Friday, June 24, 2011

On the road again...

We will be heading down I-70 again this weekend to visit our son and celebrate his birthday which is next week.   I have been on the road a lot lately going to doctor's appointments and for a car appointment for tires which took two trips (don't ask), and various other things.   I'll be going back again Monday to Columbia to the chiropractor.  I've only been twice so far, but I'm hopeful he will be able to help.  My back and hip pain is keeping me from getting the sleep I need.  

Here's a few things that the chiropractor has me taking.  He said the CoQ-10 is for fatigue caused by the cholestrol drug I'm taking.  It seems statins deplete the CoQ-10 in our bodies that is also essential for heart health, etc.  The vinegar and papaya enyzme is for acid reflux.  An additional benefit, according to the doctor, of the cider vinegar is that it helps with weight loss.  Personally, I think you probably lose weight because drinking two tablespoons of vinegar in a small amount of water causes nausea and you won't feel like eating!  Ugh...I'm really having a hard time with that one.  Then he has me doing some exercises that will stretch and strengthen my back muscles.  He didn't say what I'm to do once I get on the floor for the pelvic lift exercise and then can't get up again.  I guess I can nap until my hubby gets home.  I'll be sure to have a pillow handy just in case. 

This doctor is really into the healthy lifestyle of eating natural and chemical-less foods, drinking lots of water and all those healthy things that I have to confess that I'm not really into, but should be.  You know, I'm the gal who thinks chocolate should be one of the five major food groups.   I do love my long as they are seasoned with butter or covered with cheese.  :D   He asked me if I exercised and I had to shake my head no because I was too busy laughing to answer.  Has he ever seen anyone who exercises regularly with dimpled thighs and arms that flap in the wind?  Besides, who exercises when they are in pain?   Well, I guess some lifestyle changes are in order, like it or not.  I'm going to have to get off my duff and exercise more, drink more water and eat healthier foods.  I'll be sure to also take my laptop with me when I get on the floor to exercise.  That way if I can't get a nap in, I'll just get caught up on my blogging. 

Until next time...


  1. I sure your back and hips get to feeling better soon! I know it's no fun being in pain.
    Did you know that you can buy Apple Cider Vinegar tablets? I bought mine at WalMart in the pharmacy section. See if you can take'll sure taste better!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have pain my lovely. Good ole apple cider vinegar has so many uses hey!

  3. Love your last comment!

    Hope you can start a simple exercise program. I love my morning walk!

  4. LOL! Oh, Cheryl, I love this post. I can so relate!! I know I need to work on a healthier lifestyle but... Well, you know.

    Hope your back is feeling better soon! That is a bummer. I'll be back hoping for some inspiration for healthier living myself. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Lots of interesting information here. Why can't you have the vinegar in a salad dressing instead of water? You made me laugh and I'm glad that you can see the light side. A nap in the afternoon would work for me, but not on the floor. Ha!

    Happy trails...

  6. Studies have shown that the chiropractic adjustment triggers the release of natural painkillers called endorphins and that swelling, inflammation and pain can reduce significantly after an adjustment.

  7. Cheryl you have me and CH laughing so hard this morning! I read this late last night and actually had tears from laughing about not being able to answer the Dr. because YOU were laughing :) I use papaya enzyme but can't see that it has done anything. Yet. CH's Dad was a chiropractor, CH's brother is a chiropractor and on his side of the family there are nine more! We got us some chiropractic care FREE!

    Enjoy your trip down 70 and since you have all that good cholesterol drug doing its thing in your body think about stopping at Crane's Western Store in Williamsburg for one absoulutely delicious cheeseburgah!!!! Tell your son to have a Happy Birthday for us!

  8. Have hubby build you an exercise bench so you don't have to get on the floor. I had a similar problem with the floor exercises. I did that and now I am doing my back exercises every day. Feel so much better.

  9. apple vinegar I take the same brand and it's the best.. Now when taken with a bit of honey and water - warm-up a little the water and honey together then add the apple vinegar -- it's tasty..I think you will like it that way best..hugs

  10. it is helpful to keep the computer close by...on the floor, so that when you get down to excercise and can't get up, you have something to do!! haha

    i just lie at the doctors, i'm getting to old to worry about it PLUS i am almost done with my bucket list!!!

  11. I got a lot of laughs from this post and also the comments. I can relate to a lot of this. It seems like every time I go to the Dr. they find something wrong. I'm tempted to start lying like Debbie mentioned.
    I was just at my chiropractor today. She has helped immensely with the back problems I was having. I hope your back and hip start feeling better soon. That kind of pain is not fun.
    Happy birthday to your son and enjoy your trip.

  12. Oh wow, I can so relate to this one! Thanks for seeing the humor in life.
    Hope you have a great weekend with your family.

  13. I sure hope your pain eases soon. I'm your newest have a lovely blog.

  14. Cheryl, I can relate to this one!
    I went to the rheumatologist because of lower back/hip pain. He took lots of x-rays and ruled out degenerative arthritis, no growths, etc. Mine is sacroiliac problems. No medicine prescribed. He said to just out wait it! And I have!

    I do believe in eliminating as many chemicals from our bodies as possible. It hasn't kept me thin or pain free but I still think we are better off.

    I figure my gardening is exercise enough.....doctors never do.

    I hope your pain eases up quickly!

  15. Hi Cheryl....I too can relate...My hip has been hurting so bad...
    It bothers me most when I am in my car. Sure hoping the seats in my new vehicle are not causing the problem. Hope your's gets better real soon...This aging thing comes with lots of surprises!
    Hope your son has a wonderful Birthday!
    Enjoy the weekend...

  16. Oh Cheryl, we are two peas in a pod! I just completed physical therapy for hip and lower back pain. It really helped, but now I am faced with the very exercises you are talking about to keep those muscles strong. I am doing a lot of the sitting on a ball exercises. They are not too difficult and seem to help. I might have to try that vinegar cuz my thighs are dimpled and arm flapping in the wind too. You made my day with this post!

    We've been on the road a lot lately too. Hope you get to your destinations pain free!


  17. I can say "I relate" except to the remedies you listed!!

  18. O one more thing I want to tell you -- like your header.. is it newly done or m I slow in noticing - wink!

  19. Your comment about thighs and arms made me laugh out loud. No kidding! I laughed again when another commenter said she lies at the doctor. Hilarious! Good luck!