Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Show and Tell(ing)

Last Friday, I stopped in at a church rummage sale in the Big Town and right away spotted a pair of white wicker rockers.  Knowing my daughter has been wanting to find some wicker furniture for her deck, I made a beeline to the chairs and grabbed the tag before anyone else.  Then, I looked them over.

I'm learning that when you think you might want something at these type of sales, you should just pick it up or take the tag and then check it over closely before deciding.  Otherwise, you might miss out!

A lot of people were there and...let me say this nicely...they were quickly snatching things up as if it were a Black Friday sale.

I found the chairs to be in pretty good shape with a only a few little broken pieces of wicker here and there.  The cushions were like new with tags still on that said $30.  The one cushion in the photo above looks like it has a tear, but it is just a loose piece of paper.  

So, for only $25 for the pair...yes, for both...and after texting my daughter who said she loved them, I made my way to the checkout with the tag and asked them to hold the chairs until the next day so I could get BG to go with me in the truck to pick them up.

On Saturday we headed to the Big Town and stopped and ate a late breakfast and then picked up the chairs.  Then we went by Lowe's for a new tire for the riding lawnmower as it's about time to start mowing and a few pine boards for a project I have in mind to make.  Yeah, I know...I have too many projects going.  ☺  We also stopped by a new shop that looks like they'll have new and used consignment items and spotted a yellow wicker rocker that was also a bit used.  Price?  $125.  I think the white wicker was a good deal! 

One little project outside I need to do is spray paint the clothesline poles again.  Does anyone even have clotheslines outside anymore?  Well, I do have a neighbor that hangs her sheets out on the line.  I saw them just yesterday when I was outside picking up some fallen limbs.  I always loved the fresh smell of sheets just off the line, but I just don't hang them out much any longer.  Do you? 

Now, to tell on myself....

After blogging for nearly 8 years, I am still far behind everyone else when it comes to knowing the ins and outs.  Isn't it called the Dashboard where we go to click on New Post to write a new one?  Anyway, I seldom visit this page unless I'm changing my header or writing a new post.

Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down the list of my posts and see that some of my older ones of a few months ago have 700, 800, even 900 hits and one had 1200!  How does that happen?  Usually I'll get around 200 or so lurkers looks, but just a fraction leave a comment.  I can't say much because I've been guilty of doing just that myself...peeking in and leaving.  Usually because of lack of time or others have said the same thing in comments that I would say.  No excuse, that's just the way it is.  I'll try to do better, because we all love comments, don't we?  

The other thing that I never think to do is look at the Reading List.  I found several bloggers that I had lost touch with when their blogs had disappeared from my list on my sidebar last year.  I will be visiting them soon and hopefully they will still want to be friends.  :)

I don't like to leave on a sad note, but our calico kitty is missing.  Callie slipped out the door Saturday evening and we haven't been able to find her.  I am hoping and praying that she'll find her way home and doesn't get run over or hurt.

Happy Spring to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. That was a steal on those rockers!!!! I still use my clotheslines in the warmer weather, though am seriously thinking about whether I will continue or not with Roger and all his allergies. But I so love to hang out clothes...when I do that all seems right with the world.

  2. awww...first off---I hope Callie makes her way home. So sad when that happens...or when they just disappear and you never KNOW what happened to them.
    I still hang my sheets out during nice weather. To me there is just nothing in the world like fresh sheets on the bed that smell like sunshine and outdoors. One of the gals I worked with said she dried her sheets in the dryer, put them in basket and put them out on her porch to get that line-dried smell.
    What a great deal on those wicker rockers. They are few and far between at prices like that.

    Hope you have a great night, Cheryl. xo Diana

  3. Yes, what is up with those crazy high numbers? I also have been getting some of those spikes and usually on days when I haven't written anything. LOL! 900 hits an hour? Most unusual. Reminds me of the time a bunch of Norwegians landed on my post about Easter bread. Apparently, the word for it in Russian means quite something else in Norway. They were laughing at my very descriptive way of describing the aroma. Bunch of schoolboys. 😏

    Great find on the wicker chairs. I just watched them washing up wicker with a power washer...worked like a dream.

    Praying for Callie to get herself home. She's probably on some kind of an adventure.

    No, I no longer hang out my sheets because too many people burn their garbage. Ugh. Not a good smell on one's sheets.

  4. The wicker chairs are gorgeous! So fancy and pretty. I cannot dry clothes outside because of my severe allergies (the pollen etc.) But I know they smell GREAT. Wow, there are a lot of people out there who love your blog! And I can see why. It is just like sitting down and having a cup of coffee with a friend.I am so sorry about Callie. Our Simba escaped in an ice storm a couple years ago. He is old, and after FOUR days, we figured he was dead. Then on the fourth day, exactly at dinner time, he came meowing at the door. We took him to the vet and he was fine! Not even any frostbite. They seem to know where home is, and how to get back. Please let us know.

  5. LOVE those charming wicker chairs. Great deal. I'll be saying a prayer little Callie finds a way back home. Take care.

