Thursday, December 1, 2016

Odds and Ends...

Do you have your tree up and the house all decked out for Christmas?  I just took down all the fall decor, so I'm ready to get the trees and the totes out and begin making it look Christmasy around here.  

I've been dealing with vertigo issues since just before Thanksgiving, so I haven't been online much as reading and scrolling pages makes the dizziness worse.  Until this passes, I'm reusing an old Christmas header for my blog from a couple of years ago.  Looking for photos to make a new one just wasn't going very well.  I'm still able to do a lot of things, but I just have to be careful not to look up or turn my head a certain way.  The smell of paint and varnish at The Project hasn't helped, either.

Here's the big guy, aka BG, finishing up the ceiling.  He insulated the floor under the spare room that is on the end of the deck at the rental house.  I tried to help with holding one end of the plywood up, but not being able to look up very well, I wasn't much help.  He came up with the idea to nail up the board and then he could slide the plywood through.  

The insulation will make a huge difference in keeping this room warm.   It is the last room to finish before our daughter moves in.  Hopefully in the next week or two at the most. 

The other rooms have a few little odds and ends to finish and one needs painting which my daughter will do this weekend.  I will help her if my head feels better by then. 

I'm the general go-fer for supplies for the remodeling project and Menards is my main home improvement stop.  The Christmas section always catches my attention and I love to wonder through the many trees on display.  It's a little bit of a stretch, but I can pretend that I'm at SDC in Branson.  😊 

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Even though my table isn't nearly as crowded as it once was, we had a very nice day with our children.  I cut back on the dishes this year...what? no corn or green beans?...and had turkey, which was delicious, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, garden salad, rolls, and I just had to have my scalloped oysters, too.  Pecan and cherry pies for dessert plus a cherry delight that a friend sent over. 

The only thing bad about it all is that it's all gone!  Well, I do have the carcass and turkey scraps to make soup with in the freezer.  That will be good on a very cold day and it sounds like the entire USA is in for some very cold weather this winter.  

🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

Hubby is taking a vacation day tomorrow to hopefully finish up his work in the attic.  Below is a photo I took of one section of the attic.  I don't know how he can find anything in all that loose insulation.  By the way, the insulation doesn't have asbestos in it.  The only asbestos in this house are a few tiles in the basement that are stuck down tight and we have put a sealer over them and will cover them with carpet.

Remember the room I showed a few posts ago and the walls had been mostly removed so the wiring could be gotten to?   The walls have now been put back together and are awaiting paint.

The kitchen is mostly finished except for moving in the electric range and putting in the new sink and faucet once we're through cleaning paint brushes, etc., there.  And a thorough cleaning inside the cabinetry needs to be done.  Also a few outlet covers need to be put on.   Please ignore the clutter you can see out the door on the upper deck, the stuff just seems to keep multiplying!

We're hoping that our daughter will get to move in the next week or two.  She is so excited!  Some things can wait until after she's in, such as the basement and any outside work.  We never did get the exterior repainted.  We may be slow, but it will be a nice little house once it's all finished.  

And I'll be happy to have something else to talk about.  It seems like most of our thoughts are taken up by this huge project.  What will I blog about?  lol!  

I'll be by to see you when I can.  You probably have guessed that the work was going full speed ahead at the other house.  With the holidays so close together, I'm sure everyone is super busy these days, too!  

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl       


  1. Maybe she'll let you blog about the decorating choices she's making. That would be great!

    So sorry that you've got vertigo issues. I sure hate it whenever it descends on me. Very debilitating. Feel better soon.

    It's supper time and your Thanksgiving table looks so yummy that I am beginning to

    1. get very hungry.

      (Stupid computer!)

  2. Praying you will feel well soon.
    Happy December,

  3. The house will be lovely.Hope your head feels better soon, so you can get into the full swing of Christmas.

  4. I am so sorry about your vertigo! Have you been to the doctor? I have attacks of the same thing! It is called B.P.V, or Benign Positional Vertigo. I have had it so bad that I could not walk and crawled on the floor. And when I close my eyes, things STILL spin around! It is just dreadful. The attacks have gotten much better as I get older. Your Thanksgiving table looks delicious! And the house is coming along wonderfully! Love the kitchen, and it even has a walk-out deck!

