Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Randoms - Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These

1.  I've decided to stop making plans as they always seem to go awry.  Remember me saying that I was going to do some sorting and tossing in the storage room in the basement?   I didn't get very far with that project.  Each day that I thought I'd get started something else came up to interfere with those plans.

2.  One day, BG wanted something for his drill from Lowe's, so I drove to the city to get it.  I wanted to make the most of the trip, so I did a little shopping while there and treated myself to some Lo Mein at the Cafe Court in the Mall.  Another day my heel was so sore it hurt to walk.  And so it went.  My week, that is.  One thing or another took my plans and tossed them out of the window.

3.  The latest problem is that we have had water all over the floor in the downstairs bathroom and we can't figure out where it came from.  Nothing was used before the time it appeared and after looking everything over carefully, we've declared it to be A Mystery.  A mystery that we need to solve asap.

4.  The best thing for me, I've decided, is not to make plans, but to just crawl out of bed each morning and see what happens.  I also need to remind myself that any day that I can crawl out of bed is a good day!

5.  We have finalized our fall vacation plans (the kind of plans I hope to keep!) and we are going to head out west again.  I've been wanting to go back since the last time we made this trip.  There is so much beauty to see in the states we'll be traveling through and I can't wait to see it all again.  This trip, I hope to see more of Utah and we'll see the Grand Canyon again, too.  An old friend of mine who lives in Oregon and her husband are trying to arrange to meet us in Las Vegas. 

Hope your week has been a good one.  I'll be visiting as soon as I can!

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Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. best laid plans of mice and men and i am LOLing all over the place. you said you found it was best not to make plans and in the next sentence you said you are making plans to go west young woman go west... love it. my bucket list consist of touring all the spots in the WEst that were part of the OLD west and in all the Westerns I have read in my lifetime


  2. Yup...plans...poof...I actually liked Barb's plan of doing an hour a day or less on any given task that has been looming. Eventually, it'll get done. That's how I'm handling the sewing room. I should also be doing the basement and the garage and the attic...gosh, I'm exhausted before I start just thinking about it.

    Could that problem in the basement be that there's something wrong with the anti-sweat valve in the tank. (That's what was wrong with ours last week.)

    Ohhh...your autumn plans sound great!

  3. Cheryl - I think we all have days like that. I seem to have weeks like that! LOL I have so many things in my life that require my attention at the drop of a hat that I just don't make much in the line of plans anymore!

    Hope you find where the water is coming from.


  4. oh that happens with me all the time! hate it! beautiful flowers!! the fall vacation sounds wonderful, hope you can meet up with your friends!! i re-linked you! thanks for playing and have a great weekend!!

  5. love your blooms. hope you can solve the mystery very soon!

  6. Cheryl, If I knew where you lived, I'd be over there picking some of those flowers. LOL They are gorgeous , I am going to Utah in Sept. My first trip there. xoxo,Susie

  7. Hi Cheryl.
    Drats! Bad news about the water in the bathroom!! Hope you can get it all sorted out---soon!!
    Sorry to hear that you had some plans that went awry, but you have a great attitude about it all!!

    Sounds like you have a fun trip planned. Here in Utah, Fall is the PERFECT time to visit.
    It's not too hot, there are not usually flash floods in the slot canyons, all the trees and foliage are fully grown, and we have the most beautiful Indian summer days---EVER!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Thanks for sharing such beautiful shots of beautiful flowers.
    Sorry about the bathroom.
    I stopped making plans too. Our kids looks for flight numbers etc and help us buy the tickets I always am on the edge until I am on the plane and sometimes even after.

  9. Oh my....such beautiful flowers!! Funny daughter said this same thing this morning. Everything she has planned this week has gone crazy. Hope you find that leak real soon....
    I would love to be planning a Fall vacation.....can I just bring a small suitcase and ride with you? LOL...
    have a good weekend.

  10. Yikes on the water. Hope it isn't busted piped under the floor. Good luck finding and fixing.
    A trip West sounds wonderful. I'm envious. I've covered the North and South but this is as far west as I have ever been.
    Hey, that storage room will wait and eventually get done. Just enjoy every day.

  11. gorgeous blooms. so many great colors. neat-o!! ( :

  12. Just take things one day at a time. It's all you can do. Too many things can interfere. Your vacation plans sound nice.

  13. Yummy bloom pics . . . I like the speckled like zinnias . . .
    I hope you find where the mystery water is coming from . . .
    Your travel plans west sound wonderful . . . enjoy!

