Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's thoughts

How is your week going?  It's going fast for me.
We've already passed the halfway mark for this
month.  I've much to do this spring and I need
to spend a bit less time on the computer to get things
done, if I am absent from blogland some
days you will know I am working on a project
of some sort.  You know, one of those fun
projects like cleaning out a closet or finally
putting away the winter dishes and getting out
the summer ones or sweeping up the gazillion 
whirlybirds on my patio or painting downstairs.

When looking through my photos for this post, I
ran across this one from our visit to the 
World-Fest at Silver Dollar City in Branson.
I'm glad I don't have to work with that much hair
on my head!  Her gown was beautiful, though.  

I'm leaving in a few minutes for a little shopping
trip.   I will be looking a flowers for my pots and 
for a few other household items that are needed.
I've gotten a few new plants for the house and found
some planters at a flea market/antique mall 
recently.  I've been thinking about a couple of
other things that I saw and liked so I'm stopping in 
and see if they are still there.
Spring definitely has me thinking about
making a few changes inside and outside the
house.  What projects do you have planned 
this spring?

Until next time...


  1. My life is crazy also, Cheryl.. SO --I certainly understand when you are gone from Blogland some of the time... We are spending lots of time in the yard --since the weeds seem to be winning the battle out there!!!! ha

    Beautiful Azalea...Ours were pretty and now our Rhodies are gorgeous.

    Have a good day.

  2. I love the beautiful Azaleas, are thy both yours? I need to go missing more often from blogland myself. When I don't, the house gets really dusty. YES, for some reason spring makes me want to change the house, I guess I have gotten tired of staring at the same things all winter!

  3. eek! that mask/wig/all-in-one would be dreadful to wear! i'm feeling claustrophobic and itchy!

  4. This is a busy time of year with outdoor and indoor projects vying (sp?) for our attention. I completely understand the need for a blog break.
    I hope the items are waiting for you at the antique mall.

  5. Time is going so fast and I have so many projects I want to do. So I understand if you are away from blogland now and then. I need to do that too.

  6. i have a head ache just from looking at that wig. and hot hot hot is my guess. don't work to hard

  7. Lots to do this time of year, for sure. Hope you get to pay attention to your projects at hand. have fun. Take care.

  8. I hear you about being so busy... A girls work is never done.

    Wow... that would get hot working with all that hair.

  9. Hi Cheryl!

    Your photos are so pretty!

    I am trying to finish things up in the house too. We finally finished the bathroom, but still have to paint the downstairs bedroom - it never ends!

    I love this time of year though, new potted plants just make me feel good all over!


  10. Hope you show us the lovely pots you got when you get your flowers planted in them. We are going to Branson next week for a couple of days with a group from our church. We are going to see Joseph at the Sight & Sound Theater. So excited. I saw Noah's Ark a few years ago but Mickey has never been to Sight & Sound Theater.

  11. Pretty gown. Beautiful azaleas! I've got chores to do all the time! I haven't been blogging as much as I would like. I hope you get some pretty planters. I've been seeing such pretty stuff in the stores lately. Have fun!

  12. I so get the blog break! I am spending more time away from the computer, we just have stuff to do :) Have fun! Enjoy yourself! Be happy! Sweet little rain we had EARLY this morning :)

  13. The week's gone by fast. So much to do outside. Inside I feel like I have the flu but it's just the outside work wearing on me.

  14. I so agree, Spring and all the things awaiting our attention make blogging difficult. It really is a winter pleasure. In the summer when it is 100+degrees, blogging also has its place.

  15. New plants for the house...

    We have none and have read, that they are good thing to have.

    Perhaps you could do a post some day, telling of what ones you like best... :-)

  16. Too many to count and too many to make me feel comfortable! I will know where you are if I don't see you for a few days. Do document, though! That gal's greatest attribute is not her wig nor her gown, it's her beautiful smile!

  17. We all need a blog break every now and again :)
    Life gets pretty busy, and with good weather here... it's just too nice to sit indoors at the computer- LOL.
    Enjoy your break and have a great weekend!

  18. Wishing you success in your flower hunting! Enjoy!

  19. Our lives have been so crazy lately, I haven't had the first thougth about plants... which is unusual for me in the spring. Hope you found lots of beauties to brighten your life! blessings ~ tanna

  20. I am needing to get busy on things and just don't find the energy. It is nice to read where someone else is doing things...

  21. I bet she gets hot in the summer time under all that hair and clothing! The mask would bother me more that anything else I think.

  22. Beautiful photos. Gee, I hope the weather wasn't hot during that festival in Branson!

    My projects: planting a few things and trying to keep them alive...!

  23. April 22...

    Thank you so much, dear One, for noticing my Header pic, and saying it's pretty!!!

    I'd seen these tulips had been installed, in front of this very fancy house... Went by again, and had 'Uncle A.' stop. I leaned out the car window and snapped. :-)

    With not much cropping, I had myself a perfect sized Header pic. And very seasonal.

    I call this house, which you see the fancy fencing of... I call it "The Castle." POKING FUN at it! Ugh! The people had the money to plunk this monstrosity down, right in with lovely vintage Victorian homes, on our city's North Broadway.

    It is a huge laugh! Like a castle. All it needs is a moat, but they didn't have enough room, I guess.

    Anyway, with all that money, it is garishly decorated for holidays. Plus... Workmen come in and deposit seasonal flowers. Then come, remove them, and deposit the next batch of seasonal flowers.

    When she has a social even, they have a RED CARPET put out!

    Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

    Ya' can make money, but you can't buy class.


    "Grumpy Auntie"

  24. Cheryl
    Sounds like a good kind of busy!
    It's a joy to garden and spiffy up the house. Just don't hurt your back again!

  25. I say 'the heck with the spring house cleaning'.. I'm headed outside in search of something wild to shoot.
    cheers :0)