Monday, June 25, 2012


This bird is seen every now and then at the finch feeder.
I'm not sure, but think he's a House Finch.  Or is
he a Purple Finch?

It's so hot here lately and I'm having a hard time
keeping some of my flowers alive.  Several
have just given up in this heat.  I've replaced 
flowers in a few pots 3 different times!  
Part of the trouble is that 2 little kittens have
 decided the pots are their potties!! 
My dear hubby went down to the creek for 
me and brought back several little flat rocks for
me to fit around the flowers to keep out kittens.
Isn't he nice?  Mama kitty is too hot to be
bothered with chasing the birds.  So, they're safe
for the time being.  I hope!  

Until next time...


  1. house finch. :) he's a beauty.

    i still have some lantana i'm trying to keep alive. but the grasshoppers ate my yarrow down to stalks. the heat is gonna get the rest of whatever's been green. :)

  2. I was going to say house finch too. I have a lot of them coming to my feeders.
    I am trying to keep my salvia alive, that my daughter gave me for mother's day. The earwigs ate a lot of holes in the leaves and it needs lots of water every day.

  3. BEAUTIFUL bird. I had finches as a child. SHAME on those kitties for ruining your pretty flowers. Hope the rocks help. GOOD LUCK.

  4. Cooling down here today. Jy plants were having a hard time in the heat also and I don't have little kitties.

  5. Very pretty whatever he is...

    Hope that you can keep the flowers going. Perhaps you'll have to bring them in to the AC. Wish I could send some cooling rains your way rather than have them swirl back on us repeatedly.

  6. Very impressive photos! It was 102 degrees at the farm yesterday...

  7. It's a house finch. Those kitties!

  8. Beautiful close ups of this housefinch. Look at all the tiny feathers!

  9. What beautiful photos, Cheryl, your photography skills amaze me!!
    I have lost quite a few plants too, and have declared next year I will have ferns in my hanging baskets.Just this morning dh cut my petunias all the way back, as they seem to have gotten a fungus. ~smile~
    It is very hot and humid here, too!
    Enjoy your day.

  10. I was going to guess house finch too. Great photos you captured.
    I hate to see the flowers die due to the heat. I am trying desperately to keep mine alive, but it is a struggle with some of them. My husband tells me we're headed for the low 100s by week's end. Ugh!!!

  11. Oh geez..These are some really great bird shots! Beautiful red coloring...
    How sweet of your hubby to go pick you up some rocks...better keep him around..

  12. It has a finch beak for sure.

    Sprinkle marbles in flower beds and pots and the kitties won't scratch in them. I used the clear ones. My G-daughter thought I was growing diamonds.

    I wish!


  13. General concensus is house finch.
    Great idea about the rocks. Should help to keep the soil cooler also.
    Isn't this heat awful? It was 106 today. I am as house bound as if the ground was knee deep in snow.

  14. No matter what he is, he is beautiful, and what a great picture. My plants are being stressed by the heat also. Have a cool evening.

  15. Well I know this you have one awesome camera! That shot was fantastic. sandie

  16. Ima say House Finch too! Maybe Cheryl if we coordinate our happy dance it would bring rain. We could do that you know! And yes that was sweet of your Hubby! Geesh what kinda lens you got there woman? Beautiful pictures!

  17. Hi Cheryl!

    I love the little House Finches that come around my feeders too - they are so pretty!

    Your poor flowers! We have had a pretty good mixture of cool and hot, so my flowers are doing great! Today, it was around 98 degrees, tomorrow, it will only get into the mid 70's - crazy weather! I hope you cool down soon!

    I love kitties!


  18. He looks just like the house finches we have around here, really good close-up!

  19. Glad everyone else knew what he was!! I love the flat rock idea in the pots to keep them from being potties!! Great idea! blessings ~ tanna
    ps have you decided on a shingle color?

  20. awesome photos.. really they are. i can count the feathers and it looks like i could reach in and pet it.

  21. Love this photo! We have tons of these little house finches. This is a really great shot!

  22. i see this exact picture, from my window, every day. we are lucky girls!!

  23. I can sympathize with that. Around here, today is suppose to be 110. My flowers are struggling big time. I'm about to give up because there is about 2+ months of this continued heat. I had to stick rocks in some of my pots because we have some birds with long beaks that are scrounging in the dirt. That was so nice of your husband.

  24. Great shots of a beautiful bird!