Friday, February 24, 2017

Randoms on a Friday

If you think I like eggs, you'd be eggsactly right!  I love them fried, boiled, scrambled...and I often have one or two for breakfast.
Yesterday morning just happened to be a 2 egg day and it was fun to see that both eggs were double-yolked.  I love little surprises like that. 

           ~~~  👀   👀   👀  ~~~

I have an appointment Monday with my ophthalmologist.  It's probably nothing other than age-related issues, but I have been having a couple of strange things going on with my eyes.  

Hopefully, he won't tell me I'm spending too much time in front of the computer.  :)  I have been cutting way back on my online time this week to see if it would help.  Can't say that I can tell any difference.


Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous with temps in the 70's.  One would think spring has arrived.  I'm seeing flowers coming up and the jonquils are blooming.  It's going to be much cooler this weekend, so those pretty blooms won't last long.

Last weekend was nice and warm, so BG worked on cleaning the patio and I picked up some small limbs in the yard.  There is plenty more to do. 

Our last weekend plans changed slightly since our son didn't get to come in after all, but BG and I met him for a meal and a nice visit Sunday afternoon at one of our favorite BBQ places along I-70.

I need to get busy and clean out the oven.  I'm fixing bruschetta for part of our meal tonight and I'll need the oven which is a mess from a little fire I had the other night.  Don't ask, it must have been a little senior moment when I left something in it and forgot to check before I turned the oven on.  :) 

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl 


  1. I like eggs, too. Glad that you will be having your eyes checked...hope it's an easy fix...eye drops or something. I hope that you have a nice, long, pleasant spring. No need to return to winter. 🌷

  2. Wow! Two double yolks at once. I've had one at a time, but never two! Lucky you! The weather has been really nice here this week. Little cold front blowing through, but should be gone in a couple of days. Glad you at least were able to meet your son for barbecue. We are always happy to take whatever time we can steal away. ;) Prayers for a good ophthalmologist visit! blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love eggs, too! Fun to find double yolks! We've had very enjoyable weather this week, also. We had an appt. about an hour south of here, closer to Atlanta, today and wow! the flowers/trees were really budding out there. Praying you will get answers re your eyes and nothing serious wrong. Have a nice weekend. xo

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    We love eggs at our house too! That is weird that you got two double yolks, what a happy coincidence.

    Eye problems are no fun, its good that you are on top of it. It seems like the older I get the more issues I have with my eyes. Luckily, they have been easy fixes...good luck!

    I love senior moments... ;0) but you dinner sounds delicious!

    I can hardly wait for spring! We got 6 inches of new snow today!! I'm not complaining...but, really?!

    Have a good weekend!


  5. Yes, I adore eggs. I have them in some form every day. I buy maybe five or six dozen at a time. Let us know how your eye appointment goes. It was almost 80 here today, just gorgeous! SO glad you didn't get burned, only the oven.

  6. I like eggs, but I have to be in the mood. Have a great weekend.

  7. eggs are suppose to be good for us and I do enjoy them very much. :) If I eat them boiled I like them hot with salt. the only cold eggs I'll eat are deviled eggs. :)
    we've been enjoying beautiful weather here as well.
    tomorrow we're going to look at houses and I hope we find something we like, it's becoming work. lol
    I've got to get an appt to have my eyes checked.
    hope your weekend stays nice and you enjoy yourself!

  8. We haven't had any double-yolked eggs in a long time but the girls are getting some age. Maybe that is the reason. We love eggs too.

    The brochetta looks good. I did something similar yesterday as you oven boo boo. I put soapy water in the electric skillet and turned it out to clean some crusty residue....went to the computer, always a mistake here. Smelled smoke and it had burned dry and the kitchen was filled with the smoke! I had to re-clean the oven (minus the computer this time).

  9. I just came from staying in the kitchen while egss hard boiled. if I leave the kitchen I totally forget them until I smell burning or hear popping signs. glad the fire was small. I only had a single yolk fall on the floor today. one rolled off on the floor, I removed the shell and Jake was on clean up.. he loves getting egg up off the floor. I am glad you are seeing the doc about your eyes, they are nothing to mess around with. hope it is something simple... keep us posted

  10. I have never seen a double yoke and you got two. Hope you bought a lotto ticket. Let us know how the eye doc goes. Hope it is an easy fix or just a temporary thing.

  11. Evening Cheryl, I love eggs too, anyway everyday, yum. Hope all goes well for you, thinking of you.Blessings Francine.

  12. Hope your eyes improve soon and that the doctor helps pinpoint the problem. Those eggs look yummy indeed. I like thwem too.

  13. Cheryl, I hope your eye appointment goes well. I had mine checked last Monday, they need to be stronger. I was hoping I didn't have to have cataract surgery. Hope you didn't get any snow or bad weather last week. We had the warm temps till Thursday...then the snow storm hit!! Uggg Glad you got to see your son. I never left anything in the oven ....then Toms Mom always did so I quickly learnt (the hard way) to always,.,,always check the oven before I turned it


  14. I love eggs too and the photo made me want to go fix some and it's almost midnight here. I too have been having some eye changes. I fianlly went in and I have Retinal puckering which they are just going to watch. Knowing didn't solve the problem. Hope yours is something simple.
    Oh, I would love 70's; it's so cold here again and it's been snowing again. Really looking forward to some warmer weather.
    I have done a similar thing with my oven; crazy! Blessings and hugs~

  15. I enjoy eggs too. I love it when I have a double yoke!! I want to come for dinner! I love bruschetta.
    Good Luck with your eye appointment. Sending prayers!

  16. And eggs are so good for you too! Isn't it great when we love something that is good for us? (Of course, I'm still thinking about your chocolate-covered strawberries . . . )

    I hope that your eye issues are just age-related. How that sneaks up on us, huh?!

    We have had some delightful weather lately too! Today, it was back to chilly, but who can complain?

  17. Hi Friend, I love eggs also---and can eat them most every way possible. Since I've been so sick recently, so many things do not taste good. BUT---eggs still do, so I've enjoyed lots of them...

    Funny (NOT) when we leave something in the oven and then turn the oven on.... Yipes......I'll bet that has happened to most of us at one time or another.

    Hope you are doing fine.

  18. I will take eggs any way, but prefer scrambled or over easy. We also notice that our eyes tire after looking at the comuter for long stretches, so we try and take a break and do anything else every now and then. Yup, we have all burnt something in the oven so you are not alone Cheryl and no questions asked.