  14. What a fun time you will have! I love your zinnias, and the sunflower is beyond gorgeous, it is my favorite today. The bible tells us to live only one day at a time, so now I think you have the right idea! Remember the saying..."Mn makes plans...God laughs"?

  15. I never make plans and always fly by the seat of my pants. Plans or preplanning sends me into a tailspin! Your vacation out west sounds wonderful!

  16. Congrats on an upcoming WONDERFUL trip.. We want to head west again sometime. SO much to see there...

    Sorry about your week-and the plans. That's just LIFE --and we all go through it... I guess we all just do the best we can --and 'try' to get things done when possible.

    Hope your heel is better. AND---I hope you find out where that water came from.... Yipes...

    Love your flowers especially that sunflower. GORGEOUS.

  17. I am just like you; my plans always go awry. My day never goes as planned. In fact, we hesitate to plan vacations because the last couple of times something has happened. I do hope you heel is better and that you find where the water is coming from. I do not like those kinds of mysteries. However, I loved your flower pictures today; it brightened my moment. Utah is so full of wonderful places to see. I do hope you get to come here. If you are in the area of Salt Lake let me know I would love to meet you. Of course, I know that when we travel that the schedules can be tight. Well have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you!

  18. I know how you feel about plans going awry. Happens to us all the time.
    Your vacation sounds so nice. Gives you something nice to look forward to.
    Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

  19. You grow the most incredible have inspired me to try growing some....

  20. I think you saved the best for that last flower!!!! I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but I guess that will never happen....getting paranoid of getting on the interstate now. I hope nothing gets in the way of your plans and I'll get to see it through your eyes!

  21. Plans often get readjusted but that is just how life goes.I try to tell myself that it is ok if my plans don't work out.Mostly that works,but sometimes I get frustrated. Oh well.I love all the bright and cheery flowers in this post.

  22. I had a day like that today! It was the first day of the whole week that I did not have to leave, and I had a long list of house-y things I wanted to accomplish. But first thing this morning, my mom called and invited Bekah to lunch along with my oldest granddaughter Maddie...and who's going to say "no" to that? We ended up with a great day (Kati and I went had lunch at Chipotle and then did a little shopping), but nothing got checked off the to-do list. Maybe tomorrow...

    Not good, the water in the bathroom floor. Hope the mystery is solved soon!

    Exciting news of your fall vacation!

  23. Hi Cheryl!

    I hate day's like that! In my case they usually turn into months! Water on the floor is always a worry, I hope you find out what is causing it before your trip out west. I happen to live, "out west"...just sayin'... ;0)

    Your pictures are just beautiful! So colorful and cheerful, I just love the bright pink one!

    Your grandmother sounds like quite the lady! An e probably treasured every minute she spent with you too! What a blessing to have had her there after losing your mom at such an early age. We will always have memories to make us smile!

    Have a wonderful week-end!


    P.S. Hope your heel is feeling better!

  24. Oh, my word, these zinnias are so very, very beautiful (as are your photography skills, Cheryl)! I'm with you on #4. Oh, yes, I am. I'll be looking forward to that Westward Ho vacation! blessings ~ tanna

  25. You flowers are beautiful, Cheryl. I like your #4. That's how I plan (or not plan) my day. I hope your vacation plans work out though.

  26. Gorgeous flowers. I hope you find out what was causing the standing water...that would worry me. I wish I could head to the mountains this fall...just too many irons in the fire this year..hopefully next year. Til then, I will go vicariously through your photos that I hope you will share!

  27. It is so nice to see your Zinnias again! I loved them so much last year I promised myself I would plant some and didn't. Plans going awry. These photo's cheered me up a lot.

  28. A Fall trip! How I would like to see the east coast when the leaves turn. I wonder now if it will ever happen.
    Your floral photo's are always just gorgeous. You picked a nice time to should not be as but not as hot. I live three hours from Vegas and have a dear friend their from 50 years ago..and keep saying I am going to drive out and see her but I never do. Like you, my plans fall through for one reason or another.
    Better luck tomorrow...or rather Monday.

  29. Pretty flowers! You've had quite a week, but it's been filled with beauty anyway! Sending blessings.

  30. great post! loving the part about not making plans. and these photos are gorgeous! the colors looks so vibrant!

  31. Sometimes I just don't plan on anything. If it really needs to get done, it will, and if it doesn't get done, well, you know . . .
    Glad to hear about your trip and hope things turn out as planned. lol

  32. I loved seeing your 5...I am always making plans to do something around the house but...a lot of times, other things come along and change everything. Oh, well...there's always tomorrow...or next week...or.........:)