Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello, March!

Time is indeed marching on.  It seems like only a few short weeks ago that I was putting away my holiday decor and taking the tree down and here it is March already. 

Before we know it, we'll be seeing the redbud trees in bloom, one of my very favorite springtime delights.  We've already had daffodils and forsythia blooming. 

February ended here with a storm blowing through complete with wind, hail and rain.  We were also under a tornado watch for a few hours.  We are very dry here and our pond is the lowest I remember ever seeing, but this rain didn't do too much to fill it.   

As has happened the past few years, all of the things that I promised myself that I would get done during the winter months...haven't.  If there were contests for procrastinating, I would surely take the top prize.

I'm happy my daughter didn't take    
after me in that department.  She has been busy fixing up her new home.  She cut strips of fabric and tied them on the rod to make a valance for her kitchen window.  It turned out to be a bit more time-consuming than she thought it would be, but once done it looked very cute.  

 ~the wall color here didn't photograph well, it almost matches the frame of the mirror~

Next, she took some old cafe doors that I bought several years ago at a flea market and never did anything with (that procrastinating problem again) and painted them with some watered-down paint left over from the guest bedroom and hung them beside her new mirror hanging in the kitchen.  I really like this.  Do you think she'd be upset if I asked for them back?  ha!

Now about my eye....

I got to sit in this chair Monday to see my ophthalmologist.  When I was taken to the exam room, I snapped a quick photo and sat down.  I then noticed the sign on the wall that said "Please don't use your cell phone in this room" and went OOPS!  

So what's wrong with my eyes?  Well, I'll try to be as brief as I can.  I had been seeing a round dime-sized (if it was held away from your eye) circle that appeared white when it was dark and a light gray in daylight.  In my left eye.  I could see everything fine with both eyes, but it seemed at times that the spot would block out the center of my vision.
After being examined by 2 doctors and having tests plus a retina test, they told me that I have the start of macular degeneration in that eye.  Sometimes new blood vessels form there and they will often leak fluid.  That fluid formed the spot I am seeing.  

The good news is that there was something they could do to help that, but the bad news is that it came in form of a shot in the eye.  Yikes.  He asked me if I wanted it done right then and there.  I said now?  I mean, he doesn't know what a chicken I am when it comes to these things that involve pain!  

Well, I put on my big girl pants and said yes before I lost my nerve and got up and ran out the door.  He numbed my eye with a few drops and the younger doctor held a plastic thingy on my eye to keep it open and then the needle was inserted and out before I knew it.

It was a bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable and not nearly as bad as I feared it would be.  I felt like I had some sand in my eye the rest of the night, but it went away by morning.  

If I rub my eye, it hurts slightly and you can see a red spot where the needle went in.  Other than that, it feels fine.  

I have to have this procedure done 2 more times, once a month.  I'm not sure what this will do to make the spot go away, I didn't ask enough questions apparently.  Just so it goes away!  

Have you ever had a shot in your eyes?  If not, and at some point you are told it is needed....don't fear.  It really wasn't so bad.

Happy March and Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. I haven't ever had a shot in the eye, but I know someone who has. I would have said do it now too, before I lost my nerve. Your daughter is very talented. Love the valance!

  2. What a beautiful bird photo! We have had a mild winter but we are far from daffodil and tree bloom season. We often get the largest amount of snow in March, April and sometimes even May. It's good because it begins our summer with moisture and less fire danger which is always a worry in Colorado.

    Yes, unfortunately I've had many needles in my eyes. I've had a cornea transplant in one eye, and cataract and glaucoma surgery in both eyes, all since moving to Colorado. I'm grateful my doctor was able to help me so much and that I have fairly good vision now. It was a long road for awhile.

    Macular degeneration can be serious so i'm glad you found it early and have had a good treatment outcome. There are vitamins that you can buy OTC that help a little too--do a search for brands.

    Your daughter's decorating looks very pretty! I love the valence and shutters.

