Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye May...Hello June

The beautiful scent of the peonies still lingers in the air or maybe it's in my imagination.  Peonies are beautiful while they last, like all spring flowers.   The scent of honeysuckle is now beginning to mingle with the peonies and is also one of my favorite floral scents.  We have a row of honeysuckle growing on a fence by the retaining wall that is alongside our patio. 

The cemeteries were beautifully decorated this Memorial weekend.   Many graves have peonies blooming near the headstones.  The scent of the flowers followed us as we made our way around the cemetery decorating my parents, grandparents and brothers gravesites.  Hubby's parents are in a different cemetery and we stopped there to leave our flowers, too. 

We braved the traffic on Interstate 70 Friday and drove to Kansas City to see our son's new place.  He came to our house Saturday for the rest of the weekend.  We had a great time visiting and eating grilled kabobs and brats.  Son smoked some ribs, too.   He brought his golf clubs and practiced hitting a few balls over the trees in the back 40 6.  We played our usual card game and the gals got soundly beat (again) most of the time.   We did manage to win the last two games.

All too soon the weekend was over.  And so is the month of May.  Hubby started the hot weather schedule at work this week which means he'll go to work at 6 am and get home at 2:30 pm.  The weather has been getting hot and humid here.  It even seems hot in the house at times with the central air running day and night.   We got most of the flowers planted that have been awaiting drier weather.  I just have a very few left to do and hope to get them in tomorrow.  In the vegetable garden, my lettuce is almost ready to be picked for eating, but the spinach is looking sad.  I don't know what happened to it.

June will be a busy month.  I'm hoping that the bathroom project will get done sometime this month.  Or at the very least started.  We have an anniversary coming up that I will talk about later and our son has a birthday later this month, too.   What are your plans for June?  Do you have special projects or a vacation lined up?

Until next time...


  1. It is a busy time of year. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend with family!

    June is a busy month for us too. Several birthdays (including mine!).

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Where did May go? (Not that I'm weeping. It was a nasty, cold, rainy month more like April.)

    We have projects, too, an anniversary party to attend, a graduation to attend, and that's about it for June. No vacation that's for sure.

  3. Your holdiay weekend sounded great. We have been eating lettuce for 3 weeks or more, the spinach has all be harvested.
    It sounds inviting at your house, but what about the Cidaca's? Surely they are there too?
    My linemen have started summer hours too, guess they are wimpy, they go 7 to 4:401
    Have a great June, and Happy Anniversary early!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend. A nice way to usher out the month of May.
    It has gotten very hot here too & HUMID. Ugh. Luckily I got most of my planting done. Now it's a matter of watering to keep it all from wilting.
    We have an anniversary this month too ~ a special one which will be the reason we will go on a small getaway.

  5. Your peonies are beautiful & it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I have one loan peony bush & think it really needs to be moved to a sunnier location. (Is "sunnier" a word?) Anyhooo...I have not accomplished a lot of outdoor work this spring due to a bad knee & not feeling like getting out. Lots of weeds need to be pulled...just not like me. We will be going to Springfield next week to a car convention & I am looking forward to a few days in Missouri!

  6. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, spent with family and making memories. Just curious - what card game is your "usual"? We are a card-playing family, too! We camped last weekend, which was great fun! I have been waiting and waiting for June, as it brings the wedding of our son - so exciting!!

  7. This is a very busy time of the year and I am already a month behind. I wish we had our garden up and growing. We have had so much rain and cool temperatures that we haven't had a moment to get anything planted. Hopefully, this week will be better. I loved your pictures and thoughts today.
    Blessings to you!

  8. It sounds like the best weekend ever! Love your peonies. Mine got beat to death by the wind and rain before I had a chance to take any pictures. I was bummed! I look forward to at least one bouquet of ants in a vase on my porch, making everything smell wonderful. They remind me of my mom.

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. And where did May go so fast? And we still don't have spring! I love the peonies too and the lovely scent. Have a good June, it will most likely be gone before we can blink! :D

  10. Hi Cheryl, First of all, let me say that I love the new blog look.

    Yes, May came and went quickly. And for us, we are in a horrible heat wave... Yuk!

    Love your Peony picture. Gorgeous.

  11. Your Peony photo is beautiful. I am jealous, it doesn't do well here in Louisiana.
    It is already hot and humid here, predicting near 100 tomorrow which is unusual even for us.

    I wonder what happened to "summertime and the livin' is easy" because my summer seems to be anything but, so far!


  12. Sounds like you have a great weekend.
    Have you tried Malabar Spinach. It thrives in hot weather and I love it raw.
    It was 98 at noon today. Yikes.

