Friday, October 28, 2011

Great game

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What a game!  The St. Louis Cardinals won 10-9 in 11 innings!  Game 7 will be played against the Texas Rangers tomorrow night at 6:30 in St. Louis.  It was one of those kinds of games that I started watching, then couldn't watch for a while, then went back to watch.  I was thinking at one point that it was all over for them, but they pulled through!  Very exciting to see.  I'm hoping they can win the Series, but the Rangers have played very well, too.   So, may the best team win!!   Go Cards!!


Thanks for all your well wishes.  I do feel a bit better and the coughing seems to have slacked off a bit today.   We have finally gotten the carpenter who is remodeling our bathroom to set a date.  He'll start after deer season.  I'm hoping it will be done by Christmas.  And what does a bathroom remodel have to do with coughing?  I think it might partly be the mold.  We have uncovered quite a bit of mold growing behind the stuff around our tub/shower.  It may not be the culprit, but it can't be helping either.  So, very soon that job will be done.   I'll be a happy camper.

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  1. Good Luck with the bathroom remodel. I hope it gets done on budget ahead of schedule. So many times these things drag on and on. Taking care of the mold should help with your cough if it's the culprit. Hang in there. Take care.

  2. Cheryl we watched Fiddler on the Roof and kept clicking on over to check on the game, I know shame on us. When it looked like we were finished we turned off the tv and went to bed. ShameShameShame on us!!!! I fired up the puter this morning and guess what???? I am speechless. We won't be watching any movie tonight and we will be staying up until the very end :)

    Glad your feeling better! We went to look for a new kitchen faucet yesterday. I was overwhelmed by 1, one faucet. It will be fun to see your redo and get rid of the mold!

  3. Years ago, I loved to watch the playoffs and the WS. Hubby isn't interested, though, so I don't watch any more. That sounds like it was an excellent game though!
    Glad you're feeling better. That mold can be nasty stuff, I would imagine.

  4. How many weeks of deer season do you have? That carpenter sounds like a hoot! Maybe he'll get his deer early...

  5. good to get rid of the mold, that is some bad stuff. hope your cough is gone soon. we did not remodel but had to fix the pipes in the wall behind the vanity, so that meant new everything, and what a mess, but loved it after.

  6. Mold will definitely cause respiratory problems. I'll lay my money on you problems tied to it. Sure wish deer season didn't take priority over work!

    We stayed up and watched the game too. And I'm not if a sports fan - but what a game! I'll bet there were a lot of people going into work late or calling in sick this morning. Go Cards!


  7. I heard all about the game on the news. I don't really follow sports, but this is a great story!
    Glad you're feeling better, and sounds like the mold may be contributing to the cough. I'm super excited for you to be able to get the remodel going... after the deer hunt, that is :)

  8. even tho we live outside the DFW area, i was just telling my husband this morning that this is the kind of world series i like to see/hear about. where the 2 teams are so well-matched that it keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. :)

    glad you're feeling a bit better - yes, i'm guessing that mold might be exacerbating things for you!

  9. It's never over till its over. Glad it is a good series.

    Mold is BAD! After my house flooded a couple of years ago, I had to fight with mold, finally had a company come in and fix the problem. My g-kids with asthma couldn't even come into the house without have an attack.

  10. Mold can definitely be the culprit. And go Cardinals. I am going to send a blogger I have from your area so you can 'meet' her. love sandie

  11. I stayed up until 12;45 watching that came. Oh, I was on needles and pins!! It will be tought to beat the Rangers-they are a good team too. Anyway Ill be glad when tonights over, so I can quit holding my breathe! I went to high school in Mo, and have parents that eat, sleep, and drink the Cardinals. So naturally, I'm a fan!

  12. Hi Cheryl!

    So glad to hear you are doing better, sometimes those bugs just keep hanging on!

    We started to remodel our downstairs bathroom last spring - it's still not done!!! I may have to hire your guy!! My husband keeps telling me he will do it after hunting season too! Good luck!


  13. Nothing good about mold. Glad you'll be getting your bathroom taken care of soon.

    Hubby says "go Cardinals"!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Glad to hear you are better. Now my sister has the croup too. Seems like sleeping it off is about the best thing to do.

    That mold can be a scary thing. Glad you discovered it so you can get rid of it.

  15. I am extremely allergic to mold and have to carry an epi-pen after two visits to the E.R., one in an ambulance with the fire truck following. Even if you are not allergic, mold is very bad for you! I hope you will be well after this is all done. Will you be showing before and after pictures?

  16. I really hope you post pictures of your bathroom remodel! We need to remodel our bathroom and I'm just waiting till I find some money! Not doing too good with that yet! We did the kid's bathroom and our 1/2 bath downstairs but ran out of money this past spring. Oh well. Would love to see yours and get ideas! Enjoy the weekend and I hope your cough goes away!

  17. Good luck with the remodel..was reading the post below, glad you are feeling better. As for blogging and ideas..anything, you are sharing your life with us and to me that is always interesting! ;D

  18. i don't watch sports, of any kind. i did not even know it was world series time!!

    we did a bathroom remodel a few years back, all the way down to the 2 x 4's. it took one week, total!! the transformation was amazing. it is a small bathroom but also a lot of work. my contractor was amazing!!

    there are pictures on my blog....under "the nest"!! good luck, it can be a nightmare!!

  19. So glad you are on an upswing. The series had to have been good medicine.
    Game 6 was just awesome and I am glad my adopted post season team took home all the marbles. Scrappy and heart will win every time.
    Enjoy the glow.

  20. Hi Cheryl, I am sorry you are still battling with this virus , but am glad you are better. I haven't been on my computer lately and have not had time to visit.
    But what a game #6 was, one of the best "ever", my dh is and has always been a diehard Cardinals fan, we enjoyed this series so much, though it was hard for me to not pull for the Rangers, because of Josh Hamilton, he truly is a comeback kid. This series was like the old ones we enjoyed growing up. I think both teams are a "class act"!
    Read some of your previous post and enjoyed them too. It is so hard for me to write a short post,lol .I always enjoy visiting with you.
    Good luck with the remodeling!