Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love fall

Fall, or you may call it autumn, is a favorite season for many of us.  It is definitely my favorite season, followed closely by spring.  There are a few things I'd like to ask my blog friends about this wonderful season we've been enjoying for a few weeks in order to get to know you better.  Here is a short list of questions and I'll answer them myself and hope you will, too!

1.  What is your favorite fall color?  

2.  Besides the usual pumpkins and mums, what favorite fall things  do you use every year in your fall decor?
         I have a barrel head I painted years ago that I bring out of
storage and hang on the wall.  Also, I have some fall pieces I bought
at Hobby Lobby that I use in my fall decor every year.  I also use some faux fall leaves and berries in various arrangements.

3.  In a little over 2 weeks, most of the US will turn back their clocks one hour.  If you could, would you leave it as it is or will you be glad to turn back time?
     I really wish they would leave it one way or the other.  But I admit daylight savings has its advantages.

4.  What is your favorite fall or cool weather food to fix that you don't usually cook in the summer?

5.  Do you have a favorite scent that makes you think of fall or maybe a favorite candle you like to burn during fall?
     I think fall has a special scent all it's own.  But the scent of pumpkin pie is really nice, too! 

6.  If you participated in Halloween as a child, what was your favorite costume?
     I'll have to pass on this one, I only got to go trick or treating one time and only wore one of those dime store masks.  Growing up on a farm way back when, we didn't get an opportunity for trick or treating.   But we had a lot of fun in other ways.  I belonged to a 4-H Club and we would have hay rides and weiner roasts in the fall, so we still had fun!

7.  What do you love most about the fall season?
      I love the color of the trees as they are changing, the smells, and the cooler weather after a long, hot summer.  

We've had beautiful weather so far this fall in my area.  It has cooled off quite a bit.  In fact, I turned on the furnace yesterday.  The leaves are falling and I know winter isn't far off.  Wait!  That makes me think of a favorite song!   The autumn leaves, drift by my window.....

Until next time... 


  1. I love how you call Autumn "Fall" and decorate your homes and have pumpkin pies etc. Doesn't happen in Aus :[

  2. Fall is beautiful, but it always makes me a little depressed, and the depression (slight) usually lasts on through the winter. Maybe it's that S.A.D. I've read about.

  3. 1. My favorite fall colors are the yellows that slip into golds and the reds that slip to coppers.

    2. I don't use anything besides mums and pumpkins. I think I'm missing something.

    3. The time change is a favorite with me. I adore the longer days in spring and summer and realize that the school children need the light in the mornings in fall and winter.

    4. Soups and stews

    5. I have a new candle that smells like pumpkin pie. It's really nice.

    6. Only one memory, although I did participate in trick or treating. My mother made my sister an elaborate pumpkin costume and she was adorable. She dressed me all in black and tied ribbons and streamers from my head and called me "The Thing." My mom was quite annoyed when my sister lost the costume contest after she'd worked so hard on that pumpkin and I won. After all, she'd just tossed me together. That's a fun memory!

    7. I love all the things that you love and I even enjoy the open views after the leaves fall.

    I enjoyed reading your choices and, like you, I far more enjoyed the hayrides to the tops of the fields under a full moon than the trick or treating. Thanks for the fun! Oh, was I supposed to do this on my blog? Oh dear.

  4. i love your photo, really beautiful.
    I live in Florida so fall is not something i even think about. this time of year i love the fact the temps drop to a comfort level of 80 and the humidity lets up a little.
    i don't decorate for holidays, I love chili when the weather is cold, when a child i always dressed as a witch or a princess.
    the time changing makes me crazy, just leave it one way or the other. go by the sun like they used to, straight up means noon, which ever one that is.
    I love living in Florida and watching fall on the blogs.

  5. What a fun way to include your readers! I'll post my answers below, but i wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award over at my place today. "You're under no obligation to accept"!
    1)My favorite fall color is rust
    2)I have a couple of scarecrows that I put out on the porch with my pumpkins and mums
    3)I really like Daylight Savings Time.
    4)I don't cook much, but chili sounds good!
    5)Hands down: Spiced Pumpkin by Yankee Candle. It SCREAMS "fall"!
    6)I only went trick or treating once too (we also lived in the country), and Mom & I concocted a witch costume. I think I went to 3 houses!
    7)I like watching the farmers harvest their crops. Especially cotton
    Thanks for the great post!