  13. Hi Cheryl....
    Beautiful pictures of the peonies...We just don't have those down here in our area...:(
    Glad you enjoyed the's always great when our loved ones are near...
    What has happened to the first part of 2011....It is disappearing so fast. No big plans here...We do have a business trip planned around the middle of the month...Hoping to do some antique shopping along the way...We shall see...

    Have a good evening..

  14. Sounds like you had the perfect Memorial Day...dear lady. Good for you....I'm envious of those peonies LOL.



  15. Dianna: A June birthday! I'll get a jump start on everyone else and say an early "Happy Birthday"!

    Vee: I'd like to know where the month went too! I'm not sure I want it back, tho. Too stormy and rainy. Hope your weather has straightened up!

    OBQuilter: The cicadas were thick at the cemetery which is about 10 miles from us. We will get them any day now, I'm sure! Noisy critters, aren't they?

    H%H: Hmm, wonder if your special anniversary is kinda like mine? We have something special planned that I'll talk about in an upcoming post.

    Sheila: Sorry to hear about your knee. My right one has been acting up lately too and it sure does slow you down when there is pain to deal with. Have a good time in Springfield!

    Leah: Our card game that we play most is called "Pitch". We play the 10 point Pitch. It's a lot of fun, but not if you're on a losing streak like my daughter and I! Hubby and son sure have been having fun winning, tho. LOL!

    LeAnn: Thank you for your sweet comment. We're behind everyone else in the gardening due to our garden being in a low spot and staying wet so long. We need to try raised-bed gardening. Hope you get yours in soon.

    Deanna: Yep, peonies smell so good. Mine weren't the best this year, either, because of the crazy weather. I did find just enough for the bouquet I took a pic of.

    Julie: I hope your spring comes soon for you. June will fly by if it's anything like May.

    Betsy: Thanks! We are having a heatwave, too. 94 was the figure I saw on the bank as I was going thru town. Yikes!

    Carolyn: I agree that the "livin' ain't easy" when the temps are so high and we have the humidity here, too. I just don't do heat and humidity too well.

    AR Patti: Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try Malabar spinach. The stuff I planted was from Burpee, I think. It's not fit to eat. Bummer. I love spinach.

    Shug: I'm blessed to have grown kids who still enjoy being around the "old folks". We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. Hope you get to do some antiquing on your trip.

    Jo: I love the peonies, but I only had enough for 1 large bouquet. They got pretty battered by the hail and stormy weather. Hope your anniversary was special and that you'll have many, many more!

  16. Hi Cheryl!

    Oh, I love peony's, and I too love to see them planted near headstones in the cemeteries. It was so cold here on Memorial Day, that we would jump out of the car, dash to the grave, and hurry back to the warmth of the car!

    It sounds like you had a fun time with family! Nothing better than a cook-out and good game of cards! What card game do you play? We love to play Hand and Foot, it takes lots of cards, but it's a fun game.

    I just barely planted my garden! My radishes and lettuce are starting to pop up, but we have a week or two . . . or three, before we will be able to harvest, I can hardly wait to be able to eat from the garden. I planted 8 tomato plants this year, and I usually plant 3, so I hope that they do well this year - I really need juice and chili sauce!

    My bathroom project isn't done yet either... :0( Hopefully, we will find a few days in June to finish too - please post pictures!


  17. Barb: We play Pitch, 10 point. It's a fun game that I've played since I was young. Hand and Foot is a good game, too! We play that sometimes and a game called H.ell. Don't know why it's called that. :D Hope your garden does better than mine. It's been so wet that some things aren't doing well and the weeds are growing faster than the veggies.

  18. I love peonies and it is just too hot in Tyler for them to thrive. We were here, at my daughter's for Easter and the peonies had big old buds, but it was too early... just arrived here last week... and nothing but a few straggling petals that have turned brown hanging on... I was so sad! Too soon and too late in a month's time! LOL! I will be lovin' on my grandsons for the first couple of weeks... then recovering! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  19. Tanna: I'm sorry you missed the peonies in bloom. Have fun with your grandsons!

  20. May went by fast indeed -- as for my June busy traveling to Magdalena Bay Mexico on business. OH, I was wondering if you picked what hairspray that work for you --I love flower and all kinds too - but the weather I enjoy the seasons change but these extrems weather I am not so kin-on being around them...-- wink!

  21. I'll bet that honeysuckle smells heavenly :-) Here we are in the desert and I'm still wanting to run my heat. Okay, I'm not running it, but I'm tempted. It's still unseasonably cool here :-)