Friday, March 3, 2017

Flea Market Fun and Other Stuff

Thank you for all the encouraging words and well wishes for my eye problem.  It really was a bit discouraging to hear that I had the beginnings of macular degeneration setting in.  I'm hopeful that the shots will take care of the annoying spot I'm seeing in the center of my vision.  The good news today is that it seems like the spot is already getting better, but maybe that is just because it's sunny and everything seems bright even in the house.  :)

Remember when country blue was all the rage?  I've always loved blue and years ago I had light country blue wallpaper in my kitchen, navy blue wallpaper in the bathroom and a dark blue sofa in the living room.  Hearts were all over the place.  I still have a pine cabinet with the heart-shaped cutouts in the doors. 

The sofa I found above at a flea market/antique shop this week caught my eye.  I would have loved it years ago, the pillows would have to go, tho.  The sofa is still in very good condition and very clean.  The asking price is $279.  There is a love seat to match, but I didn't check the price on it.  It may be an outdated fabric, but still a good buy.  I'm wondering how it would look downstairs, but it'll probably be gone by the time I go back.  Our sofa downstairs is a faux leather and has seen better days.  

This is one of my favorite booths at this shop.  The owner was there rearranging and adding new merchandise.  She was so excited.  She and her hubby were leaving this weekend to fly to California where her daughter is awaiting the birth of her first child.  The daughter is 42 and has been married 18 years and finally became pregnant after almost giving up on ever having a child.  Such a happy story! 

 ~another section of the booth above~

My favorite guy and I are going out to eat tonight.  We're taking our daughter along because we both want to stop in at Hobby Lobby and a few other places.  I don't think BG is too excited about that, but he'll survive.  :)

Tomorrow, we're planning to work on the part of our business building that isn't currently rented out.   It needs a little repair so we can get it ready either to rent or do something with it ourselves.  

Any ideas for a small business in a small town and one that doesn't require a lot of overhead?  Not a lot to ask, is it?  ☺  We can't sell food there as it isn't big enough for a lot of customers at once and the parking is limited.

Our children both had a good work week, better than was previously anticipated.  BG and I are happy when our children are happy.  Our daughter is going geocaching tomorrow with her friend.  She went last weekend with him and they had great fun.  Ever done this?  Our son and his girl has and also thought it was fun, too.  They will be going to watch her kids play basketball tomorrow.  It looks to be a fun, busy weekend for all of us.  Hope yours is, too!

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. I hope you two will enjoy your dinner out! I'll continue to remember you in prayer re your eyes. The sofa is in very good condition. With different pillows, it would be great for your downstairs and that's a good price. About 1990, I had my grandma's living room furniture covered in shades of navy blue with touches of peach. Through many moves, I eventually sold the pieces but I did always love blue! The geocaching sounds like fun. Take care. Mildred

  2. I see booths of things like chalk paint and think that might be fun. Seems like something like that would work without a lot of overhead. Not that I'm a business woman or anything!

  3. Glad your eye is a little better and I hope that shot makes it completely better. I like that sofa and if you like it I say by it. I am not one to go with what is in or out of fashion. My house is still done in the popular Greys and burgundy's from the eighties and will be till the day I die. Unless of course someone gives me the money to buy the new period I think it is important to be happy with what you see to like what you're living in and since you like blue why not

  4. The couch is awesome!! Large, clean, and beautiful! And I love the wide arms. I think you should run, not walk back and buy it! I agree that it needs different throw pillows. Our kitchen is light country blue! I love the thrift shop booth. I love thrifting, and go to Goodwill at least once a week. So you are starting some kind of business?

  5. I LOVE the couch. I LOVE blue.
    I am like you, if my boys are happy, I am happy. :-)

    Are you thinking of a business?

  6. Sounds like your weekend is planned and it should be fun.

  7. If you are thinking about starting a small business, how about some kind of a shop selling small re-purposed, decorative items? With the talent both you and your daughter have it could be a fun endeavor! I used to go geocaching with my sons and I loved it. Kind of like treasure hunting!

