Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

My plans were altered last week.  I'd planned to get a lot done.

I had to make a trip to the doctor's office on Thursday.  It was an unscheduled visit.

Without going into too much detail, I'm on antibiotics and am feeling better.  I'm waiting for test results to come in, but am hopeful all will be fine.

The funny thing is that before that happened, I had just gone to my chiropractor for my back and he assured me that I was going to feel like a new woman.  Maybe he was joking, but I wanted to believe him!  Anyway, I am hopefully on the mend and I will start to tackle those things that I'd hoped to do last week.  So, I'm off today to look for flowers and a few other things.  Wish me luck.  

The birds and flowers above are from my yard over the weekend.

Until next time...


  1. cheryl
    Can you tell me what the deep blue flower is?
    I hope your back gets better too!

  2. The blue flower is a Salvia. The blue of it is so vibrant this year. Thanks!

  3. Such striking colours with the yellow birds and the blue flowers. I've been sick myself since Easter so know about thwarted plans... Take it easy, don't overexert yourself.

  4. Cheryl plans do tend to get side-tracked here and there. Hope you start feeling better pronto! I have not even begun my flower shopping yet. Cold tonight~brrrr.

  5. sorry you are sick and not quite a NEW woman yet. beautiful purple flowers, enjoy your hunt for pics and hope you feel better soon if not NEW. also if you figure out how to be a NEw woman, please email me instructions.

  6. Gorgeous pictures of the blue salvia!
    Hey girl...I sure hope you get to feeling good, (like, REAL SOON)
    Even antibiotics can make you feel bad for a few days...Trusting that you will be feeling great and full of energy within the next day or so.
    Praying that your test results come back GOOD!
    don't overdo today...Relax and feel better...

  7. Simply beautiful photographs!

    Oh dear me, on antibiotics and feeling better, always means that one has been feeling *purdy-darn-lousy*.

    Best wishes for good test results and for continuing to feel better and better and better.

    Gentle hugs...

    It’s one thing to be an individual;
    but it’s another thing to be an individual
    at the cost of the people around you.

    ~Jack Grisham

  8. aww. sorry about the illness. sure hope all will be well...

    these are GORGEOUS! wish my yard had such beauty!

  9. Your flowers look so beautiful, and isn't it strange everything is coming on so early! I hope you are already feeling better!

  10. Love that first shot.

    I hope you don't have what Roger had...and hope you feel better a LOT sooner than he did.

  11. Good Morning Cherly..
    I'm so glad that you were able to get some medicine to help you get better. Hope it's just the ticket.
    Sorry to hear that you had a medical emergency!! Scary stuff!

    The pictures of your yard are gorgeous!
    Beautiful flowers!!

    Hope that this is your week :)

  12. The salvia is so beautiful, mine is blooming too! I hope you feel really good soon, you haven't felt well in a while now, I hope this is the last of it! Get well friend!

  13. Hope you feel better soon. I feel your pain. I've been under the weather since a week ago Thursday. I'm just too stubborn or tight to go to the doctor. I've blogged once in that time.
    And if I can figure out the new blogger situation I might be back. . .

  14. Trust all is well. Your pictures are stunningly beautiful and a feast for the eyes!!!

  15. Me too hoping you will be fine soon and lets hope the chiropractor is right. New woman is a bold promise.

  16. Well you took some darn good pictures - I love all of them. Remember to write me. sandie

  17. I'm praying all will be fine and that you feel much better soon!

    The flowers are gorgeous! I just came inside from checking mine out. I was excited to see I had sage blooming... because I didn't know it had survived the encroaching lemon balm!

    Have a wonderful week and again I hope you are feeling some better.

  18. Oh my! Well, I am so glad you were able to see the doctor and I hope the meds will work!!! Such beauty here, what ARE these gorgeous purple flowers? They are shaped like lavender, but the blooms don't look like that.

  19. Oh, I think it is blue and not purple....cameras have a fit between the two...I see others are asking, as well!

  20. LOVE the blooms. Pretty, indeed. Hope you feel better soon. REST! RELAX. READ. HEAL.

  21. WoW-zers, beautiful images!!

    rest and relax and feel better soon!!

  22. So sorry you have been under the weather! Praying the antibiotics and the back adjustment get you
    back on your feet soon.

    I love the goldfinches. We usually have dozens, but this year only a few. I am blaming it on the strange spring weather.

    Have a wonderful week..

  23. A speedy "Get Well" wish and prayers for you Cheryl, your flowers and finch are beautiful! I do love and enjoy spring time, thanks for sharing.

  24. So sorry you're not feeling well. Hope that changes soon! Your garden is full of beauty!

  25. I'm glad you listened to your body and went to see your doctor! Saying a prayer that everything will be OK. Your garden is just beautiful!! I love your yellow roses! What kind are they?

  26. Simply beautiful flowers, Cheryl. I do hope the antibiotics work quickly.

  27. Sorry you have not been feeling well lately, Cheryl. I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you, my blogger friend.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty you see in your yard.. I love the little yellow fellows and purple flowers.
    cheers :)

  28. Hope you are feeling better by now. The flowers are beautiful. I just returned from my chiropractor. Time for a nap. Hugs.