  6. I always say that Spring is my favorite season...until Autumn comes along! It's a close tie. ;)

    I love all of the colors of autumn, the reds, oranges & yellows. I don't decorate as much as I used to, but I use real pumpkins outside & faux ones indoors, & I love the look of the white pumpkins. I no longer do any Halloween decorating, just use the Fall theme.

    Homemade vegetable soup is my very favorite. I love the smell of pumpkin pie baking & a cinnamon based candle is usually burning around here.

    We used to dress up in silly rubber masks & dress in Mom or Dad's clothes, stuffing ourselves with pillows. I never had a pumpkin treat carrier....always used a brown paper sack, & would come home with it full of big candy bars, & my favorite...popcorn balls. (Before the times of miniature candy bars & candy being tampered with!)

    I always enjoy this time of year when it gets just a little too cold to do any yard work. I love the longer evenings & staying at home.

    We just got back from a beautiful trip to West Virginia & Virginia. I will try to post some pictures int he next day or so.

    Happy Fall!!!

  7. I love fall, spring, winter, then summer!

    1. The red - cranberry red - color - is that what red you are talking about?

    2. My grandson - being 10 and living here - we have ghosts, spiders, rats, spider webs, lights, pumpkins, witches, skeletons - get what I mean?

    3. I would keep time the same.

    4. Apple bread

    5. I like pumpkin pie and cinnamon.

    6. Gypsy.

    7. A lot of people think it is a season about dying - I see it as a chance of a renewal - and it is cool and crisp. Love that.

    Love your answers.

    Love, sandie

  8. I used to dread Fall because that meant cold weather was coming. Since we now live in the south, I'm grateful the heat is going. To me, Fall smells like woodfires, baking, and Claire Burke's Applejack and Peel candles. (Which are hard to find anymore)

  9. Rust is my favorite fall color. I don't decorate, but will occasionally gather dried flowers/weeds from around the place to stuff into jars and vases around here. only did trick or treating once as a child - a hobo. chili is a cold weather fave.

  10. Good Morning Cheryl! I am going to answer your questions :) I want to play!

    1.My favorite Fall color is wheat. And rust. I know I cheated on the question a bit.

    2.I have 3 tin rust/orange-ie colored pumpkins with faces cut out that I put on the front porch around a tin cat for Halloween decoration.

    3.I would like to leave our time just as it is. That dang time change befuddles me.

    4.Homemade flat square noodles and chicken in a big old pot with mashed potatoes with the skins on is our Fall/Winter comfort food.

    5.Favorite scent in Fall is an outside fire and that special scent or aroma of leaves when they fall off the trees and get all dried up scrunchy brown or whatever color.

    6.I hated to wear a costume and I seriously can't remember one of them.

    7.The changing leaves and the coldfronts racing in and Fall foods and the anticipation of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is what I love about the Fall season.

    Cheryl this time of year makes me think of Vince Guaraldi's tune, Linus and Lucy from Peanuts. It's my ringtone on my phone!

    Happy Fall to you! This was fun!

  11. Fall is my favorite season of all.
    I love everything about it. I love the crisp mornings, candles and lamps glowing throughout the house, the warm colors and hot cocoa with cinnamon. I always went trick or treating dressed as a gypsy, with canning rings on thread hung on my ears as earings.
    There is something wonderful about this time of year. Magical. Harvesting, canning, crackling fires, apple pies... etc.. etc..
    How blessed we are to have such a glorious season to celebrate!

  12. Your picture is just stunning, is it a painting? My favorite fall thing is the beautiful leaves! And color would have to be orange or yellow. I HATE it when we change the clocks, it gets dark in the middle of the day!!! I love the LIIGT! And I have no idea why we still do this, I can see no good reason. It really is a pet peeve of mine!!!

  13. I like your idea for this post and I think I will do it. The picture was beautiful. I do love fall and enjoy my memories of this time of year.
    Keep on enjoying your moments!

  14. Fall is my favorite season as well. I love the colors and especially the smells of the season. Your list is great!

  15. 1. orange, i love the color orange.

    2. i have a halloween tree, check my blog if you want to see it.

    3. def leave the clocks alone, whose idea was that anyway.

    4. pot roast with mashed potatoes. that's my favorite comfort food.

    5. harvest or pumpkin pie, i LOVE candles.

    6. i was a china doll when i was 5, i loved that costume.

    7. i love the cooler temperatures in the fall and bundling up in hoodies!!

    this was fun, my mind was filled with joyous things!!