  5. This house is such a great accomplishment and you are certainly doing your part. Cheryl! And yes, you'll have a lot to blog about with your daughter nearby.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looks wonderful. My table is so small, we have to do a buffet and I so wish we could just pass dishes. Emily brought the potatoes and a veggie dish and that helped a lot. Dessert was full on with extended family and waaaaaaay too many pies and sweets! I made plates for everyone to take home. I don't need the temptation.

    I'm curious about your vertigo. Have you had it before? I have had it really bad when I turn my head and neck to the right. Especially when I'm lying down. I thought it was from my sinuses but it just hasn't gone away in two months. I'm getting worried.

    You take care and I know you'll get around to the decorations sooner or later. Me, too! Ha!

    Jane x

  6. Morning Cheryl, yup, wee tree is up, start going to have them one.... I love your kitchen, so bright and beautiful, great table too!!!!! Your Thanksgiving feast looked so good,, made me hungry.Blessings Francine.

  7. LOVE the kitchen and its floor is beautiful.. so glad she will be in her new home by Christmas.. your dinner looks wonderful to me..i had two bouts with vertigo in the past year. the last one I looked on line and found something I tried. it worked for me. it is esy to do and can't harm.
    lay flat on the bed, and turn your head to right or left, which ever one makes you spin, hold it there until the spinning stops. do that 3 times. mine was to the right. I did that each time I felt it come back and it helped

  8. Goodness, vertigo sounds ghastly. Sure hope it leaves you or at least becomes less debilitating. My brother has bouts of it.
    The house is really coming along beautifully and I know you will be happy when you daughter can start enjoying it. It has been a long ride for all of you.

  9. Hi Cheryl!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...get better quickly dear friend... :0)

    I do not have my tree up. I'm hoping to do it sometime tomorrow, hopefully. My husband hurt his back, so I will be hauling and tugging by myself...eeeekkkk!

    Your, project is coming along so beautifully, I love seeing pictures of it's progress. I can't wait to see it when it's all completed! And, what a great idea when putting up plywood - aren't men smart?!

    We had a wonderful, Thanksgiving. My daughter had it at her home, only about 30 minutes away, and very roomy so we had lots of space to spread out. My other daughter and her family were there as well, so we had lots of food and lots of fun. I love oysters! We usually make a wonderful, corn oyster casserole for Thanksgiving, but didn't do it this year, but will make it for Christmas dinner.

    It seems like I get slower each year as far as Christmas shopping goes . . . and everything else as a matter of fact! But, I plan on doing some, online shopping, and hopefully will make a big dent in it this week-end, wish me luck!

    Get well soon!


  10. First, your dinner looks delicious!

    I can identify with your dizzy problem. I have that chronically and have to be very careful with heights or bending suddenly....sometimes even walking without holding onto something or someone is an issue. You be very careful.

    Your daughter is very lucky to get such a lovely house. You and your DH may get bored this winter!

  11. So exciting to be nearing the end of "The Project"! Please keep showing us the progress pics!

    I am sorry that you have been dealing with vertigo. That is NO fun. My daughter is suffering wit!h vertigo today...on her day off. I hope that it is short-lived for both of you!

  12. So sorry that you aren't feeling well. Praying for you friend. The house looks fantastic. I know you will be so happy to have your daughter nearby. Blessings from Missouri!

  13. Oh, dear friend, I do hope your vertigo goes away soon. That is a miserable thing to have to deal with. Also, be careful too. You seem to be continuing to be busy with your project and it looks like it is coming a long really well. I love the photos of the kitchen and other finished rooms. I sure your daughter is excited.
    I liked your more simplified Thanksgiving dinner; so I am going to think about it for next year. Take care and sending prayers and hugs your way!