Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Note Card Party

It's Note Card Party time at A Haven for Vee.  
I don't have a particular theme for this
month, but most of them include water.  It
must be because of the very hot weather we're having.
Most of the photos were taken last year.

This really looks inviting on a hot summer late afternoon.  

A favorite little park I like to visit includes a one-room
schoolhouse very similar to one I attended as a youngster.

The Lake of the Ozarks is a popular summer destination
for many Missourians.

This is one of the several lakes very near my town.  One of
my favorite places to go for snapping sunsets.

Speaking of weather, I had to laugh at something I saw
  on the Weather Channel tonight.  It gave our
temperature as 94 degrees for tomorrow and winds
at 200 mph.  Say what??  200??  I sure hope that was a typo!!
If you don't hear from me again, you'll know the
wind carried me away! 

To see more Note Cards, be sure to visit here.

Until next time...


  1. So glad the schoolhouse is being preserved. Cute!

  2. I hope that is a typo, too!!! LOL! Love that sunset and you know I love the old buildings. ;) blessings ~ tanna
    batten down the hatches matey!

  3. 200mph? Good heavens! =D

    I think that most of the country would love to be frolicking in that fountain (which I'm sure is not allowed) on a day such as today. It'll be our first truly scorching day of the season.

    Beautiful note card set! Say, have you ever written about your one-house schoolhouse days? How interesting!

  4. Your pics are great! And... batten down the hatches:@)

  5. What wonderful shots this morning. I love the sunset; very pretty.

  6. Funny Cheryl, we were just at the Shelter Gardens last Wednesday! Love that little school, we have had book club there a couple of times. I think they might have been right about the 200 number! It was downright blustery here and in St. Lou yesterday! Dang it is hot! Even Under the Oaks.

  7. 200 mph...that's funny because our radio host said our low was going to be in the 30's the other night. What's up with the weather peeps lately?

    We will be visiting MO in September. It will be a change from our homestead in Lancaster County, Pa.

  8. Hold on to your hats! 200 mph? Funny stuff!

    We are going to be a scorching 93 degrees and humid and tomorrow 100 degrees! Welcome to summer!

    My husband and I did missionary training in Camdenton - our daughter was born while we were there. What a beautiful place to live!

    Your photos are lovely on this hot day!


  9. Hi Cheryl!
    Holy moly! 2oo mph??!! I wonder what catagory that falls under~~LOL!
    Tornado? Hurricane? Armageddon????
    Sheesh :)

    Love all the pictures that you've posted...esp. that one room school house!

    Have a wonderful day, and don't blow away :)

    Smiles :)

  10. haha....those weather men never get it right!!

    lovely pictures today, the lake shot is beautiful with the bridge in front!!

  11. Oh my, let's hope they're wrong on that one ;).
    Your pictures are all lovely. I am especially drawn to the one room schoolhouse. So pretty.
    Also, your new header is very striking.
    Keep cool. We're heating up around here too, but fortunately no 200 mph winds in the forecast.

  12. 200 mph ... Yikes! I want to play in the fountain and look inside the school house. The lake looks like fun and that last photo ... gorgeous! I love sunsets. I'll take a set of note cards!!! :D :D

  13. Awe..the sunset is so pretty! Makes me just want to pile up in a lay down chair (as my grands call it) and just look! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. That old school house is just beautiful. Great Pictures!!

  15. oh noooo, not 200? it will blow away all your lovely cards. my fav is the school house

  16. Come on it feels like 200. :)

    I really want to buy a home at L of the O.

    Your photos are eye candy.


  17. hey there friend. i thought oh, another blog named the same ... no, it is you ... fun!! great shots. these would be perfect for note cards. lovely. (:

  18. These are beautiful photos! I love the sunset one. I hope you don't blow away in that big wind! Blessings, Pamela

  19. One room schoolhouses hold a special place in my heart, since my Dad taught at a few. Love all your photos!

  20. Beautiful... Beautiful... Beautiful...

    "Love looks not with the eyes,
    but with the mind..."

    ~W. Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

  21. That's quite the typo, I'd say... YiKeS!!!
    Gorgeous sunset & I love how calm it is & the reflection! =)
    I haven't been to The Lake of the Ozarks since I was a kid...

  22. Woosh! 200 mph.. better hold on! lol Must have been a typo. I love your photos. They would make lovely note cards.

  23. Pretty photos for note cards. I love the little school house.
    Hang onto your hat!

  24. Love the light in the fountain picture. Late day. Lovely.
    200 mph!!! And on a 94 degree day!
    Lol, only because it must be wrong.

  25. The one room school house is so intriguing. I would love to go inside. Lovely photo of the walkway.

  26. Ha! I hope the wind didn't get you! That's funny! The photos are lovely. Makes me want to get out with my camera and snap some pix!
    GraceinAZ (Pat)

  27. All beautiful photos but I really really like the school house!!

  28. That sounds more like the wind we have in Florida...heehee! I vacationed at the Lake of the Ozarks several times and always loved it! My boys have good memories of going out....way paddle boats! Great photos for cards!

  29. You made me smile. I do think looking ay photos that include water really DO cool me down...a little. Thanks, I needed a bit of cool. ;)

  30. Your sunset is beautiful with this lovely reflection on the water, I can see why you like this place. I would try to go there every evening! How far away is it? I love these flowers around the fountain, and the little schoolhouse is charming. Is it used for any purpose now?

  31. And you aren't even from the "windy city". We have had some nice breezes, though, thank goodness! Wonderful pictures. Especially the sunset

  32. Ha---that wind will blow you all the way to Tennessee... I'll have a bed ready for you!!!!! ha ha

    Great pictures---all of them. I am partial to sunsets --but I also love the little school house and the fountain one.


  33. Oh Cheryl - I love your postcards - the water and the sun and the peacefulness in them. Loved it. sandie

  34. Lake sunsets are priceless. Love the schoolhouse and you are so right, I could just climb into that fountain as hot as it's been. TAKE CARE.

  35. OOPS! I forgot the note party.
    Beautiful pictures. Any one of them could be a note card. I do believe the one room schoolhouse is my favorite but you can never beat a beautiful sunset.
    xo Ginger

  36. Your note card assortment is so pretty - water is so cooling in summertime. I love the calm water and the sunset photo. Hopefully the winds never materialized, or at least not at that speed! Scary typo.

  37. Very pretty Cheryl! I just love the sunset!

  38. Hello Cheryl,
    Fantastic shots!! Great to see the little schoolhouse, bridge and sunset. Amazing!!

    Many greetings,