Friday, November 18, 2016


 🎶 The autumn leaves drift by my window...🎶

After the howling winds of yesterday, most of our colorful leaves
are on the ground awaiting a leaf rake or a leaf blower and 
a pair of willing and able arms to gather them into large piles.  

The wind made for a tighter grip on the steering wheel while
driving to the Big Town yesterday.  And a lot of hairspray didn't
really help my hair stay in place, either.  Not to worry, I saw a
lot of hairdos standing on end so I didn't feel quite so bad.
My first stop was a visit to the chiropractor.  My knee and sciatic
nerve pain finally got the best of me and Something had to be done.
It was a very warm day, as well as ultra windy, so I was wearing my
flipflops.  Which led me to mentioning--in case he noted my sorry
looking nails--that next on my agenda was getting a pedicure mainly
because of a recurring ingrown nail.  Doctor then gave me a tip that
he says really works.  I will be trying it out if I can ever figure out how to reach my toes again.  If anyone wants to know his method
for curing ingrown nails, just email me and I'll be happy to share it.
On to other things.  I didn't really intend to talk toes today.  👣

After the pedicure, I found my 💅 tootsies heading down to the
bookstore.  I found a book I've been wanting to read when I find
some time, as it's not exactly light reading.   I'll save the subject of this book, which has interested me for many years, for a future 
blog post all of its own.   

I then headed over to my favorite section...magazines.
Look in the lower left corner of the above photo.  See the arm?
Someone was looking at a magazine and snapping photos with
their iPhone.  Have you ever done this?  I suppose it was in
the interest of saving money since magazines have gotten so costly.

I intended to show both before and after photos in this post, 
but I only have a few before to share today in the interest of
time.  BG is off work again today and Monday to work at
The Project and I will be heading there soon to do some painting.

The photo above and the following are what some of the walls
looked like after BG tore into them to find the wire he was trying
to get into the outlet holes.  Whoever did the old wiring job 
sometimes drilled a hole through a stud in the wall, so the wire
didn't always go in a straight shot to the outlet.  I need to get a photo
of the attic where he has been working before he's through. 

This is a little alcove in one of the bedrooms.  The sheetrock has
been put back, mudded and sanded and is awaiting primer and 
paint.  Also, the above chocolate room as we call it and the living
room walls are put back together and awaiting paint touch ups.

Other than running a new wire to the kitchen for the electric stove, 
the above room is the last to be rewired.  Well, the basement still needs to be rewired, but it will be much easier since he doesn't have to get into the attic.  This room is what we call the spare room and was added on at the end of the upper deck.  Believe me, that pink will be painted over!  There are shelves on the other side of that
closet door and the right side wall has a door that leads to the
deck.  My daughter is planning making this room an office.

We haven't quite figured out how we are going to heat/cool this
room as it didn't have heat or cooling running to it.  Any ideas?


I'm slow getting started today, but it's time to go see if BG needs some help.  I'll probably start painting primer on those patched holes 
and then daughter and I can paint this weekend.
I probably sound like a broken record, but we'll be so happy
to get all of this work done.  Well, enough done that our daughter
can get moved in.  I don't know if we'll want to dance or sleep.  
And, I'll be happy to have more time for some fun activities
such as reading blogs, books and watching some shows on Netflix.

 Have a great weekend!
xo Cheryl


  1. Okay, so you're daughter is moving in there. I guess I missed that somewhere. I went into B&N the other day, but I just looked at the magazines, as they've gotten so expensive. But I would never dare to take a photo like that woman!

  2. What does your chiropractor do? Did he help you? Taking pictures of magazines in a store is really a bit too much! It's O.K. if you see a pretty cover or something, but to actually read it on your phone, phooey on that. The alcove off of the bedroom is adorable! Perfect for a walk in closet or any number of things. It even has it's own window!

