Friday, June 22, 2012

What color?

The roofing contractor came by the other day to give us a bid and left us a sample board of different colored architectural shingles.  About the time I think I know which would be the best color, I change my mind!  I need help!!  We've got white shingles on the roof now, which actually looks like light gray since it's aged.  Roofing guy says that many are going to a black or gray shingle in the bigger cities, but smaller towns still using white with red brick.  As you can see in the above photo, the brick on our house is all red, there aren't any variations in color.  Unless you count the mortar they splashed on it in places!  The trim on the house is painted white.  We don't have shutters.  Ideas?  When you are going to spend thousands of dollars, you want to pick the right color!   I will say that green or brown tones are not an option.  I'm leaning toward a grayish color or black.

If anyone remembers that we were going to remodel our bathroom...that project is still awaiting the carpenter!   I'd like to get a different carpenter at this point, but the man to do the work is my daughter's former FIL, and she is still friends with her ex-inlaws, so we don't want to cause hurt feelings there.  He has a full time job and does carpentry on the side, so he works when he has days off or after hours, etc.  Hopefully, he'll get to this job soon.  We've had everything bought and ready for months now.  It's time to get the show on the road, as they say!!!

I've been having a hard time keeping some of my flowers going in this very hot weather we're having this year.  I bought a few replacement flowers again yesterday.  I wanted to get them planted today, but haven't gotten motivated to do so.  They can wait another day.  Hubby gets off work at 2:30 during the summer, and we have a date this afternoon!   Hope your day is a good one and that you have a beautiful weekend!!

Until next time...


  1. well, here in texas, i'd never consider going with dark shingles as they soak up too much heat. we have brown ones on this house - and that's bad enough! i've always re-roofed every place we've had with light color. i'm no help. :)

  2. to hot for black shingles, i would go for white or really light gray, or several shades of gray, any of those. lighter is my vote. love that kitty over on the side bar

  3. When we were redoing our roof, I drove around looking for houses that were the color of ours and how the roofs looked with it.

    We ordered, and they shipped the wrong color. We had no idea until the roofers were putting it on. It kind of didn't matter because it was one of the colors I liked anyway.

  4. I love those purple flowers growing amidst your lovely rose bushes, Cheryl.
    I would tend to favor the white roof also. Maybe its because that's what we have.

  5. Love the pictures of the flowers. They are some drastic colors.
    Roof - I think the lighter ones would be better because it would reflect the sun. Though....if you are in snow country, the darker ones might be better to get rid of the snow faster.
    Carpenter - I think he might understand since he hasn't been able to find the time to complete the job. Maybe he forgot.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  6. There is such a variety of color in architectural shingles. Any with just a fleck of red in them to pick up the red in the brick?

    Call the carpenter. Be bright and light. If he doesn't show, I think he's telling you something and you're safe to move on.

    Oh that sticky wickets we get ourselves into.

    The flowers are very droopy here, too. Time for those promised rain showers.

  7. Good luck with choosing your shingles, Cheryl, I am not much help, as I too have a hard time deciding.

    beautiful flowers, I am replacing some too,due to slugs,
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. The pictures of the flower was beautiful. I need to go out and get some more for our years and house.
    I am not great at helping to choose a roof color; good luck on that one.
    Have an awesome afternoon date with your hubby.
    Hugs and blessings to you!

  9. Hi Cheryl...
    We have had to re-roof just about every house that we've ever renovated~~~sheesh!

    It gets quite hot here in the summer... so theoretically one should shy away from darker shingles.
    But.. we have great insulation, and that makes all the difference in the world!

    We have used an architectural shingle that is like weathered cedar shakes, looks fantastic!

    On this house.. we have a metal roof that is charcoal grey, and I LOVE it!
    Looks so sharp and clean, and goes with any color of landscaping, flowers, etc....

    Good luck sweetie :)

    Have a happy weekend.

  10. Ok, I've been thinking about this all day- since noon-- well maybe one o'clock. Black would be the best. I don't like white shingles. And unless you had gray shutters, I don't think gray would be the best. I've seen red brick with green roofs. Have you seen that color? I'm not a fan of green but they usually look ok.

    I have shades of tans, taupes and the such. I had to ask the contractor to decide for me.


  11. Hi Cheryl!

    We just went through the *color* thing! I think if you live in a warm climate, light is always best, as the darker colors seem to soak up the heat. I would go for a light grey - just my preference.