  3. No, I have not. Sounds unpleasant, but worth it if it helps. Keep us informed.

    You better not ask your daughter for anything back. LOL! She has an eye for decor and it sure looks good!

  4. I haven't had a shot in my eye, but I would have had it done right then! Might was well get it over with. I hope it helps!

  5. You brave soul having a shot in the eye. I hope that helps the problem. I know how fast time seems to be flying by. I hope spring lingers when it arrives. We had a tornado watch here last night. Wind was bad.

  6. PS) I LOVE the mirror in your daughter's kitchen too.

  7. Hi Cheryl, I have never had a shot in my eye and I am a big baby about things like that so I appreciate your encouragement in case I ever have to get one! I sure understand the procrastination problem. I retired a couple of years ago and I am constantly amazed by all that I *don't* get done. I make plans and lists and then somehow life gets in the way. I live in Missouri too (K.C. area) and we had quite a hail storm last night as well. I'm afraid we are into tornado season unfortunately.

    Your daughter has quite a decorating talent! I love the window treatment and what she did with your cafe doors. I bet she is having fun decorating her new house!

    I hope your eye gets better - macular degeneration can be serious so I'm glad you are getting it treated early!

  8. Oh MY, I am so sorry! It seems that macular degeneration is an epidemic nowadays.I have several friends who have it, and they get the eye shots. I cannot imagine how annoying this spot must be! Can you even read? Your sparrow and red-bud are gorgeous!!! And I adore what she did with the valance, I need to do this. And no sewing needed. And I love the mirror and shutters, it is both practical, pretty, and elegant. Plus even has a shelf and hooks! Did the frame and shelf come attached to the mirror? Be sure and show us what else she does with the house, I am getting some ideas!

  9. Yikes, I have not even heard of a shot in the eye. It makes me cringe to think about, but I am glad to know it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I hope that you have a good outcome. I have cataracts in both eyes and think I will have to break down soon and get them surgically corrected.
    Your daughter is doing wonderful things in her new home. Her special touches, no doubt, take it from a house to a home.

  10. I guess when it comes to eyesight,I would be willing to put up with some pain or discomfort.Vision is so important.Hope your will be restored soon

  11. Hi Cheryl~

    Your daughter is do creative! I live the mirror, and ill bet the valance is just adorable. I'm also a procrastinator...I truly do have good intentions, but I guess I don't have good energy... :0)

    I'm so sorry about your poor eye! My mother had to have shots in her eye for macular degeneration. It did help, but I could not watch...I'm a little queezy with needles and eyes. I hope your vision improves, my mother's was pretty far gone by the time she had the shots. But, it did improve quite a bit! Good luck!

    I hope March gets warmer for us, we still have at least 4 inches of snow! I would love to be in your yard and feel,the sun and see the blossoms. So glad you missed natures fury with those horrible tornados. Have a wonderful Friday!


  12. No, I have never had a shot in my eye. That sounds dreadful, but I am reassured that it was not as bad as you expected. Praying that these treatments are a great help with the macular degeneration!

    Your daughter is making her place look charming!

  13. Your daughter is talented...I love what she has done with her home. We have had a lot of rain here and no snow in 2 months! A record for Chicago.

    What you had done to your eye took a lot of bravery, Cheryl. I do think that doctors are all about keeping things pain free these days. My brother had to have surgery on his eye and they could only do a local. I could NEVER go through that. Yet I've done some things just recently that I never thought I could do without being put under. I truly hope these shots end your eye problems. It will be worth the fear and pain.

