Saturday, January 23, 2010

A decorating dilemma

I didn't realize how much time has passed since my last post.  This has been a busy week, with work and various other things going on.  How was your week?  I didn't get some things accomplished that I had hoped too, as usual.  Been contemplating on what project to start.  There are several things I want to get done, not the least of which is cleaning out a closet that has been bugging me lately.  Here's a project that I want to get started on as soon as I actually decide how to go about it.  Here is a picture of a round table that was given to me by my Grandmother many years ago.  It is very old as you can see by the claw and ball feet.  I really don't know how old it is and she didn't either.  I want to buy or make some sort of tablecloth for it.

This little cloth I have on it now just doesn't do anything for it and, since I've moved the table from the spot I originally had it sitting in, it's more noticeable than ever.  Have found some tablecloths on the web in various sizes, since this table is bigger than most 70 inch tablecloths are made for, but the shipping costs are astronomical even if the price of the cloth itself is reasonable.  Wonder why shipping costs for something that weighs next to nothing are so high?  Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.  How about puddling a cloth and not worrying if it is the exact size?  Here's a picture from Country Living that I like, it's not "puddled" but doesn't fit perfectly, either: 

Hopefully, I'll find something soon.  It anyone knows where to order round tablecloths in various sizes, I think mine would be 120 inches, please let me know.

Until next time...


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    I'll add you to my list of "Sweet Bloggers Who Do Not Make Us Do Word Verification." It's on my Google Reader, for only me to access. But I do love the people on it. :-)))))))