Monday, June 27, 2011

A birthday this week

"It's truly a gift to have a son like you who grows
more precious with the years."
                                                                     ~ Author unknown

Happy Birthday to my son, Brett, who will
be 34 this week.  This photo was taken
 at Branson where our family loves to 
spend Thanksgiving weekend. 

How the years have flown by. 
From a little boy who loved to play outside
with the kittens and dog, Baron, content to be 
living quietly in the country and later a 
small town to a grown man
  traveling all over the place
who now likes to live in the city.    

 Sports have always played a big part in Brett's life.  From football
in junior high, to basketball and baseball all through school to
golf today.  And even miniature golf when the parents are
participating.  Brett graduated college with a major in 
criminal justice.  He is a CFI, certified forensics interviewer, 
and has his private investigators license in several states.
He is a territory manager and works hard and 
travels long hours to where he's needed.

Our son has a wonderful sense of humor
and frequently has us laughing as you can see in 
the photos above.   It's always fun when he
comes home for a visit and since he has moved back to 
Kansas City from Texas, we get to see him a lot more often!
We are very proud of our son and he is a joy to be 
around.  And most of all, he is loved very much!!

"My son,
 Special - you are my son
                 Optimism - may you always have it
                         Never - forget how much we love you!"
                                                      ~ Catherine Pulsifer

First of all I'd like to say thanks to my son for not saying no when I asked to put some of his photos in my post!  My family has been reluctant to have photos published and very much information written about them and I have respected that and try not to put anything in my posts that they wouldn't approve of.  And my apologies for using photos that may be a bit blurry or scratched. 

We went to Kansas City Saturday to see our son and celebrate his upcoming birthday this week as he will be working on that day.  We also got to see his girlfriend, and Marley the new puppy, and we all had a wonderful visit, meal and a fun game of cards.  I lost.  Again.  The weather co-operated and turned out nice for traveling although we did run into quite a delay on I-70 due to the road construction.   

It's raining as I write this post, in fact some areas are experiencing some pretty heavy storms.  I hope it's not too bad wherever you are.  Today is another chiropractor visit.  And Tuesday, my new sofa will be arriving,  I can't wait to see it.  Hope you have a good week and good weather!  
Until next time... 


  1. He is a good-looking young man! Children are such a blessing.

    We share something in common. Our son had a birthday yesterday. He was 46. We didn't get to see him but we both talked with him on the phone.

    Like you, we couldn't be more proud of him.

  2. Such a handsome young fellow (has to be the good genes) and a big Happy Birthday to him.
    What an interesting job he has. He would be the type you would love to ask how his day went.
    No rain here but it is 81 degrees all ready at 5:30 AM. Kind of lets us know what the rest of the day will bring.

  3. Happy Birthday to your very handsome son. Sounds like you have many reasons to be proud of him. What an interesting career he has.

  4. Your son is a very accomplished man. What an interesting occupation! I know what you mean about sharing pictures and information. How nice that he gave you the okay.

    Hope that you found the most comfortable sofa on the planet and that you'll share all about it.

  5. Brenton's the same every time he see's my camera a look of horror crosses his face and he says "this isn't for your blog mum is it" lol!!

    What a handsome young fella your son is!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! Glad he allowed you to share photos and a little info about him with us.
    My son was 31 last week - where has the time gone?!

  7. Enjoyed this lovely post in honor of your son :o)

  8. Cheryl I am happy you got to have a nice birthday trip! Your son is very handsome and a sense of humor is good in a man. Or anyone for that matter. And, I get to see you in this collage of photos, right? Camera in hand!

  9. You have a very handsome son, Cheryl and I know you are so proud of him. A good sense of humor is one of the nicest traits a person can have as far as I am concerned!! A little laughter can sure make life better! Happy belated birthday to your son! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Happy Birthday to your son. I can see why you are so proud of him. He sounds like a wonderful young man.

  11. such a nice tribute to your beautiful son!!!

    i'm sure he was happy to read it!!!

  12. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd Brett!!!

    and yes this is Happy Birthday Brett in Dutch!!!

    I hope you and the family had a wonderful day

  13. You have one handsome son....sweet lady. You are truly blessed.

    P.S.....hopefully you will show us your new sofa. LOL



  14. That was an awesome post on your son. I am so happy you could celebrate his birthday. Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday; he turned 43; wow that ages us.
    Loved the pictures and it was a very sweet post.
    Blessings to you!

  15. sweet words from the heart -- sons and daughter are cherished indeed! He is very handsome man -- all the best to him..
    I can tell you are a sweet mommy too! hugs

  16. What a handsome and accomplished son you have and aren't we mothers proud? I have two grown daughters, neither married, and they both bring so much joy into our lives.

    Hope you get some pain relief-I don't do well when my sleep is disturbed.

    I can vouch for the vinegar for acid reflux. After a trip to the ER to rule out a heart attack I started using 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a packet of Splenda along with my meals and thought it really helped. I need to get back to doing that again.

    Thanks for stopping my and leaving a comment.

  17. Ooooo...can't wait to see that sofa.

    Happy Birthday to your son. So glad that you all were able to have a good visit and to be able to celebrate such a special occassion....
    hugs to you

  18. MY son is going to be 34 July 4!!! Woot! And I go to Branson all the time. I bet I pass you and don't know it. If I'm rude, sorry. :)