    Love and support,

    Jane x

  14. so glad you went and they caught this early to treat it. I met several people over the past few months while waiting in the eye doctor office. 3 different ones were there for shots in the eyes, when they told me that I freaked out, so thanks for the update on it... hope your eye clears up soon and the several shots fix it up and no more shots

  15. oops got so caught up in eye issue forgot to say I thought the mirror was a real window until I read you words. it is stunning and I love it

  16. You are to be commended on your bravery ! Thanks for your comment on my blog....

  17. Oh Cheryl, I'm sorry about your eye and the diagnosis of early MD. You were brave to get that procedure done on the spot. I think if one takes time to think about getting a needle in the eye they put it off too long. I know of people who have this done regularly. I was also at my ophthalmologist Tuesday regarding cataracts in my left eye but he wants to wait another 6 months to a year before surgery. I've already been waiting that long!! Oh well. The blurred vision is annoying especially for photography but I manage. I wouldn't want to lose my sight or any other senses for that matter. I like the window frame with shutters that your daughter made. I'm like you and procrastinate a lot too. lol Take care. Pam

  18. my grandma gets shots every three months. she's had one shot that was painful. I felt so bad for her. glad yours was bearable.
    you bird photo is beautiful...

  19. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the eye issue. I pray the injections will do the trick! I did have needle sticks in both eyes during the cataract surgeries but the la-la drugs made me not care or feel a thing. Also the cutting...not one flinch of pain. Spring has sprung all around us and as we speak, the redbuds are just beginning to show their color. It seems we go through this scare every year...tonight it supposed to get to 32 and tomorrow night down to 26! This is the earliest I have ever seen spring this early. I sure hope we luck out and don't lose our pretty spring! Your daughter's valance creation is darling and I love the shutter idea as well. She has great style!

  20. Well my Friend, You and George have something in common... He found out a month ago that he has the beginnings of Macular Degeneration. He also got the shot in the eye. His next one is on March 7.... Like you, I'm sure that he (and most all of us) will do whatever they can to save their vision. Mac. Degeneration is in G's family. His Mom had it many years ago and actually lost her eyesight. That was before the shots and other things were available to help. Then his Dad got it toward the end of his life (when he was in his upper 90's or even 100--remember that he lived to be 101).. AND George's sister has it --and also has to have the shots... Crazy to have four people in the same family... George has always had a fear of getting Mac Deg---so our eye doctor has been watching him carefully. Hopefully, they have caught his early. His vision is not too bad now.... Hope the shots help you also.

    Love what your daughter is doing to her new home....


  21. I am so glad that you went in right away and are getting the proper treatment. But--shots in the eye--mercy. Do let us know how it goes.
    I love those cafe doors. What a clever idea.

  22. Oh my dear friend, I can't relate to the shot in the eye, but I can relate to the exam. I just went in recently and have what is called Retinal Puckering. They are just going to watch it for now. I would have panicked for sure and ran for the door. I am happy to hear the shoe wasn't too uncomfortable. I think it is awesome that they can treat this diagnosis.
    I am so looking forward to spring; we haven't seen any signs yet. However, they are predicted warmer weather this week end. I happy you didn't get a Tornado.
    I did love the decor that your daughter is working on. Very cute drapes and I loved the Cafe doors and mirror. Have a sweet weekend- Hugs~

  23. I would never have thought of doing that for curtains...superb idea.

    I would be afraid of the shot, but like you I would have bit the bullet and got it done and over with. I am glad to hear you say it isn't too horrible...will remember that if I or anyone I know has to have it done.

  24. Your daughter's projects are so cute! I'm thinking she is not going to let you have those shutters back! Ha! Mom had the series of shots for the macular degeneration. So far, so good!! Hope you do as well!! Blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  25. Cheryl, my Sis has macular degeneration and has been getting the shots for some time now. I think at some point they stop for a while. Her sight has stayed stable for the last couple of appointments which is wonderful news for her. Of course, she is much older than you so that makes a difference I am sure. Good luck!

  26. Sorry to read about your eyes, but thankful that the shots will help and that they are not as horrible as imagined. I have had shots in the inside corner of my lower eyelid twice for surgery but not my actual eye. God bless you as you go thru this treatment. Please keep me posted.
    Your daughter did a great job with both projects. Some folks are so creative! Yeah, she might not want to return your shutters now! lol lol
    Hope the soreness in your eye continues to improve and that you'll enjoy a pleasant weekend.