Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitties and a book

Stormy, who is ignoring my telling her to
please get off the kitchen counter top.

She had a mission in mind.  That was to
fish out a chocolate egg to play with before 
they were all gone.  

I've been reading a delightful book by Gladys
Taber featuring her tiny Abyssian kitty, Amber.
She says "Amber and I have had many 
conversations on many subjects."

My Stormy, although not tiny like her, has a lot
in common with Amber. 
Stormy has such an expressive little face that
I just know she understands much of what I say
when I'm talking to her.  For instance, she pins her 
ears back when she sees me spraying on my 
perfume and I'm telling her that I'm going out.
She knows that means I'm leaving the house and 
she doesn't like that.

  She would rather be by my side
and watching over what I am doing unless
she is napping.  Very often, her napping interferes
with my blogging when she is curled up with her
head on my arm in front of the computer.

 Here is her look of aggravation.  She
wasn't too fond of a visiting puppy and
was asking for help.

If you love kitties as much as I do, I know you would 
like Conversations with Amber.  I found it while 
browsing at the library and have enjoyed it immensely.
Until next time...


  1. Yes, I love kitties, too! What beautiful markings on Stormy, especially her tail.

  2. Kitties can become quite spoiled little friends can't they? Your Stormy is very so cute.... She looks very comfy in the one picture sleeping.

  3. Stormy has THE most expressive face!! SHE can speak volumes without ever saying a word!! ;) Glad you found this good read. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Stormy is beautiful.... and sounds like a really sweet kitty too :)

    Her determination to get the last bit of chocolate makes me grin. Good girl!!

    Isn't great to find a good book at the library? I love that!

  5. What a sweet faced kitty. I love watching the antics of curious cats.
    Thanks for the book review, Cheryl.

  6. Oh, I'll have to look for that book - it sounds sweet.
    Love your photos of your Stormy. She's precious with her paw in that little basket. They're so entertaining!

  7. we totally have conversations with our dogs all the time. when i stay blogging to long, Jake comes and shoves my hand off he keyboard or mouse, with his nose. they have a very large vocabulary and i bet your sweet kitty does to.

  8. I have heard a lot about Gladys Tabor, but did not know that she had written about her cat. You are a sweet kitty lover to allow yours to rest on your arm and interfere with your blogging. Mine gets the boot.

  9. Oh yes, Dear Gladys Taber... Love her books and have just about all of them.

    I too loved kitties. But we haven't had another, since our last one. At this point, it will stay that way. I worry too much, about my kitties, when I leave the house. ,-)

    Gentle hugs,

  10. I DO love kitties, and I believe they understand way more than we think they do!

  11. your stormy is a doll! what a beauty!

  12. Stormy is absolutely precious! I love kitties too, but have to admit that after my precious Shelby died last year (she was 22), I have vowed to never have another inside cat. I now love my porch fat cat. She comes running every time I sit on the porch and hops on my lap. LOVE it! That book sounds great.

  13. Accccccccckkk! I love this post! Stormy is such a cute Fuzz Butt! I WILL be getting Conversations with Amber toDAY! Well, maybe tomorrow, but pronto. Thanks for the heads up on the book Cheryl! Give Stormy a scritch for me!

  14. I melt for kitties. Stormy is a sweetheart. I definitely have seen the aggravation look. Different kitties do different things when said look is upon their face. Sometimes they lash out. Sometimes they pout. Sometimes they run through the house. Rarely does the look go away without a display.


  15. She is beautiful! I love the white coat with the stripe tail and head. So pretty. Sandie

  16. Stormy looks even more precious when she's sleeping. :) We talk to our doggies all the time. They understand a lot! Animals are truly amazing!

  17. Miss Stormy is simply adorable. I do love kitties, but my hubby is not a fan. I think they have a way of making life real interesting...
    hope you have a wonderful day...

  18. Sounds like a great book! Enjoy your day!

  19. Looks like a great book, Cheryl... I love cats. I had my Snowball --until I left for college. She was special, just like Stormy is to you.

    Cute pictures and a gorgeous kitty.

  20. I loved the Stillmeadow books... what a wonderful writer Gladys Taber was, and her stories of her animals make me like her so very much.

  21. Well my Simon sure does sound a lot like Stormy...and they also share of the same habits....Don't we just love them though......I'll have to get this book; it sounds very interesting.....

    By the way, Stormy is beautiful....

  22. I so recognized that last look...did not need to see it in writing.

    I am not saying this in fun...cats are much more intuitive than they are given credit. Bubbie used to never sit in my lap...I don't think he had ever sat in it till after I lost my Cougar last summer. It was not long at all till here he would come about once a night to sit in my lap a was like he knew I needed him.

  23. Oh yes, I love kitties- and Stormy is a cutie.

  24. So sweet Stormy! Looks like my Tiger. Every motion of Stormy is pretty and makes me smile.

  25. Your kitty is sooo cute!! I'm sure she thinks those eggs were put there just for her to play with! My cat always finds any candy I hide in my office... and next thing I know I hear clinkityclunkityclinkityclinkclinkclink, as she bats it around and finally knocks a piece down the wooden staircase into the entryway. (People who come to my house probably wonder why there are m&m's on the floor.)