  8. You can always count on us to give you encouragement with your eye issue, Cheryl---that's what blog friends are for.

    I think the cute couch seems really well made. The cushions look nice and plump. I would balance the pattern with neutral armchairs in a bit more modern style to offset that 'country feel', I'm big on mismatching everything. You simply can't beat that price.

    I can't help with ideas for your own business ideas except doing what you love and have a knack for. I hope you go for it'll never know if you don't.

    Jane x

  9. Hope dinner was great! I had to laugh... Evan says he can feel his testosterone level drop if I ever drag him into Hobby Lobby! Glad your eye seems better! Good sign! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  10. And, yes, when our children are happy, we are happy! Hope you find a good renter or think of something you would love in your building!

  11. I can not get a comment to stick. This is just to let you know I was here.

  12. Encouraging news on your vision. Hope things continue to move in that direction.
    Your shopping excursion sounds and looks like fun. I do like that couch.
    Gosh, a small business sounds interesting. I am of no help in deciding what it might be, but I hope you'll keep us posted if you follow through on it.
    I had never even heard of geocaching until I entered the blog world. It seems those who tell about it always have fun doing it.

  13. So glad your spot is improving and eventually disappears. Love that couch, think you ought to go back and get it. Good price. I haven't been geocaching in years, thanks for the reminder now that the weather is getting nice.

  14. I would SO use that couch today if I had it! I see possibilities...pair it with a gorgeous yellow and blue floral patterned chair, some pretty blue dishes, a larger blue buffalo check many ways!

  15. Glad to know your eye is improving and I love that sofa. Hope you had a lovely dinner

  16. I am glad you have medicine that is helping with your eyes. That sofa was absolutely charming. If you want to join the fray you could jump in with a This and That shop showcasing stuff you wanted to downsize or get rid of.

  17. I do remember when blue (and mauve) were all the rage...and hearts everywhere you looked and little wooden shelves.

    I love looking in places like this, and loved the story. And we always say we are as happy as our kids are...

  18. i do like the couch...i remember when country blue and dusty pink were so popular, plus the hearts and geese! i am glad your eye is getting better! funny, we were talking about geocaching the other night...we used to take our kids a few years was a fun way to explore!

  19. Yes, I can agree with you that we are happy when our children are happy. It's a mama's heart, isn't it?

    Indeed I do remember the country blue and hearts phase of home decor. It was at my house too. My kids call it "Kountry with a K." That said, the flea market sofa is pretty and seems like a great buy. It all depends on what you use with it.

  20. Hi, My George has his 2nd eye injection this afternoon.. Hope the first one helped him... He doesn't think his eye is any worse.. I hope this will work for him --and for you.

    I know how you feel when you say that you are happy when your kids are doing well. ME TOO.... Right now, all of them are fine.

    I like the color, Country Blue, also.. I've always liked BLUE. Now though, I have more green in my home--and green has never been a favorite color... ha


  21. Oh, Cheryl, I am so sorry about your eye problem. That is always so scary when it has anything to do with our vision! I hope they can stop the problem right where it's at and maybe even improve things for you.

    I had a sofa almost identical to that back in the very early 90s. I gave it to one my kids when we moved and it is long gone. I just got rid of my last 'heart cutout' shelf as I started purging to downsize.

    Have a great week. xo Diana

    ps- Glad the kids are doing well- that is always a blessing and gives us peace of mind.....

  22. I love the couch and I think the price is great. I hope you can get it. I love country decor and I really love the color blue.
    I liked the photos of the shop you were at. I think it is fun to browing in a place like this.
    It's true if the children are happy; we are happy.
    I pray that you eye continues to improve; it is a scary thing. I worry about my Retinal puckering and hope it doesn't get worse. I have been reasurred that it should stay stable.
    Hope you have a great dinner and enjoy Hobby Lobby; another fun place I like to shop in.
    Blessings and hugs~