Friday, February 10, 2017

Three Things I Love

The clouds were interesting yesterday as I headed down the highway to the Big Town.  By the time I found a good spot to pull over to get a picture, the clouds had gathered closer together, but they were still intriguing.  The clouds in the lower part looked like lines drawn in the sky.

I took a huge bag of books back to the upscale/resale shop.  BG asked me why I don't try to sell them, but I explained that I only paid 50 cents to a dollar for most of them and the money collected at this shop goes to charity.  I came home with three more books to add to my growing TBR pile.

Among the things needed in my house to help make it cozy are these three...books, plants and kitties.  What do you need to cozy up your home?  

I had planned to look for a couple of new houseplants, but I decided it was too cold yesterday and cold air and plants don't mix.  Some of my plants have had to be tossed.  It might help if I could remember to water them.  Or if the cats would leave them alone.

Some plants like pothos, of which I have a few, are said to be poisonous to cats but even though I see the signs of the plant being chewed on none of my cats have had any ill effects so far.  I've tried a pot of grass that I buy at the pet shop for cats, but they won't touch it.  

Just a few minutes ago, I heard a strange sound that sounded human-like and I looked toward the dining area where the sound came from and saw one of the cats with her tail fluffed out and looking intently toward the floor under the table.  I didn't get up to investigate, I'm guessing one of the other kitties was playing and made the sound.  They usually sleep all afternoon.

"Who needs television when you have cats?"
~Lori Spigelmyer 

Happy Friday to you!
x Cheryl  


  1. Cheryl, I love sky shots too. I laughed about your cat quote...It's so true..they are fun to watch . So sweet of you to donate those books. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love cloud photos, too, Cheryl....and it is so much fun to watch cats and just wonder what they are thinking sometimes. I took so many books to the thrift store when I sorted through things at this house. I still have a huge stack of TBR books here, too. One of these days--one of these days....xo Diana

  3. That sky does look interesting.Always some beauty to see when we look to the sky.

  4. This is the COZIEST picture! I agree...we will pause our T.V. so we can watch the cats. For coziness, I need throws and hot drinks. The clouds look just like snow on the ground!! If you don't look at the treetops, it looks exactly like puffy snow.

  5. Fascinating sky. That to be read pile of yours sounds like it's keeping pace with mine. And you are so right kitties are more fun to watch than TV. I have no houseplants though for fear of poisoning them.

  6. cute pic of your kitty and pretty sky. I keep throws in the family room and our four pups are more than happy to cuddle up with us anytime. :) they range from 4 lbs to 100 lbs.. :) Cheryl, I love books. I would love to have a library! I have mostly non-fiction books and lots of them.
    enjoy your weekend! we're hitting 70 today!

  7. Cute post and pictures... Three things I need to cozy up my home: fire in the fireplace, reclined on the sofa with my Sweetie watching one of our shows on TV, and a nice hot cup of coffee!!!! Life is good...


  8. You take the best pictures. Snuggling on the couch with my cat and dog or giggling as they play chasing eachother around the house does it for me.

  9. Life doesn't get any better than being surrounded by the things we love. :) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  10. I enjoyed your photos. I am a cat person ... so I am loving that quote and the story.
    xx oo

  11. While I am a dog person, I enjoyed reading about the antics of your cats, as well as their pictures.

    What do I need to make my house feel homey? Lots of things, but quilts are at the top of the list!

  12. I definitely need books for a place to feel like home. I have been in a few homes where there was no books and always wonder what do those people do? I feel naked if I don't have a book I am reading. LOL I do like kitties, too...and I need fabric/sewing stuff for it to feel like home.

  13. Those clouds on Friday must have made their way across the skies...I saw them too. I was out and about to get out of the house during the mess and saw them...clouds are among those things I love too. In my home, I would have to say the three things would be low-light accent lamps of all sorts, vintage doilies and lace curtains...oh and clocks and old books :)

  14. I'm with you books and kitties are perfect. I don't have a cat anymore but I do have my dog Sammy. I can be very coszy with a good book, warm blanket, sweet Sammy and a warm fire. Of course, a cup of hot chocolate would make it the best. Hugs for this one!