  16. Good Post....
    I usually call it "Fall"
    My favorite color is Orange, however, I do love the mixture of the the Fall colors. I use a lot of fruit, mixed with jars of candy corn and nuts. Fall placemats and dishes....I love Daylight Savings time, but I do wish they would leave it one way...My favorite dish is soups of all kinds... I love the change in the weather (especially after this summer) and I do love the smells of vanilla, and all the fixings for Chicken and Dressing!!
    I do love Fall and I think it is my favorite of all seasons...

  17. I love Fall. Red is my favorite color. Here is Florida it's not as pretty as other states. My pretty colored leaves came out of a bag from the store. :) I always buy nuts and candy corn to have around. And this is the time of year that I start baking pies. I love the smell of fresh baked cookies or pies! It actaully cooled off here today, enough that I wore jeans this evening and the low will be 59! So excited!

  18. 1. The shades of oranges.
    2. I like to have a pumpkin filled with candy for everyone to enjoy. Just last week, I found a cute glass pumpkin at the War Eagle Arts & Crafts Fair that I have candy in now.
    3. I've always felt fine about DST.
    4. I associate Fall with Pie, including Pot Pies.
    5. Burning Leaves.
    6. I can't remember my Halloween costumes, but I know I always enjoyed trick or treating since I grew up in town.
    7. I love the feeling of it.

    I just turned on the Wood Pellet Stove just now.

  19. Cheryl, this is great! You are making us pull out some memories!

    1)Favorite color - red - wines and rusts set amongst the golds

    2)I have a pair of pilgrims holding some wheat sheaves which by now, after so much use, are all scrunched up. But they don't mind - they keep on smiling!

    3)I'd rather keep the daylight at the end of the day. Getting up in the dark is not a problem for me since I'm usually an early riser.

    4)Tomato/apple relish

    5)Anything with cinnamon or pumpkin - candles or baked goods.

    6)All I remember is my most unfavorite costume which was a piggy my mom had made for a "three little pigs" play I participated in my kindergarten year. Sigh! I couldn't breath and the feet were too tight!

    7)I love the warmth of home, knowing that family celebrations are coming soon and I love the changing colors, crisp mornings and the crunch of apples!

  20. Oh this is fun... Rust or burnt orange is my fave fall color... but all of them together is actually my favorite of all! Yes, so I cheat a lil... God knows what He's doing, very very very well! =)

    All of my decorations are packed away & I just haven't gotten them out... but, maybe I will this weekend.

    I would leave time as it is... I don't care much for winter, AT ALL, & I don't like it getting dark so early.



    I can't think of even one costume, right now... I know I wore them, but my mind just went blank... =0

    I have to 2nd your #7 list & include Bonfires!

    Last year was definitely a more colorful fall here in Southeast Missouri... and, my goodness, has the temps dropped off all of a sudden this week, too! YiKeS!

  21. I love Autumn and all it intales.. we decorate the yard with lights and painted wooden pumpkins my hubby made. A dutch girl costume my Mother made won me a pair of roller skates in a contest.


  22. Hi Cheryl!

    I also love Fall! so here goes . . .

    1. Red and gold
    2. My daughter made a beautiful Fall flower arrangement in one of those real looking, fake pumpkins! It's so beautiful, and I always make sure it's on my kitchen table!
    3. I would leave the time alone!
    4. Chicken and homemade noodles - yummy . . . over mashed potatoes (do you think there are enough carbs in that meal?!)
    5. I have one called vanilla oak, that I just love! I also love pumpkin spice anything!
    6. I don't think I ever really had a costume. We would just put on funny clothes, and make-up. I lived in the city, and wayyyyyy back then, it was safe to go door to door!
    7. I just feel like life kind of slows down a little when school starts and the harvest is over - I also love the Fall colors and the cooler weather . . .and the smell of Fall!

    Fun post! I love getting to know you better!


  23. Ooops, almost forgot! I dressed up every year for Halloween. Dressing up as a Gypsy and I Dream of Jeanie were my favorites!

  24. I love your blog,Thanks for sharing Joann

  25. Mmmm. I love pumpkin pie and chili too! The cooler weather is always so appreciated after the heat and humidity of summer. And not many things can beat the leaves as they change color!! I didn't do much trick or treating either, as we lived overseas for many years. I did have one really fun costume, but I'll save that for a post later this week.