicken, and bacon over a bed of rice with was oh, so good!

I longed for a meal like this or even just a plain bologna (yuck) sandwich Monday evening.  Yesterday, I was having fun at the Big Town having a colonoscopy.  Which means I was having even more fun Monday drinking a gallon of the tasty (ugh!) mixture that...well, you know what it does.  I have to say, pun intended, that I'm glad to have all that behind me!  

The doctor found 3 polyps and thinks they are okay, but I'll know for sure by the end of the week.  I had a polyp removed 10 years ago and was supposed to go back in 5 years.  I have to admit being a chicken about doing this procedure even though I wasn't aware of a thing he did.  Anyway, I won't wait that long again and encourage everyone to not be like me.  

Other than having to drink the nasty stuff and running to the bathroom all the time, the procedure itself isn't really that bad.  My favorite part of the day, other than hearing that everything looked pretty good, was going with BG to the Golden Corral where I shamelessly pigged out.  ☺

This photo is from last year.  Our skies haven't been that pretty lately.  It's been gray and rainy, but I'm not complaining.  We've needed the rain.  The redbuds have started blooming and I'm going to have to take a few day trips and admire the scenery.  Yes.  Have to.  Next to fall, spring is my favorite time of year when the redbuds are in bloom.  

And if you are thinking...ha, she'll do anything to keep from having to purge/declutter, that is true!  But isn't spring blooming all around us a good excuse to get out and about and enjoy this special time of year?  I think so.  

For my blogging friends who live where spring hasn't yet made an appearance, I will close with a favorite quote:

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."
~Hal Borland

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    I'm not a fan of the prep for a colonoscopy. Arrrrrggghhhhh! Good plan to stay on schedule though! Saying a prayer for good reports on the polyps.
    I'm so sorry Callie hasn't returned. We have recently had some kitties go missing in our neighborhood and they think coyotes may have been the reason. I'm still hoping for her return for you.
    Man, that dish looks good!! Sure would like to try that one.
    Love the quote. So true. Hope you have a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna
    ps thank you for your prayers. MUCH appreciated.

  2. It is such a good feeling to have that dreaded test behind you. Now you won't have to worry about it for a few more years. I do hope all turns out well with the polyps.
    So sorry to hear that Callie has not returned home. I hope, in time, she will find her way back.
    That Mexican dish looks yummy. I'll have to check for it next time we're at the Mexican restaurant.
    I say get out there and enjoy the heck out of the beauty of spring. Those dust bunnies and clutter will be waiting for you.
    Belated birthday greetings to you, Cheryl.

  3. So sorry about sweet Callie. glad the test went ok and sorry you had to drink that stuff.. the GC sounds like what I would have done

  4. I'm so sorry your sweet Callie hasn't come home yet. I've never had a colonoscopy and know I should but to have one where we live is probably a year long wait unless one is having problems. I like that quote you shared as we wait for spring to arrive here. I know it will and I'll be able to get out walking and enjoying the outdoors again. Have a beautiful day! Pam

  5. Oh- I have to go back every three years because of a large polyp they found. Next time you go ask for the 'short bottle' of stuff. It tastes awful going down (thick & citrusy -haha- not like orange juice though) but you only have to drink about a half cup of the stuff twice and then can drink water at will.

    I am so sorry about Callie. That is just so sad and I know the pain. Our dd's Sampson disappeared like that and we never found him. You always wonder and just pray that someone else found them and took them in.

    I hope you have a good day. We are supposed to have SNOW tomorrow. I am SOOOO sick of winter here. Can't wait to see some green. I did see our first robin yesterday though. xo Diana

  6. Oh NO, poor Callie, and poor YOU! It was a great idea to put her pillow out. Please keep us informed about her. There is still hope!!I agree, the worst part of the colonoscopy is the prep. When I had the procedure, they told me I would be knocked out, but I stayed awake and watched it all! But I didn't feel a thing.

  7. I understand about not wanting those procedures.Hope all is well with you. I just spent the day away from home watching the migrating hawks and eagles.That certainly is more fun than housework.

  8. Have you put an ad in the paper? She may have been picked up by some sweet child and is now a prisoner in their house. Worth a try. Also check the local vets for she may have been injured and taken to one. Wouldn't hurt to put the Humane society on notice also. Hope she makes it back.
    Also hope your polyps are harmless and glad you had the procedure. Doesn't food taste wonderful when you are running on empty??

  9. No Callie yet? I remember all the times the cat went missing in former times...very unsettling. Hopefully, you'll be singing "the cat came back, I thought she was a goner" by week's end.

    Good girl taking care of yourself. Enjoy the beautiful!

  10. Thank you for that quote on spring. Sorry to hear your precious kitty is still missing. Fingers crossed she still returns. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.

  11. So sorry to hear that Callie hasn't returned. It's hard being a cat-mommy sometimes. :(

    The dreaded colonoscopy. I, too, am supposed to have one done every five years because of family history of colon cancer. I went about 7.5 years before I had my second. Oops. I agree that the procedure is not the problem; it's chugging a gallon of that awful liquid. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish it last time, but somehow I did. It feels really good to have it over for another 5-ish years.

  12. Oh the joy of having a colonoscopy! I had the pleasure a few months ago myself...everything was fine but like you had a couple of polyps removed that turned out to be OK. I am SO sorry to hear that your precious Callie has not returned home yet...I pray she will return soon...I know how hard it is to constantly wonder about her. I was afraid our redbuds had gotten frozen off by our frigid weather a couple of weeks ago but they seem to have gotten through after being stunned for a while. And I would rather be out in the country taking in all the sights of spring myself...all that other "non-important" stuff can wait! :D

  13. I hear you about March moving by so quickly.... So did February... Being sick for about a month during that time didn't help me... I am just now getting back to 'normal'.... We are busy busy busy now in the yard... I am trying to weed and mulch BEFORE the weeds take over.... That is a never-ending job...

    I hope (since I'll be 75 in August) that I don't ever have to have a colonoscopy again. They don't do them after age 75 UNLESS they find or there is a problem in that area... I do know that it is never as bad as the prep day is!!!!! ha

    Sad about Callie... Hope she comes back... I know it makes you sad.

    Have a great week ---and APRIL.... (Yipes)


  14. Oh, I hope Callie returns...when i was a kid I had a cat that would be gone for a week or two and it would come strolling back home. I think spring has really sprung here...

  15. Thanks for the quote; spring has just barely sprung. Now tonight we are expecting snow again. I'm bored with it.
    I will pary that sweet cat will return. I know how hard it is.
    The meal with your daughter; looked yummy. I loved all the different meats in it.
    The Redbuds are beautiful even if it is last years photo. I am like you; I can find some fun things to do rather than de-junk!
    Blessings and hugs~

  16. We have two cats missing. They were outdoor cats but have been with us a long time. I do hope your Callie comes home.

    Our redbuds are blooming and the pear and apple trees are beginning.

    Love this time of year.

  17. I am sad about Callie. I hope she returns.
    Glad the colonoscopy is over and I hope you get a great report.
    We love Mexican food and your dish looks so tasty.
    Wishing you a very relaxing weekend.