Thursday, June 14, 2012

This and that...and an anniversary

The two little furballs continue to be a source 
of entertainment at our house.  
It doesn't take a lot to amuse me.
I enjoy simple things, simple living.
 I could spend hours watching the kittens,
the birds, and tending my flowers. 

I don't enjoy seeing my flowers having problems.
My coreopsis has developed a fungus of some sort.
The leaves on some of the plants look ash colored.
If you know what this is and what I should do,
please let me know.

 I went to Columbia today 
to do a bit of shopping.  Don't tell my hubby, but I
bought a few more flowers.  Not many, but I couldn't
resist the sale at one store where the sales person told
me that they were being invaded by Japanese beetles in
that part of town.  I looked the plants over
carefully before bringing them home!  

June is the big month for weddings.  There are many
of you celebrating wedding anniversaries.  Yours
truly and hubby celebrated 41 years this week. 
   How can that be?  Why, we must have gotten 
married at a very young age!  Actually, I married a 
man who was 2 1/2 years younger than me and had 
just returned home from the Vietnam War when I met
him.  I didn't know how to cook when we got married.
My job when I lived at home was house cleaning.
So, I at least knew how to keep the house clean.
Poor hubby had to put up with some burned food
until I learned how to cook, which really didn't take
all that long.  We decided on having a baby right
away, so our daughter was born almost a year 
later.  Five years after that, we had a son to make
our family complete.  It's been an interesting 41
years.  I pray that there will be many more!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Anniversary! When I got married so many years ago, I didn't known how to cook either. Congratulations on the 41 years....

  2. the kitty picture! My son, Marshall, has a kitty that color. Congrats on your annivesary!

  3. Your flowers are just beautiful, Cheryl. I am most amused by the simple... that I hold to be extraordinary, too. ;)

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many, many more! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Oh Cheryl...
    Happy anniversary!! How wonderful!!

    You are a girl after my own heart... I keep planting and buying more flowers too.
    They are so hard to resist; after enduring winter... it's so nice to have the beauty of the gardens to enjoy.

    Have a happy day!


  5. Happy Anniversary and many more joyful years to come!

  6. happy anniversary cheryl, WoW, 41 years, that's medal territory!!


  7. happy anniversary. and i am with you, it is the simple things I love. when we watch TV at night, we spend as much time watching Jake sleep and roll upside down and hang his head off the sofa. he does the same thing every night and every night we watch and smile. kisses to kittie

  8. Happy Anniversary!!

    Those two kittens are so adoreable!!

  9. Forty one years?? Wow. Congrat to you both.
    Had to laugh about cooking. When I got married I was such a bad cook that our dog, Meat Head, refused my offerings.

  10. Happy Anniversary! What a testament to your love and commitment! I couldn't cook when I married either and didn't even know my oven didn't work for three weeks!

  11. A GREAT BIG HAPPY HAPPY 41st ANNIVERSARY goes out to you & hubby, and here's to many, many more! That's awesome!

    The pink roses are so pretty, love that color... love the purple, too... we found some of those yellow flowers at Cedar Bluff (west of here near Winona) last summer, but I'd never seen them before then.

  12. happy anniversary, dear cheryl! and your flowers look pretty to me!

  13. I hate to see my flowers struggling too. I don't have any coreopsis so I can't help you out with that. Perhaps a google search would provide the answer.
    I'm starting to see the dreaded Japanese Beetles in my garden. They are currently interested in the hibiscus and coneflowers. Ugh!
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! 41 years is a wonderful milestone.

  14. Your kitties are so cute and your flowers so pretty. I love the simple things like that too.
    Happy Anniversary to you and wishing you many more!

  15. Happy Anniversary, did you do anything special?? I had that problem with our petunias, I think they called it powdery mildew, but it has been so long ago. I adore that rose picture with all the beautiful buds!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary!!!! Ours was yesterday and I didn't know how to cook either when we were married! Oh, I knew how to make eggs and breakfast food and grilled cheese, but really cooking meals took me quite awhile! I cannot stand the beetles either and I'm sure they'll be here soon!!! Enjoy your day!

  17. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Oh what cute kitties!!!!

  18. 41 years! Whew, that's a long time and good for you!!!!!!

  19. Happy Anniversary! I can relate to you...I got married really young, too and didn't know how to cook. I knew how to make grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's soup! heehee! That was a long time ago! Enjoy your week! I don't know much about flower problems. You might try to Google for some ideas.

  20. Congrats on the 41st!

    Love the kitties...and your flowers are beautiful!

  21. Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and yours.

    The kittens and the flowers have something in common. The both unfold or develop into beautifulness. (That's a word isn't it?)

  22. I hope you celebration was wonderful, Congratulations. The flower photos are lovely!

  23. Happy 41st Anniversary! Pretty flowers!

  24. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

  25. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby Cheryl! How lovely and wonderful~41 years! Wishing you many many many more!

  26. WOW----love that rose. What is it? What's its name???? AWESOME.....(Did you see the roses I posted this week?)

    Japanese Beetles are EVERYWHERE --and much worse this year since we didn't have much winter to kill them.. We use Sevin to spray on the roses to help protect them.

    Congrats on 41 years... George and I will celebrate our 11th on June 23.

    Have a great weekend.

  27. First of all I love those FLOWERS!
    Secondly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband. Love, sandie

  28. Happy Anniversary! Amen to many more! Hope that you have a celebration in mind.

    I doubt that your hubby would be upset by your buying more flowers as I'm sure that he enjoys the beauty of the gardens. Yes, the Japanese beetles have landed here as well. Nasty things.

  29. Happy anniversary to you!!! Sorry to hear that your coreopsis is having trouble. I have no idea what that is.