  3. I sent an email for the info you got on toenails. and I love the color of the walls in the almost finished room and those beautiful floors. hope it is all done soon. I had the sciatia and knee last year, for about 6 months I thought I would go crazy from it, the doc put me on therapy to do and I had to wait for 6 months for it to stop. one thing that helped was walking which hurt like crazy. hope you can get relief...

  4. Feel better Cheryl :0) and enjoy your weekend making pretty...painting and such :D mari

  5. Hope you get those pains to leave you alone. Like Sandra, I have found walking has helped my back and hip a bunch. Doesn't make sense but it works. Sure don't envy BG the job he is facing. It looks daunting.

  6. What? Your stats would go through the roof if you revealed the secret cure for an ingrown toe nail. You folks are getting there...what a lot of work!

  7. Looks like you will be busy.I just have to remind you, we didn't get to see a picture of those toes.I assume they were painted as well.:)

  8. Wow- Looks like you have been busy there- lots going on!!! I need a pedicure, too. Crazy!! Hope the chiropractor helped! I see people taking pictures all the times of magazines. I think it is kind of like a personal Pinterest for some people. lol
    Hope you get your house project wrapped up. xo Diana

  9. In our old house, in days gone by, we had more than one of those Projects That Do Not End, so I feel your pain! You just have to keep plodding on. (By the way, when it's all over, I vote for the nap!) It's going to look wonderful though...I know your daughter is going to be delighted with her home!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  10. Wow! What a busy time for you... I hope the chiropractor helped you... so many people use them and are happy with the results. I'm sure this is a busy day for you...painting, etc. etc....😉 And for your awesome is that? To be able to wire a house!! I remember when Tom would work with electric, I would be scared to death, but he knew what he was does your BG.. So glad your daughter is able to move in. I'm sure with winter fast approaching she's glad too..

    Stay warm and well...Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Stopping by to say, "Hi" and hope all is well, looks like you all are so busy with the remodeling, believe me , I know what a task that can be, been there done that!~smile~ Enjoyed the photos of the cows in your last post,and how nice that you and your daughter take time to shop and enjoy time together, the mishap with the food orders sounds familiar too!
    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. That project is moving right along! Hope the knee and sciatic problems get resolved quickly. Standing painting for very long may not help!

  13. You are having a tough time to complete your project:)

  14. I'm not sure how magazines stay in business. I know I can't afford them. Hope you are feeling better. xo Laura

  15. I have taken pics of products or an article out of a magazine when I'm sitting in a doctor's office. sometimes a receptionist will tell me to take the magazine. :)
    they make heater/ac units, not window units, all in one that are perfect for one room or small space. I would love to know the secret to avoiding ingrown toenails. all I've heard is to cut them straight across.

  16. I do pray your back is feeling better after visiting the Chiropractor. It sounds fun to have a pedicure and then go shopping for a book and some magazines. I love to read too; but don't get to do casual reading very much. We get assigned alot of scriptures and other missionary time reading which is good.
    I love that you are getting your project completed so your daughter can move it. It sounds like the wiring has been a hard job for sure. It is awesome that you hubby can do it.
    Just enjoy the warm winds; I guess. Our weather has finally turned called so I wish it was back to the warm fall temperatures we have been enjoying. It's remaining and we really need the water here.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration dear friend! Sending big hugs your way~

  17. I'm curious now to learn more about your new book.
    I can imagine a big celebration will be in order when the project is completed. You have all been working so hard on it and I look forward to the big reveal.
    I hope your chiropractor is helping with your painful parts. I'm off to see mine today.
    Sending you and your family wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Hi Cheryl!

    I have missed your blog, catching up has been fun!

    Back problems are so hard to deal with, I hope you are feeling better very soon. I agree with you, magazines are so expensive. I only buy them if there is something in them that's really love. A pedicure sounds wonderful! Every girl needs one occassionally, just to feel good!

    Your project is coming right along. Pretty soon, it will be finished; I can't wait to see the photos!

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend! I count you as one of my blessings!