  6. Awww . . . I hope that Callie finds her way back home! (Have you heard the tip about putting an indoor cat's litter box outside if they go missing? It seems that they can pick up the smell in about a mile radius and it helps them find their way back. Might be worth a try.)

    I'd say you got a fantastic deal on the wicker chairs and cushions!

    Sheets do smell so good when they are dried outside . . . but I usually throw them in the dryer anyway. (Laziness on my part.)

  7. I hope and pray Callie will be fine.
    Those wicker chairs are beautiful, as are the cushions. You got a great deal!
    Blessings to you today. xoxo

  8. prayers for Callie to return safe to you... the chairs are wonderful. I love wicker. what a deal... after reading your numbers I will have to check mine. I rarely go to dashboard, only to post..

  9. I hope Callie has all ready found her way home. Please let us know. Those chairs were a steal. Wow.
    If you want to see the numbers go crazy, click on "all time". It is mind boggling. Often they find your posts by following the trail of a picture you posted, even when it isn't yours. You can also see what country the hits come from. I find it interesting to check every now and then. I only use Reading list for visiting.

  10. Those chairs were a wonderful find. I hope Callie returns home soon. xo Laura

  11. Oh yes...those wickers were a great buy! They really have a unique design...one that I haven't seen often if at all. You did GOOD! When I first sated my blog, I noticed the same thing on a few of my posts...I remember at least one post having nearly 1000 hits and a few other with several hundred. My new normal now is about like yours...in the 200 area...not that I really pay much attention to them anymore...and yes, always way more hits than comments. I think that's just the way it goes with blogging. I was sorry to hear about Calico and sure hope she finds her way home quickly!

  12. oh my gosh, I hope your kitty is alright. I'm sure Callie will be back. :)
    the chairs are a great deal! I love red, taupe and white together for outdoor patio furniture, etc.. I love thrift stores and buy things there to sell on ebay. sometimes if I find a goody I keep it for myself. :) especially glass or crystal. :)
    happy spring!

  13. Those wicker rockers look lovely and also quite comfortable.

  14. Hi Cheryl~

    Well, I just checked my dashboard and . . . wow, who knew so many people looked at my blog!

    Love the wicker chairs, and it was a good buy, they are so expensive! I'm not very good at getting a bargain, but my sis, she's a bargain hunter.

    Poor Callie, I'll add her to my prayer list... :0(


  15. I've never been able to figure out why some posts get lots of hits but few comments. Maybe a word that comes up in google searches? Who knows.

    Those wicker chairs were a steal! I still have a wicker stool that I bought years ago, that is waiting for two chairs that I hope to find one day. You've given me hope :)

    I hope your sweet Calico comes home soon and I'm sure she will.


  16. Wow, you did get a bargain on those chairs. I would have loved them. I have a thing for white and red. I don't think that I have seen a clothesline around here for a long time. However, I used to love the smell of clean sheets coming off a clothesline. I found kind of a satisfaction when hanging items on a clothesline.
    You are one of my favorite blog posts to read; so I can see why you would get so many hits; congrats.
    I will pray you will find your sweet kitty. Years ago we had a favorite cat go missing and a year later she showed up. I will pray for it to come home like now for you. Blessings and hugs~

  17. I hope you have found Calico by now! Oh, wow, those chairs were SUCH a good deal, Cheryl. I may need to send you on shopping sprees for me. Ha! I know your daughter will enjoy them so much. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  18. Hi Cheryl, I love those wicker chairs! What a great find! I love yard/rummage sales too, but now try to be more selective with what I purchase, since I have so much stuff! I hope you enjoy what's left of the week and that you have a great weekend!

  19. Hello,
    I am praying for your kitty. We also have lost our kitty, Catsby, he is 2. He is missing as well. He went missing Tuesday. He usually just goes outside to go potty and comes back in. My boys are so upset.

    Praying for both of us, we looked and looked too.

    The chairs look great. I would like to find some like that too. ;-)

  20. Nice save on the white wicker rockers...and the cushions too...well done! Praying for Callie's return (yes, I do pray over my animals, might as well include yours...lol).

  21. Great purchase. I love the wicker chairs --and you certainly got a good deal!!!!!

    I use my dashboard quite a bit ---since I use that for going to blogs that I am following... My best method for keeping up with bloggers is when I can get their posts via email.... SO---I use both lists. The ones on the Dashboard are my followers who don't allow us to follow by email... SO--I'm on the dashboard quite often...

    Happy Spring...

  22. So sorry to hear the Callie slipped away form home--I hope she finds her way back soon!

    The wicker chairs you found are very pretty and a wonderful price.

    I loved hanging curtains and sheets on the line when I lived in NY, but in the house I'm in now we have a HOA that doesn't allow clotheslines.

    Perhaps your popular posts have had photos pinned to Pinterest? I find that drives traffic to my blog because very often people will click on a photo to follow it to its source. You do take beautiful photos, Cheryl, so I'm sure many have been pinned.