    I love your flowers, they are so pretty. We are having really warm weather too, and I am making soup for a friend who just came home from the hospital . . . I am about to melt!! I guess I will be forced to turn on the air!

    Have fun on your date with your sweetheart!

    Good luck with the color thing!


  12. What are these gorgeous flowers, they look a bit like lavender. I wish I could see a picture of your house. I do know that a black roof will make it hotter. How special to have deer right in your yard!!

  13. I'm in the light category because the dark holds the heat and we are so very hot here.

  14. I'd say black shingles! Looks sharp. Hope you can get your bathroom remodeled soon! Enjoy your weekend.

  15. I'm with the gray just soaks up too much heat and I think it deteriorates faster.

  16. I think we might be doing new shingles. We have gray siding with a natural stone front and stone columns. We have light gray shingles now and I can't wait to get rid of them. We will be doing very dark gray almost black architectural shingles. When we lived in St. Lou we had black shingles on a home with reused brick that variated in color. Black shingles don't affect the temp of your home IF you have adequate roof ventilation. And they show less gunk on the roof. Architectural shingles are prone to mold and mildew stains. I googled all week and got on a roofer's chat board... :) Of course those guys said the shingles aren't half as important as how the shingles are put on and what is under the shingles and you better have someone that knows how to do flashing really well! Sooooo for your house I am voting for a dark almost black architectural shingle. Hope you and your Hubby are having a wonderful date night! If you need a good carpenter that actually shows up to work, does a good job and cleans up after himself let me know and I will shoot you a name in an email. He just did some very pretty crown molding for us.

  17. Our home is all red brick-2 story colonial. We have black roof with white shutters & white windows. Very traditional. Indiana now has the algae problem so is Missouri does, but sure to get the shingles that are treated for algae. I too sometimes drive around new subdivions for color ideas. And...hubby is a builder & always has good taste when it comes to color selections. Good luck!

    We just remodeled my bath & I will a post on it soon.

  18. I've used black on some of our red brick places with black shutters and white trim. Looks good... but, I'm sure it does absorb more heat. These are tough decisions. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  19. Isn't it wise to pick a color, which will not absorb the heat of the sun in summer???

    Me'thinks that black is a no-no, on this score. And that closest to "white" is the best choice. Rather than just-what-makes-the-nicest-color-statement.


    "A Weekend in the Country..."
    " comfort and quiet, seemed vary attractive. The trees would be bursting into leaf, the grass turning green, the birds beginning to sing. Perhaps the sun would shine, it would be warm."

    ~"Weekend" by Rosamunde Pilcher

  20. These flowers sure are a pretty bright blue! And I love seeing the deer! I'm terrible at choosing colors...I have to get hubby to do that! I can never decide! That's why my bathroom is still white...instead of blue! heehee!

  21. Some shade of gray would probably look good- not too dark. I'm not very good at color coordinating.

  22. Those are the most beautiful blue flowers in the first picture... I think gray would look good on the roof.

  23. My opinion is go with gray. It will reflect some of the heat in the summer and blend with the mortar in your bricks. Love the purple flowers by the bricks... so vibrant!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  24. I would never have black here. I have a light speckled brown. I would go with the lightest possible. Your flowers are just incredibly gorgeous!

  25. Those flowers are beautiful! And I would not do too dark or white, but a medium gray.

  26. I have a tile roof. They are very hardy! Love your flowers, so, so pretty!

  27. It is a big decision. We faced it a few years back. We had black and they got very hot, just soaked up the sun. At one point we considered red. But decided on a Carmel color. Grey, sounds neutral enough. IT really depends on what you want. GOOD LUCK. It can be frustrating, I know.

  28. i don't like "light/white" roofs....they make sense but i just don't like the way they look. we have a darker gray roof and i really love it. keep in mind that lighter roofs stain, and really show dirt and wear. perhaps others have mentioned that.

    i think you are loosing your "spirit" because of the heat. i hope you had a fun date night!!

  29. I'd probably go with grey. I like the color of your bricks.

    We have the same problem with our carpenter remodeling our downstairs bathroom. He is too busy and only doing it part time. Oh, did I mention, he is my husband? So I guess firing him is not an option!

  30. Have you looked at pictures of red-bricked homes? I find dark gray shingles look best with your color of bricks. A lighter shade may make it look somber, so going for dark colors would make it stand out. Anyway, which shingle color did you eventually choose?

    Scarlet Weingarten