Monday, October 24, 2011

The Toy

Last week I happened to mention that my last 3 cars were the same make and model.  Several who commented asked what kind of car it is that I'm so fond of.  So since it's Monday and I didn't do anything exciting to blog about over the weekend, I thought I'd share my favorite car with you.

I took the liberty of finding photos of these 3 cars on the internet.  They look exactly like the 3 we've owned.  We still have 2 of these 3 cars, but they were a bit too dirty to take photos of.  I'll tell you the make of the cars at the end of this post, in case you haven't caught the hint or figure it out.  I'm sure some of you may have the very same car.  It's very popular!  

This 1995 car was the first of this make I would drive.
She lasted a very long time and I loved her!

Next in line was this 2001 car.
She still is going strong after almost being
totaled by a deer that ran in front of me
once when I was driving home from work.
However, she has a lot of miles on her and
we'll probably put a For Sale sign on her soon.

This 2010 is the current car I drive, and
you may have's a To~yota C~amry.

There they are, my Toys!  By the way, this not an ad nor does To~yota know I'm showing their vehicles.  But I love this car, it has been the most reliable make we've ever had.  As far as the color, I've always been fond of white cars.  On the practical side, I think they're easier to see at night and I feel like they don't show dirt as much as other colors do.

So, any other Toy lovers out there?  Do you have a favorite vehicle you buy again and again?  

Maybe another time we can talk about something really interesting, like favorite ice cream.  Pistachio, anyone?  :D

Until next time...


  1. Toyota Camrys are nice and reliable from what I hear and see. My first vehicle was a Toyota. I've had a white Ford Explorer, next white Expedition, next black Explorer and now my black Navigator...Ford family. Hubby has a black Toyota Scion tc and that will be the car Kyle will drive when he's 16. After these vehicles I want white again! Black shows way too much dirt!

  2. I have a Pontiac Vibe....same as Toyota Matrix. (made in the same factory too)

    Nice blog. Stopped over from Under the Oaks.

  3. If you like something, you should stick with it. You've made an excellent choice. We've owned three Toyotas. Two Corollas and one Camry. Gave one to each daughter when they were learning to drive back in the late 80's, early 90's. LOVED THOSE CARS. But now that we're old geezers we're into mini-vans. More room, more comfortable. Anytime you want to talk ice cream, I'm in. Pistachio rules. But Mango or Raspberry sorbet is a close second. Take care. Like your blog.

  4. they are well known for their reliability and last forever, so keep on keeping on with your toys. hubby loves all things GM and will not drive it if it is not GM. GMC, Blazers, Jimmy's as in trucks. i drive a Saturn Vue that i love and he drives a GMC truck. in our 27 years of marriage we have driven only GM cars, but for one that he bought from our neighbor for 700. it was a TOYOTA..a little red one, it would not run for the neighbor and he sold it to us cheap because it would not run and he kept putting money in it. he felt bad for selling it to us. hubby spent and hour working on it, he is a tip top mechanic and drove that little toy 200,000 miles and still sold it for 500.

  5. wow, a camry they are great. my family has had then for years as well. my hubby love the sx4 by suzuki. i guess when you find that car (or make of a car) you need to hold tight cause you may not find another just like it. ha. (:

  6. we had a toyota truck that we loved until it died. and we have friends that have 3 toyota vehicles. our household has turned to honda, however. i've bought 5 hondas all from the same dealership over the years. nothing better for reliability than honda and toyota both...

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for your comment about our sweet Gracie. I really appreciated it.

    I too love my "Toys". I drive a Toyota's an old one...I've had it for 10 years and I drove a Corolla before that. I plan to buy another Toyota someday too...maybe a Matrix. My husband drives a Toyota truck. We love the reliability!

    Thanks again!

  8. Nice car Cheryl! We are partial to white cars too. Toyota makes a good vehicle IMO. Be thinking of you at game time tonight, I'm going to stay awake!

    Favorite ice cream-vanilla with caramel and chocolate on top with some salted peanuts :)

  9. I have to agree with you about having white vehicles. They do tend to stay cleaner longer. In fact, my M.I.L. bought a blue car once...BRAND NEW, and had it painted white :)
    Currently, none of our cars are Toyotas or white :)
    Maybe next time.
    As for favorite ice cream... Brownies on the Moon for me.
    Hope your week is terrific!

  10. There is a new pistachio geleto out now - lol.

    And we all have Honda CRV's here. Three of them.
    Love, sandie

  11. Hi Cheryl!

    Funny - I love white too! I have never owned a Toyota Camry, but my daughter had one that she adored!

    My first white car was a Dodge Ram, my second was a Ford Taurus, which made it through 3 teenagers - a very tough little car! My current car is a white Cadillac - actually not my favorite car, I would have stuck with the Taurus!

    Ice cream - let's see . . . pumpkin pie ice cream sounds good today!


  12. I have always had big estate cars,usually Fords,but now I have a little Toyota Yaris and I love it,no trouble parking in tight spots anymore.!!! The insurance and road tax is so much cheaper as well.

    Ice cream has to be Ben & Jerry's,anything in the chocolate range.YUM,YUM.!!!

  13. Mercury Mountaineers! We have 2, love our cars. AND my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip mint. I think. It's been so long that I've purchased what I enjoy in in ice cream! Enjoy your day!

  14. I haven't truly bonded with a car since we stopped buyin' Mercury Cougars. We've had T~birds and Ford Tauruses since. Miss my Cougars though.

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  15. I do have a favorite car - VW New Beetles. I absolutely adore them and feel the same way you do about your Toyota Camrys. I have a post with my New Beetle Sport on my blog. You can either search for it or click the label.

  16. Cute post! I like white vehicles also. You would think they would show dirt more...but they don't.

    Ice cream is always a favorite topic. Hope your week is a good one.

  17. Well, I think this IS really interesting! Of course I have heard that the Camry has awesome reviews. I think the worst color car for showing diet is black and navy!! My favorite car was a '68 Mustang, bright aqua and no power brakes or steering!! Of course it had to go when we had a baby, but to this day I wish I had it, I bet it would be worth a lot of money!

  18. I love your toys, that last one is so cute! I have heard that they are real good cars. We just got a Volkswagon and we are loving it! ;D

  19. Ice cream needs to be either Vanilla with Chocolate topping and or chocolate with chocolate. Yup! I am addicted.
    As far as cars go. We drove VW's for a few years and we had one that was orange and black perfect for Halloween and yellow; bright colors I know.
    We bought two used Lexus cars in 2001. Both around 10 years old. Both were great cars and my husband is still driving the one. We bought a used but newer Black Lexus in 2008 and I love these cars. Never had any problems with any of them. This was fun!

  20. I love driving my Toyota Highland to the icecream store.
    Our last 3 cars have been Toys 2 but different models.