Friday, January 12, 2018

My List

This is the time of year that is so hard to get decent photos outside what with the often cloudy, dreary days.  I'm happy we didn't get the ice that was predicted for Thursday in this area, but it remained gloomy and turned very cold.

With that said, and because I haven't used my camera much lately, I'll have to resort to borrowing from my archives.  I don't take a lot of photos inside my house, which you'll see why in a minute, and I haven't tried out any notable recipes to share.  In fact, BG just got over a cold and now I have it, so neither one of us has been very hungry and have been eating light.  

Since I didn't have any energy yesterday to actually do anything around the house, I made a list of goals of things I'd like to see done before the year is over.  We'll see.  I also have included a few personal goals.

I will hopefully remember which month I wrote these down and tick off the ones that get done.  You'll see I've been a little ambitious in my thinking.  ☺   But, hey, if you don't make a plan in my house, everything gets shoved to the back burner.   

Personal Goals:

 1 - Keep drinking water...lots of water and stay away from 
       the sugary drinks I dearly love and kick Diabetes 2 to the curb!
 2 - Go through my closets and get rid of clothes that are sadly
       outdated and maybe buy a few new things if I drop any more
       pounds due to cutting out sugar. 
 3 - Try to stay away from the white bread which is harder to do  
        for me than giving up sugar.
 4 - Get my camera out and take more photos.  
 5 - Try out some new, healthy recipes.
 6 - There's more, but I'll keep them private for now.

Next are goals for our house that we've been neglecting for the last few years.  It's time to get these things done.

 1 - paint living room, hallway and bedrooms
 2 - put hardwood flooring in living room and kitchen
       and hallway...maybe...or carpet
 3 - new carpet in 3 bedrooms
 4 - redo walls and paint basement
 5 - replace big window in basement
 6 - new window in living room?
 7 - new drapes for living room window
 8 - need 2 new recliners for living room
 9 - decide on whether to keep oak front cabinet

10 - weed out unneeded sets of dishes
11 - have 3 trees cut down
12 - replace gutters?
13 - paint inside garage
14 - replace flooring in storage building on patio and paint outside
15 - need new large patio rug
16 - spray paint front flower pots
17 - prune knockout roses
18 - prune fruit trees
19 - look for new lamps for living room
20 - replace furnace?

I'm sure there's something that I forgot, but that's a start.  Thankfully our appliances are in good shape, well maybe the dishwasher is getting a little old but it still works good.

And then there is the other house we bought where our daughter lives now.  We need to finish up some things there.  I won't try to list them...I might start getting depressed.  ha!

We'll be able to get a lot done if I can get my stubborn, sweet hubby who thinks he can do everything himself, to hire a little help.  Now, as soon as I feel like getting out, I think I'll go buy a Lottery ticket!

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Ahhhh... the bread is harder for me to give up than the sugar, too. Well, not by much. But, I'm with you, girl. Cheering us both on! ;)
    You have BIG plans on home items. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all that work. It's always worth it in the end though. Wishing you luck on the lottery ticket. hee hee! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Ohhhh...that is a big list (both of them)...but, if you are determined I know you can get some, maybe even most, of it done!
    I went through my closet last Fall but know I need to purge even more. WHY do we have trouble getting rid of clothes that don't fit or are out of style? I wonder if they remind us of our younger selves when life was in a different phase. Not sure. I did take all my 'business attire' and donated it to a program the YWCA has here that gets gals "back to work" and is free for them to go in twice a year to pick out clothes and shoes, purses, etc. so they have professional clothes. THAT felt good to do that.

    Hope you have a blessed, wonderful day. xo Diana

  3. Hi Cheryl. It sounds like you have a couple of challenging to-do lists for this year. I wish you well in getting many of the things checked off. Sugar would be a big one for me!! Winter is a difficult season for photography for me as I don't get very far to see any scenery but I find just looking at common things in nature is rewarding. Of course we have lots of pretty snow scenes too. :) We're in for two days of heavy rain here so our snow will be almost gone! Take care. Pam

  4. Your flowery archive photos look particularly appealing to me on this gray gloomy morning. I look forward to seeing such beauty outside again soon. In the meantime, I like your idea for list making. My husband and I made a to do list similar to your second one for the past two years. We were pleasantly surprised to see how much of the list had been accomplished by year's end. One thing that didn't is having the windows cleaned. I guess that will be at the top of this year's list :). I wish you success with checking many things off of your lists. Also, hope you are feeling better real soon.

  5. Your list is about as long as mine for the house. I still haven't started my personal goals to cut sugar, but I am trying! Your flowers are a joy to see this morning. Everything around here has gone to sleep, so it's nice to see some color. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am getting exhausted just reading your to-do list! And now I have commenced yawning. Your personal goals are really good!! It is harder for me to cut out bread than sweets, as well. Your butterfly on the purple flowers is GORGEOUS, as is your sunflower. They make it feel almost like summer in here.

  7. That's a pretty full list.Good luck.

  8. Wow, I would need a lottery ticket win to complete all those home projects. That being said if you can do it; do. I have some similar needs. We need to paint our home inside an out. I would love wood floors in our entryway room and great room.
    I like your persaonl list; it gave me a few ideas. I struggle with drinking enough water and I need it for a bladder struggle.
    You do take awesome photos so I hope you do take lots of pictures.
    Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way!

  9. Hi Cheryl~

    I'm so sorry you are getting a cold...they just seem to linger this time of year! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

    I think you have been looking at my list, it looks just like yours! Carpet is a must for us this year, and we need to tile both of the upstairs bathrooms. Pain...enough said. Eating healthy is also something that I need to work on. You have done great, I hope you keep shedding the pounds and get that insulin under are my hero!!

    I'm really looking forward to Spring so that I can just get outside and move. It hasn't been really freezing cold here, but too cold to get outside. I'm antsy!

    I love seeing all those pretty pictures from your files, keep sharing them, it reminds me of summer.

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Breads and salty stuff is the hardest for me to give up...I really should cut down on them, too, before something happens and I need to give them up entirely. I mostly drink one coke a day and one cup of coffee, and try to drink at least a bottle of water, and sometimes two.

    I hope you get more of these things accomplished than you dream possible. It is good to have big plans. My boss used to tell me what all he wanted us to get done, and his wife would say, Don, she is just one person....but I said let him gives me ideas of where we are going and goals to work for.

  11. Hi, I have a big list too. ;-) We need to get to our kitchen floor, it has been in need for going on four years. It is a task that just does not excite anyone. ;-) So no one gets excited about tackling it. LOL

    We will have to cheer each other on.

  12. Hello, Your personal lists are much more important than your home maintenance lists... IF you don't feel healthy, there's no way you can get through the other long lists.....

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to continue working on my HEALTH... I've had a lot of minor problems this past year (much of it caused I think by stress) ---so am really working on that situation now.


  13. Making a list is a good way to accomplish something when you're not feeling up to par. Having it all in black and white helps you (me!) to focus on what needs to be done, and figure out what needs to be done next. Your list sounds daunting, but it is always amazing to me how much can be accomplished . . . one step at a time.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  14. Hi Cheryl, I too am longing for spring flowers, and warmer weather! Our winter has been extremely colder than usual this year, we are expecting a little snow tomorrow.
    I too am a list maker and goal setter, each January I get my note book out and write my goals with hopes that all will be accomplished, sadly I usually only get half completed, but I keep trucking along. I like your list, and as One who is dealing with Diabetes2, I am working on a healthier lifestyle. .
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.